Rain Li Denies Providing Sexual Services to Businessmen

Was Rain Li (李彩華) forced to provide sexual services to businessmen by her former company? The wild claims were made by Chiu Suet Ying (趙雪英), the ex-wife of Universe International Chairman, Daneil Lam (林小明). Chiu claimed that Lam had forced Rain to service the men while she was a contracted artist. Rain has issued a press statement clarifying the scandal.

Ugly Divorce Battle

Chiu Suet Ying and Daneil Lam are currently in an ugly divorce battle, in which accusations have been thrown across the court room. Chiu is suing Lam for breach of promise over the rightful ownership and use of two vehicles, in which she is suing for compensatory fees.

To illustrate her husband’s character, Chiu also cited that former Universe International artist, Rain Li, had complained to her that Lam forced her to provide sexual services to businessmen.  Chiu claimed that one of the terms in her divorce settlement included the termination of Rain Li’s contract.

Lam was uncertain why Chiu wished to slander his reputation, by dragging in Rain Li into their divorce battle. Lam claimed that it was not the first time Chiu had blown issues out of proportion. “She wishes to tie the incident to an actress, inducing a larger press reaction.” Lam maintained that he will sue Chiu to preserve his reputation.

Chiu dared her ex-husband to sue her. She persisted in her claims, “You can ask Rain Li and her mother. When I had discussed the divorce terms, Rain rejected Lam’s indecent proposal and begged me for help.”

Rain Li Issues Press Statement

Rain Li and her mother, who also acts as her manager, issued the following press statement to deny that Rain had ever provided sexual services to businessmen:

(1) Rain Li terminated her contractual obligations with Universe International in mid-2010.  The recent litigation between Daneil Lam and Chiu Suet Ying subjected Rain Li to be innocently implicated in rumors that damage her image and career.

(2) Since Rain Li’s debut, she insisted on the healthy and positive development of her career track, enabling today’s achievements. In her management contract with Universe International, she had also included a clause stating “refusal to attend any unrelated events to her performing arts work.”  The report of providing sexual services is a serious misrepresentation. She stated to reject any form of the unspoken rules of the performing arts circle at any time. She did not fight, wrangle, nor win. She only wishes to live a simple life and work happily.

(3) She demands an end to the false reports and will use the law as a weapon to maintain her personal reputation.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I honestly thought that all artists are supposed to provide sexual service to whoever rich and powerful enough to demand it and to pay for it. Isn’t that why the entertainment circle is dark? There is no point in denying that your mother is a woman and that your father is a man.

    1. Yes, agree with your statement. It is a very dark and ugly industry, worse than the oldest profession in the world (not lawyers, mind you, the other one)

      1. Yea, I think that is true at least to some extent, but of course many artists would not want to admit it.

    2. You are so right…..as long as the entertainment industry exists and as long as there are young pretty women wanting to be in this industry, they should know and be willing to provide sexual services to those who are powerful enough to get them started……only the stupid ones come out to deny this and expect the public to believe them……….

  2. not surprised by it. alot of the female singers were forced to do this under albert yeung.

      1. Therefore the story of Him Him and William Chan with the gay old man who enjoy taking nude pictures of young guys.

  3. I’ve read of several Korean actresses’ suicides which were spurred by pressured sex relations with media moguls, vendors, and the wealthy elite.

    This is the first allegation of such an open nature in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, which tries so hard to maintain its family friendly image thanks to TVB’s influence.

    I do hope that Rain Li’s press statement is true and that Ms. Chiu’s allegations are a gross misrepresentation.

    1. Jayne,
      I really wonder if that is one of the reasons why many Korean actresses(even actors) have committed suicide?? I also wonder if actors are forced to do so as well…
      I think many have known and have heard about these kinds of things for many many years. However, who would want to openly talk about it or admit it?? It would give the E circle an even darker and scarier feeling. I wonder if any of the younger generation that hope to join the circle even think about these kinds of things. I have a friend that dreams of joining the circle and I really wonder if she even thinks about this stuff?? Behind all of that fame, fortune and glamour is a very dark and scary world….
      I also hope these allegations aren’t true or else it would not only put Rain in a bad light, but it would also cast an even darker light on the E circle.

