Raymond Lam Announces His Return to TVB

Raymond Lam (林峯) is back!

In a surprise press conference held on Sunday, Raymond Lam announced that he is officially returning to TVB and will be making his Hong Kong television drama comeback within the year. 

Raymond, who left EEG in 2017, has also signed with TVB’s record label, Voice Entertainment.

The 39-year-old actor-singer’s last TVB drama was the hit series Line Walker <使徒行者>, which aired in 2014. He left Hong Kong to further develop his acting career in China, where he established his own production studio. The Door <六扇門> and Rule the World <獨步天下> were among some of the Chinese TV dramas he had starred in after leaving TVB.

In 2018, Raymond signed with Louis Koo’s (古天樂) management agency Sky High Entertainment. Other managed stars include Raymond’s old co-stars Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱). It’s a sentimental reunion—Raymond’s very first collaboration with Louis was for the 2001 TVB drama A Step into the Past <尋秦記>, also the drama that skyrocketed Raymond’s career. The duo will reunite for the upcoming film P Storm <P風暴> and a film adaptation of A Step into the Past.

Though still managed by Sky High, Raymond will be making appearances in TV through TVB dramas. His return to TVB was not a sudden decision. He said, “In the past five years I’ve been consistently meeting up and hanging out with my TVB colleagues. They would always ask me when I’d return. My decision to return is stemmed from the projects that had been pitched to me. It was also fate that led me to this decision. I look forward to work with my old colleagues again. It’s exciting.”

Raymond will continue to balance his focuses on acting and music. 2020 will be Raymond’s 20th debut anniversary, and he shared his plans on doing a concert tour to commemorate it. “It’s going to be a large-scale mainland concert tour. To warm up, I’ll be holding a concert in Macau this May, and stop by a few cities in China. It’s been two years since I’ve last stepped on stage, so it’s important to warm up. We have also submitted registration papers to perform in the Hong Kong Coliseum!”

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. While TVB has gone down the gutters in recent years, I’m kind of excited for Raymond’s return. He’s a competent actor and still way better than the new siu sangs. His return also means that Chau Pakho can finally GTFO with his mediocre acting and lousy singing.

  2. I’m shocked that he chose to return to TVB. As the saying goes “a good horse does not eat grass that it has left behind “. It must be a very attractive package that TVB offered, perhaps dangling a Best Actor award in his face? So does that mean that Ruco, Ben and Vincent can step aside now?

    1. @passingby2

      I must say that Raymond is a lot better than Ruco (both look and acting skills), and Ben (more mature, and is good for certain roles only). Vincent is younger than Raymond and he acts well. He will be a major competitor for Raymond among all siu sangs.

      1. @orchid123 honestly I don’t care if Raymond comes back or not cos i don’t like his acting or singing. However I expect that he will be viewed as a big threat to these aforementioned guys as Raymond is a much bigger star (not to mention having strong backers) than all of them.

  3. Yay!! Quite like Raymond. Maybe will watch tvb dramas again. Have stopped watching entirely after Raymond’s generation of actors/actresses left. The quality of the newbies were pretty crap

  4. Yess!! I miss him a lot. So excited! Cant wait. Hope they give him a good script tho :/

  5. Career-wise, decent move if he’s returning for Shaw Brother on a per-series basis, terrible move if it’s a long-term signing with TVB.

  6. Great to hear that Raymond Come back for a drama.
    Good for Tvb.
    Lets hope he don’t have to deal with a trashscripts.

    About tv King This year
    even without the airing of EM 2.0,
    My vote will go to Kenneth Ma.

    -good actor,
    – loyalty
    -al always making the best of it.

    In 2020 Raymond can have it.
    Maybe they will write a third season of line Walker 3

    Kenneth Ma was the Little brother of moses. Who will take revenge of those who kill his brother.

    Raymond can Come back as new SIP. Training new cadets to undercover. Sam Gor will also doing his Parts.:)

  7. Talking about taking leaps forward, then going backwards again. Even if Raymond’s acting has improved in last few years, he will be coming back to crap TVB scripts and working alongside youngsters….

