Raymond Lam and Karena Ng Speculated to Have Broken Up

It looks like Raymond Lam (林峯) and Karena Ng’s (吳千語) five year relationship is on the verge of breaking.

The breakup speculations became even more apparent when Raymond, who has been promoting his new Chinese drama Rule the World <獨步天下>, gave rather tense responses to the media when he was asked about his breakup rumors with Karena.

At a horse race event in the Sha Tin Racecourse, Raymond was asked if he plans on celebrating the upcoming Christmas holidays with Karena, who is currently in Mainland China to film her new movie. Raymond said, “She’s busy, and I’m busy. (How did you celebrate your birthday earlier?) I celebrated it with family. She was too busy. (Did she give you a birthday present?) I didn’t receive it.”

Reporters then asked Raymond if their relationship was turning cold, to which the actor said, “Career comes first for the both of us. Let’s work hard on that first. (Is there a problem?) We still contact each other occasionally, but we’ve just been too busy.”

Asking if they have broken up, Raymond said simply, “I really have nothing to say.”

Reporters tried to nudge Raymond for more answers, and when asked if they were still together, he said, “She’s in Hengdian right now to film a new period war film. She’s not coming back until late February.” Asking if he still considers Karena to be his girlfriend, he said, “Yes.” As for whether or not Karena would celebrate a belated birthday with him, he said, “There’s no need to. I’m not very big on birthdays or holidays. Career comes first.”

Raymond’s mood changed for the better once questions were asked about his latest drama, Rule the World. The pre-Qing period drama, which premiered in November, has already reached over 2 billion clicks online.

Karena was reached for comment about her breakup speculations with Raymond. Her manager said, “She’s currently focused on filming her new movie in the mainland. There is nothing to say at the moment, thank you.”

Karena’s close friend Tianyo Ma (馬天佑) was also reached for comment. He said, “It’s been a few months since I’ve last seen her. I haven’t heard about a breakup, and she doesn’t seem any different.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What the fact is wrong with the pappo? They are are so foggy and so thick that they do not realise when they are crossing boundaries and being downright nosy and annoying. After the first three questions, they should have realised Raymond Lam is angry and evasive and they should cease and desist. They continued to push boundaries with their relentless questions.

    I know it is their job to asked questions, but they basically sabotaged and harassed the man. Enough is enough. Speaking of Raymond, does anyone know if that is an old picture. His face looks healthy and not too old and uncleleyhehe.
    Karena’s nose seems to be growing bigger, hehe. Does she want to give WLH a run for the money in the nose department?.

    1. @bubbletea prob an old pic. I’ve never thought he’s handsome but he looks great in that pic. I guess Raymond’s fans must be rejoicing. From the evasive PR-like replies I think they’ve indeed broken up.

  2. I’m a little sad about this. I think Karena, for her age, is much more mature than people give her credit for. I thought this relationship would last, but ultimately LDRs and busy careers can kill any relationship, regardless of maturity.

    1. @coralie nope. They broke is normal. because fire is not there anymore. Plus raymond deserves better. Karena with another dude late at night been caught, she just not mature enough. Raymond deserves a more pretty, mature, and faithful girl. Hope he will go back film a tvb drama in future. Really miss him alot in cantanose drama and movie. Should put him in Line Walker 3 with kenneth ma. hehehe…

  3. I wonder if some folks realise how shallow, vain and incredulous their way of thinking can be. Not to mention childish. A relationship is not defined by how good looking a person is. It is a sick society that rags on about how so and do is not good looking enough for so, and so and he or she can do better. Most of the time, the person spouting this drivel is a delusional fan who wants to date the celeb, or delusional shipper. Just because a couple has good onscreen chemistry does not mean they have feelings for each other offscreen. Also, the celeb who can do better certainly is not going to date mentally delusional fans.

    Maybe Karena and Raymond are going through a rough patch right now. Maybe they drifted apart. Maybe Karena found a man who is more suited for her, or maybe she and the guy are just friends who knows….

    I always thought Karena was very matured, compared to Grace Chan and others around her age. Who are any of us to decide what is considered “better” for Raymond. He chose the woman he loved. Sometimes people grow apart. Even if Raymond had a ” more pretty, mature and faithful girl” the relationship could have fallen apart also. I am not a Raymond or Karena fan but this is just my penny’s worth.

    1. @bubbletea Yea, Karena is much more composed than Grace post-KC. If they split, I think, it’ll mainly be due to the LDR factor. Both are just too busy. Raymond even mentions this kinda bitterly.

      1. @coralie The things that gets me about Karrna is her ability to keep her cool in sticky situations. I much admire that. Just like Motor-mouth Grace, Karena got into a relatuonship with a more mature man, and also staryed out in TVB. She talked to the press without divulging more than she had to. She never let her mouth get ahead of her. Karena took bad criticism and constructive criticism in stride and has improved. She was under a lot of pressure from crazy fans, who wanted Raymond for themselves. There was so much printed about her in the newspapers and magazines, and lots of tv news about her looks, her relationship with Raymond and his family. There were reports of her being a gold digger and using Raymond. Karena never responded to any of these stories. She never said one word in defence of herself, although a lot of the news was fake news. Had that been Motor-Mouth Grace…., or some of the other same-age actresses, I don’t even want to go there. What I can say is Karena handled every situation with maturity. Recently, I find myself respecting her.

      2. @bubbletea hmm considering other people’ s opinion on this issue, it might be possible that we overlook karena’s immaturity because we like her composure so much? lol.

        i like those who are very tactful and diplomatic, but doesn’t mean they don’t do immature things. I know I admire Kenny bee’s ex-wife a lot because she’s a very quick-witted and delicate in her responses. but for sure she’s not mature lol.

      3. @coralie you got a really valid point. At least the two women you mentioned have shown public maturity in the face of very public scrutiny and pressure.

  4. If they’re really breaking up I think it’s normal and he’s got nothing to loose because he’s rich and they’re not a married couple either and can find a better one in the future. I mean look at other been together for this long time and still break up for an example Myolie, Shirley, Linda and Joyce Tang and they still going strong.

  5. Maybe I am totally out of the loop … but I feel she is more known for being Raymond Lam’s gf than anything.

    NOT surprised if it’s not on anymore.
    1) she seems high maintenance – high teas et al maybe he got tired of pandering
    2) she’s “mature” in that she’s realistically focused that being hooked to a wealthy bf (and hopefully accepted by his wealthy background family) would also have benefits.
    3) she didn’t lose out – her fame was boosted by being his gf. previously, she was just one in the many of the stable of starlets out there.

  6. they went for expensive holidays when they first started. it’s a known fact raymond’s family doesn’t like her. raymond was dressing younger to match his girlfriend initially.
    although she is not irritating like Grace Chan, she could have an expensive taste.

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