Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Observe Holiday Festivities

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This year, Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day coincided on the same week and were only five days apart. After celebrating the Lunar New Year holiday, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Raymond Lam (林峯) quickly switch gears and discuss their Valentine’s Day plans.

After starring in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, Raymond and Kate became a popular onscreen couple. Their sparks may be due to their long-time friendship and ease with each other. Sharing the same manager, Raymond and Kate have been good friends for years, and Kate even addresses Raymond as “Ah Gor”. Kate hopes to pair with Raymond once again, but it may not happen in the short-term due to different project commitments they each have.

Raymond Hopes to Be More Romantic

Raymond’s work schedule has been meticulously planned. After wrapping up his January concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he had a few days off to fly to Japan with girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語). Since his relationship went public, Raymond has been able to breathe a sigh of relief. “Although work is important, my personal life is also equally important. I hope to be able to openly hold my girlfriend’s hand on the streets when we’re out on a date. It’s most important for two people to be happy together. I believe I can do it.”

What were Raymond’s Valentine’s Day plans? He declined to answer directly, but said that he is learning how to be a more romantic boyfriend. “Being romantic requires time and experience. I’m a lazy person. But I can become very hardworking to make the other person happy, whether they’re minor or big matters. I’ve never had a romantic Valentine’s Day in the past due to work. Even if I were dating, I couldn’t openly admit it.”

Earlier, Raymond caused a stir when it was implied that he will eventually leave the entertainment industry hoping to help out his parents run the family business. Once again, Raymond said he wished to spend more time with family. “I have said it for many years, but I hope to realize it this year. I see my parents starting to age. I should have time to study more books, to acquire more knowledge. I truly want to improve myself.”

Kate’s Valentine’s Day Memories

Educated in California, Kate recalls memories of young love and how she had looked forward to Valentine’s Day excitedly. When she was a student, she already had admirers that gave her flowers and chocolate. As with many young girls, Valentine’s Day brought anticipation as to whether she will receive gifts on that day. One year, Kate even baked a cake for her boyfriend, which she said was the most romantic gesture she made for the holiday.

Growing older, Valentine’s Day has lessened in importance for Kate. “I’ll rather not receive a huge bouquet of flowers. Showing a slight token will already make me happy. Right now, I feel that if a couple has a good relationship, it is not necessary to do anything on Valentine’s Day.”

As for Lunar New Year celebrations, Kate said that she has never been too interested in the holiday even as a child. She continues to practice the family traditions from her childhood though. “When my grandmother was alive, she would have a vegetarian meal on New Year’s day, so I also do the same. Before New Year’s, I will bathe with pomelo leaves, which my mom would prepare. On New Year’s day, I will wear red underwear and on the following day, gold underwear. I will also wear new pajamas. I will continue to preserve the holiday traditions.”

Kate’s popularity soared last year and entering the new year, she will continue to focus on the television and film industries. Currently filming TVB drama, Sniper Attack 2013 <神槍狙擊2013>, Kate hopes to save enough money for the down payment of a house for her parents.

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18 comments to Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui Observe Holiday Festivities

  1. cloud9 says:

    I just watched Lunar New Year movie “I LOVE HONG KONG 2013”. This 2013 story line my opinion better than 2012.But dont expect fantastic movies as it bring us some festival cheer

    3 Artists really impressed me:

    Kate Tsui :
    Her acting really good now, no surprise Veronica Yip,Eric Tsang + others praises her so much. Eric hopes she be nominated for 2013 Hong Kong Film Awards This movie she cry well at this movie..lol

    Joyce Cheng :
    Wow she had grown up and she can act well in comedy. Watching her think of her mum. Many peoples thinks she gonna be next Sandra Ng Kwan Yue

    Bosco Wong:
    He can act silly. Looks like he will do well year 2013

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    • Gabby replied:

      do you know when the DVD come out?
      I’m dying to watch this because of Kate and Bosco, but it won’t be in cinema in my country, sad enough

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      • Cloud9 replied:

        @ Gabby Properly within 3 months time

        Correction: I listen to Eric interview again, not 2013 HK Awards as I stated earlier

        Login or Register before you can reply to Cloud9
      • Gabby replied:

        Thank you, I’m looking forward to the DVD, then if Eric đin’t mean 2013 HK film award then, what award he refered to? TVB award maybe?

        Login or Register before you can reply to Gabby
      • cloud9 replied:

        Where you from? taking this opportunity wish you Kong Hee Fatt Choy

        Eric did not mention what awards, just said if can’t win at least be nominated

        Anyway do check out Eric interview :

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      • Gabby replied:

        Happy lunar new year, I wish you all the best too. and thannks for the link.
        I’m from Vietnam, I can only understand Vietnamese and English pretty well too, But i don’t know a single Chinese word
        I’m considering taking some chinese class, when I’m not busy, not right now though

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      • Abigail replied:

        The DVD for a HK movie should be out in 3-4 months.

        I’m waiting for the DVD too. I was told by those who watched to keep my expectation for the comedy low(in other words, ILHK 2013 isn’t that funny), but was also told the movie is “warm and touching” with good performances from Bosco, Kate, Joyce and Michael.

        I think this means if someone is looking for a funny and laughter movie, that someone might be disappointed by ILHK 2013.

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      • Abigail replied:

        Eric should meant the HKFA awards. There are lack of actresses in HK and while many veteran HK actors are still leading in movies, lots of the female spots are dominated by mainland and Taiwan actresses. There are no prominent film actress in HK now that Zhou Xun can even get multiple nominations.

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      • Abigail replied:

        Sorry for flooding, but with the lack of actresses in HK movies now who is from HK, Kate might stand a chance and this is also Eric’s chance to push forward a potential new HK female movie lead. Kate is ready now and capable of it.

        Gregory Rivers who used to be the go to man for white roles in TVB also praised Kate and Bosco ^^

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      • Gabby replied:

        I enjoy Kate starring in all the movies too, I think movie suits Kate

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    • Abigail replied:

      I think this is Kate’s crying scene? I love Bosco and Kate in this clip. Kate’s crying is very good and Bosco is really into his character(and this is just a 1 minute clip…)


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      • cloud9 replied:

        Thanks for sharing the link

        This is one part I enjoy very much ..something new & refreshing , musical using The Wynners hit songs

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  2. Gabby says:

    Thank you Jayne, I’m waiting for this article
    Hope Kate and Ray have a good Valentine’s day. Wish Kate can find her Mr. Right soon

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  3. Crystal says:

    It appears Raymond seems to be thinking seriously about settling down. I guess he is satisfied with his accomplishments and it is time for him to return to his family. I’ve always questioned why the eldest male of rich families always want to venture out before returning, yet they know somewhere in the future they have to come back to the family’s business. My friends were like that, my brother, my husband, I never quite understood. Is it the ego? Is it because they don’t like having the silver spoon being fed into the ir mouths? Regardless, whatever people choose to do, the experiences we all encounter is what counts. Hopefully everyone prospers for the years to come.

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  4. rt says:

    i love hong kong 2013 is a very funny show. love itt! haha. <3 especially kate and bosco!

    Login or Register before you can reply to rt
    • Abigail replied:

      Is it funny? Some audience told me that don’t expect lots of funny scenes or I’ll be disappointed. I do look forward to Kate and Bosco.

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  5. begood says:

    Raymond is a creepy uncle

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    • Looooooooooo replied:

      He looks alright

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