    1. @jimmyszeto


      Starring in TVB series again is possibly the worst career move at this point for him.

      Shaw brothers would be a step above then HK movies then the mainland market.

      This move makes zero sense for him career-wise.

  8. Is Raymond even popular anymore? He’s been moping on the mainland market for a while and nothing representative has been produced. There is “A Step Into the Past” that’s being filmed (his lucky break, IMO), but aside from that…he hasn’t exactly been interesting. I felt like he stopped being interesting a few years before leaving TVB (when his chok style was established & unfortunately remained) and nothing great has come out since. So, no, I don’t care to see him. I’d watch Vincent Wong any day.

    1. @coralie
      It’s a strategy of Raymond and his management team to return to TVB. Obviously, it is not the lure of TVB wages and good scripts to make his comeback because we know how TVB is. There’s no denying that TVB is the best platform to increase popularity in HK. Unless an actor gets involved in a big hit, you can go unnoticed in the mainland with so many young heartthrobs leads and so many television stations. We know that Raymond has tried but he hasn’t made that big hit. The endorsements and fans will come in droves, once Raymond is back regularly on the Hong Kong screens.

      1. @jimmyszeto i know, but they make his return sound like SUCH a big deal. he hasn’t been a big deal since he left! and i think his fans have pretty much dropped in droves, too. so this TVB homecoming is not a triumphant return & in fact, is just there to help bolster his declining career.

      2. @coralie
        Since we can see with how TVB have helped promote a lot of ATV made redundant actor/actresses and lot of nobodies into TV stars, it’s all up to TVB management to decide who to push into popularity. There are always a few who have shone as support; therefore TVB have promoted to lead but most of the time it is up to management who to had these winning lottery tickets to. TVB still has just about enough youth for TVB to prioritise one final push…..

      3. @jimmyszeto I’m not saying TVB doesn’t have the power to propel their chosen stars. They did that for Charmaine, who was pretty much in the same position as Raymond, until she returned in Line Walker, which revived her career. I’m saying they’re inviting Raymond back to help bolster his popularity because it’s been declining due to lackluster mainland projects. It’s not a triumphant return, but more of a tactic to secure popularity in the HK market because his career is waning.

      4. @coralie
        Yes.Agree. It’s a win/win situation for both parties. Raymond is not good enough to oust the movie veterans such as Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Francis Ng etr so TVB is a good back up plan. 2019 will be a decisive year for Raymond with P Storm the key. If he gets rave reviews for his performance then he can make in as regular lead in movies. If not then he can relegate himself to TVB for the rest of his career til he quits to go back to help his family business….

      5. @kings If you check his Wiki, none of his mainland dramas have done well except for ‘The Virtuous Queen of Han,’ and that one was pretty much a flop in the latter half as well. He has earned no awards since 2015-2016 (and the ones he did win are from singing, not acting.) And Raymond Lam doesn’t make it to top 100 in popular mainland actors. You’re right that he doesn’t need acting, which is probably why his acting sucks!

      6. @coralie acting sucks or not hard to judge because there is no guidline to judge acting. Acting like nicholas tse also can get Best actor awards but godlike Jackie chan had never win any best actor. Most importantly tvb made a grand welcoming for raymond and it shows how much they treasure and love raymond. He already got all the money and fame. I think the only things left that he wants to get just best actor awards in tvb and hkfa. I am sure he will get it as long as he never give up. Remember to watch P storm , raymond acting damn good. Haha

      7. @kings Jackie Chan did win an award…Golden Rooster Awards 2005 Best Actor (for New Police Story). And Hollywood Film Festival 1999 Actor of the Year. Right on his wiki page.

        Oh and everyone has an ability to judge others. The problem is figuring out whether they are GOOD at judging others. Raymond hasn’t produced anything good in the past few years. We will see if he does better in the next few movies/dramas.

      8. @coralie Those awards ceremony you mentioned are not the most prestigious movie award in Hong kong. And again awards does not mean that actor has tip top acting. That awards will count on your luck, likeliness and timing as well.

