Rain Li’s Scandal Exposes Dark Side of Entertainment Circle

Allegations arose that Rain Li (李彩華) was asked to provide sexual services to businessmen for two weeks by her former company. Rain Li’s mother stated that her daughter never provided the sexual services, but did not explicitly reveal whether Rain was requested to do so in the past. Rain Li’s mother will reveal the truth in court should a future case evolve.

It was reported that when Rain refused to sexually service the businessmen, she was not given jobs by Universe International. Rain subsequently paid a seven-figure sum to terminate her contract early with the company.

Insiders Knew of Sexual Proposal

The dark side of entertainment circle dealings surfaced unexpectedly through a divorce battle.  Chui Suet Ying (趙雪英) claimed that her ex-husband, Universe International Chairman, Daneil Lam (林小明), had asked Rain Li to sexually service businessmen. Chui stated that Rain and her mother, who also acts as her manager, asked her to intervene in the matter. Since the issue was discussed at the Board of Directors meeting at Universe International, Chui claimed that many people knew about it.

Daneil Lam continued to deny his ex-wife’s allegations, insisting that he will sue her for slandering his reputation. Rain Li’s mother vowed to reveal the truth should Lam decide to sue Chui in court.

Lam’s daughter, Phoebe, also revealed to Sudden Weekly that Rain had mentioned that someone had asked her to sexually service clients in the past.

Rain Li’s Mother Discusses Indecent Proposal

In an interview with Commercial Radio yesterday, Rain Li’s mother stated that Rain was asked to participate in activities unrelated to her work in the performing arts field.  Rain was subsequently “frozen” by Universe International and no longer promoted, which prompted Rain to initiate an early contract termination.

Asked whether Rain was forced to provide sexual services, Rain Li’s mother stated, “Rain did not service any clients.” Asked if it was Daneil Lam who had coerced Rain, her mother stated, “I do not wish to say. Whether Rain was forced to provide the service is a different matter than whether she actually performed the act.”

Currently filming in Hengdian, Rain also reiterated her mother’s vow to testify in court should Chui Shuet Ying be sued by Daneil Lam.

Source: Ming Pao, Sudden Weekly via ihktv.com

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  1. Entertainment industry itself is obviously control by the dark side people, what do you think taking about mainland E.Ind. double dark side for them, hong kong wages are higher compare to other asean countries don’t know why these artists still don’t feel satisfy themselves, until if they own billions.

    1. Answer to your Qs: GREED for Wealth and Fame, this lead to a huge EGO.

      It’s the same all over.

  2. If Jayne Stars has some connections in the industry, we would like to hear some dirty secrets from the artists. They must all know about these sexual activities but kept their mouth shut to the public.

  3. Sounds like they (Rain and her mother and) are admitting to her being requested to do it – but maintains that she didn’t do it. Given that she also terminated her contract that makes me think that she didn’t do it.

    It’s hardly surprising that these things are happening, but that doesn’t mean Rain actually did it. And now she will of course be tainted by it.

    1. Same thoughts here. Prolly Chui Suet Ying did her a favour when both Rain & mother approach her for help and now is payback time. Very despicable of her to drag another party into her battle.

  4. Like everyone says this is really but it is the reality of showbiz…even in hollywood it’s called “the casting coach”.

    1. But nothing is compared to the Korean industry. Every year there are always reports have suicidal from celebrities because of the sexual favors.

  5. I find it amazing that people are more concerned with whether she provided the services rather than why this is allowed to be an open secret in the industry. The spot light should be on Daneil and all the board members who knew about it but didn’t do anything. I know that the media industry is controlled by these men, but it’s the woman who are ultimately the main consumer of all their products. Woman should band together and speak out against such perverse acts. Then only can the society progress.

    1. Right on the button!

      I for one am both perplexed and somewhat disgusted by the reactions here. So far, all the bashing (here) have been on the whistle blower, Chui Shuet Ying, who is being brandished as despicable, and not on the alleged perpetrator, Daniel Lam.

      I guess it still sucks to be a woman in Asia, in HK specifically.

  6. This news actually show Rain in a good light. She reject the ‘jobs’.

    1. Yes, but to those who don’t bother reading the whole article would just jump to the conclusion she provided those services.

  7. No wonder Rain had stayed low in the past couple of years. She was frozen.

  8. I was wondering her sudden disappearance cos I thot she looks sweet and would be popular.

  9. The tabloids will focus on the weak because they are easier to be victimised. I hope that hong kong will not let the rich and perverted treat their female talents like the Koreans do. I live in Europe and my European friends find it strange that Koreans allow their female actresses being driven to suicide one after another. I find it strange too! I am sure most people do. Perhaps the average koreans think that they cant do anything to change the ugly culture. But i am sure that if we all speak out, something will change. I think that if the story is true that Rain did choose to sacrifice her career for her dignity, she should be a role model to everyone, if she lapsed and did provide the service, she is then the victim and the guilty (those who gained from the deal) should be brought to shame and justice. Money can not buy everything, not even in hong kong.

  10. Based on the reactions here, I am not too sure if HK is all that different than Korea in regard to the blatant exploitation of female entertainers. The tacit acceptance of it as “typical industry practice” and the bashing of anyone who dares to bring the issue to forth sorts of convince me of this.

    Yes, Rain had a chance to be the “Norma Rae” of the industry but still has chosen to shy away from it under pressure from all fronts.

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