Ram Chiang Wears High Heels for Leanne Li

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Currently filming TVB medical drama, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼2>,  Leanne Li (李亞男) will possess a secret crush towards Ram Chiang (蔣志光). Since the 5-feet-9-inch Miss Chinese International beauty towers over her shorter male star, Ram had to wear high heels to compensate for their onscreen height disparity.

“Ram was very embarrassed because he has never worn high heels before. Because of me, an insert of one and a half inch was slipped inside his shoes.  He said, ‘I’m only wearing this because of you!'”

When Leanne first met her boyfriend, Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), she was unable to accept their physical disparity. As their love grew, Leanne no longer minds that Cho Lam is only 5 feet 4 inches and noticeably shorter than her. Leanne indicated that their height difference is the couple’s special characteristic.

Leanne Asked if She is an Alien

TVB director, Cheung Wing Ho’s (張永豪), rough treatment towards newcomer, Jenny Lau (劉蔚萱), on the set of Heart Road GPS <心路GPS> resulted in heated public discussion. Leanne Li revealed that Cheung Wing Ho spoke loudly to her when teaching how to act four years ago on the filming set.

Leanne’s highest record has been nine outtakes in her acting career to-date, in which the director at the time had asked impatiently whether she was an alien and why she did not speak Chinese.

“Why is it that you do not understand after I have explained it ten times already?” Leanne recalled the director’s exasperation, making her feel awkward that she was holding up the cast and crew from completing the scene in time.

Source: On.cc, Kankanews.com

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9 comments to Ram Chiang Wears High Heels for Leanne Li

  1. sky says:

    i always like her…

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  2. AC says:

    What about Astrid’s character?? 🙁

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    • Ric replied:

      I would like to know that too.

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  3. elin says:

    she looks great

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  4. Hannahh says:

    She’s very pretty but can’t stand watching her. Her acting is not good even tho she been acting for quite sometime.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Leanne Li seems to be a very nice person, but I don’t think she is a talented actress. Leanne and Fala started filming for TVB almost at the same time, and Fala is one of the top 5 fadans while Leanne is still acting minor support roles. Moreover, both Leanne and Fala could not speak Cantonese when they first came to Hong Kong. Fala is pretty good in her Cantonese now, and Leanne still has pretty strong Mandarin accent in her Cantonese. Leanne’s acting is not too good either.

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  5. TN1 says:

    Wow, she is tall for a woman, most foreign women are.

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  6. snoopy says:

    Her acting skill has not improved at all even with the ‘loud talking to and telling her ten times’ as she puts it. Just to show “a piece of wood is always going to be a piece of wood no matter what you do”

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    • sky replied:

      can’t improve if she keeps playing minor role.

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