      1. HeTieShou, I think that that is the real reason why many Korean actresses have committed suicide. I remember reading it in an online article. Can’t really remember the details, but maybe you can google it if you really like to know.

      2. @Jen,
        Thanks for the info. Are you serious?? I have read about some of the suicides and I did not hear anything about sex or anything related to it. I just mostly read about how they were depressed due to the pressure of the circle and other factors. One actress was stuck paying her family’s gambling debts and could not take it anymore…I will try to google it and see since I am really curious about it. I never really thought about this before.

      3. HeTieShou,
        “I really wonder if that is one of the reasons why many Korean actresses(even actors) have committed suicide?? I also wonder if actors are forced to do so as well…”

        I don’t follow the Korean entertainment circle to be able to answer this. But I do remember reading some sex scandals, in which one involved a Korean actress’ suicide because she was pressured to service the management company’s vendors, media moguls etc to be promoted.

        The details were quite lurid. The transactions took place within the company offices at night, in which multiple cars were parked in front of the building. So multiple Korean actresses were involved. Reading the news gave me the impression that it was a frequent occurrence, or more in the open than in HK industry.

      4. Jayne,
        Thanks for the info and that is indeed sad. It is no wonder the Korean actresses and even actors seem to be even more stressed and depressed than the Chinese/Hk/Taiwan artists. They also have a higher suicide rate as well. But at least it does not always end up that way and many artists are still able to beat the odds, which is why I think many still join the circle. I guess some think it is a quick way to garner fame, fortune and popularity but sadly, that is not necessarily the case..

    2. Not only will these allegations tarnish Rain’s image but it will also ruin her marriage with her rich businessman husband? It’s like a taboo in chinese traditional, a husband will never allowed their wife to shared with other men,.

      1. She is married?? I thought that she wasn’t yet…If she is, it may affect her marriage…

      2. hmmm,, i’m not sure if it’ll ruin her marriage necessarily… becasue Michelle Reis got married to her husband even after being publicly “baoed” by mr lau..

      3. But I don’t think michelle’s husband is really f/ “red door” either. I think he was divorced f/ some rich man’s daughter (mr. Ho?)

        Anyway, I hope these claims are not true for Rain. Especially since her boss led her career to nowhere.

  4. Artists always denied even is true , who wants to admit which could tarnised your own name.

      1. Do you see similarities between showbiz celebrities and politicians???

      2. Celebrities lie a lot. They lie as frequently as politicians. In order to survive in the entertainment industry, one needs to be a pathological liar.

      3. When one lie too often, soon they cannot differentiate a lie and a truth. That’s when the danger lies. Their whole life becomes a mess.

  5. I’m not surprised, but I don’t think it stands true for everyone. I wonder if it’s the same for TVB folks? I get the impression that it’s more prevalent for HK singers and movie actors/actresses rather than drama actors.

  6. not surprised she was but why drag an innocent 3rd party into your divorce?

  7. Makes you wonder about parents like Wong Yat Wah, for example, who brings his daughter into the industry…

    Or Isabella Leong’s parents who had her groomed from 12 and contracted for 10 years to EEG…

    1. Doesn’t mean each and every girl slept with those people. Someone like Wong Yat Wah is already established name, his daughter doesn’t need to entertain people like that. There are some mothers who watch their children like an eagle. Not every actress is a prostitute and every actor a gigolo.

      1. “not every actress is a prostitute and every actor a gigolo” is that so???

      2. agree. there are plenty who are poor and don’t get any chances offered. they stay insignificant until they get noticed by a goodhearted director or so (e.i. wayne lai)

    2. Knowing Felix’s notoriou short temper, I don’t think any guy would be stupid enough to touch his daughter! Plus he and his vast network of friends would watch out for her!

  8. guess most actress or actor that suddenly get a lot of promotion from the company are in it.or have good connections through whatever means..eg famous parents…those not in will always be kelafay..or supporting roles only

  9. Whether true or nor, pretty gross of the ex-wife to drag Rain through the mud just so she can get a better settlement. Seems like both husband and wife are pretty despicable people.

  10. This has been happening in the HK entertainment circle for years and years (of course, never openly admitted by anyone) – but everyone knows that you have to have “powerful” friends to get by in this industry.
    Just like Miss HK – most of the winners “won” because they had some rich person heavily “sponsoring” them and continues when they start their acting/singing career.

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