      9. @kings I didn’t bring up awards until you did. And if we’re honest, from mid-1990s to 2000 onwards, HK film industry hasn’t been as prolific nor as good as it was in the past. All of their awards are questionable at best. And Nic Tse won in like 2011, way past 2000s and when films were mediocre. I’m not saying his was, but in comparison to the era when Jackie Chan won, he had a lot of weaker contenders and competition. So in that sense, I think JC’s awards hold a lot of merit in and of themselves.

      10. @kings You need to read correctly. I said FILM. Not DRAMA. Big difference.

        I don’t know about Damian Lau. But considering that both Damian & Adam are both in their 70s now and still in demand, speaks volume about their durability in a volatile market. And neither relied on idol appeal. Andy Lau…well, I think he also relies somewhat on his idol appeal, which is why he hid his wife so many years. (Before someone comes at me, I admit Andy does have his merits, but to say he doesn’t rely on his idol status as well, is being disingenuous.) Look at Jacky Cheung, who relied on his talent and never had to hide a single thing.

      11. @coralie @kings
        it’s easy to see this clearly. Do people look back and decide lets re-watch this Damian Lau or Adam Cheng Classic? yes. Do people look back and decides lets listen to this Ada Cheng classic theme song? yes. Will people look back and think, let’s watch this Raymond Lam classic? No because he does not have any representative work yet. His most popular works are representative works of Charmaine, Benz (Line Walker) and Louis Koo (A Step in the Past)….

      12. @jimmyszeto The Virtuous Queen of Han can be counted, or you limit yourself just in TVB?

        Btw, the soul of LW should be 3 Gor. Benz soared in LW but his decision to be in LW2 kept him down as the character is less interesting.

      13. @coralie Actually he won award in 2015 for The Virtuous Queen of Han. The Hua Jing one in 2015 and he was Best drama actor. It is for acting.

        During 2015 2016, he gets some small awards for acting but I wont list as those awards are not important in your view.

        The Virtuous Queen of Han was in top 10 rating (best rating for spring season) and the later half was get higher rating than the first half. How can it is a flop?

        The worst one later still can get 1-2 billion views, and if you follow the viewship in China, you will know it is not too bad.

        In 2019, his series The Mask (share lead with Zhang Kai) is purchased by 2 big channel SMG and Zhejiang TV, 2 of big 4 in China.

        So regardless how much you hate him, he is still doing fine, It is not like he has no other way to go but to be back to TVB to compete with your beloved Vincent. No worry, he still has one leg out and will not threat your beloved Vincent. He is not even managed by TVB, he managed by his own Sky High Entertainment.

      14. @alluka Again, since 2015-16, he hasn’t produced anything good (Virtuous Queen of Han was produced 2015 or something). And just because a series is purchased by other TV stations doesn’t mean jack. A lot of dramas purchased by TV stations are crap, plain & simple. I don’t care what Raymond does, one way or another. But this fanfare of his return is ridiculous as he hasn’t proven himself since he left TVB. But whatever, fans will be blind to whatever he does. I’m not going to argue with a wall.

      15. @coralie Should I the person who say about arguement with a wall. You asked if he won anything in 2015 and 2016 and I say yes, he won. That is it. Simple and direct.

        Next, amongst tons of series produced in China, if one get purchased by big channel, it means the series is interesting enough to get the investors to buy it. It is such a good thing.

        He left acting for concerts in the whole 2016 and half 2017 and you ask for acting award? Hmm… he came back last year with 4 series, just one is aired on Youku with 2.5 billion views (a so-so result) and the rest have not been aired. Tell me, how can you predict a flop to an unaired series? Even they are flop, until when he still has invitations to act as lead in China series, it means he still has market there.

        He returns because TVB are willing to invite and pay him. He didn’t beg them to do so as he has a conference for his come back. So you think TVB is dumb to invite someone with no market value to come back.

        Come on, you can ignore his series and him. Without you, his market won’t fall down much. Take your time to your beloved guys and let whoever’s feeling happy for his return to celebrate. Dont count me in, I dont want him to be back any less than you.

      16. @alluka
        A series being purchased means nothing. TVB automatically purchased some of the series because it involved their former artistes even before production had been complete. It is the reviews afterwards that decides whether it is flop or not…

      17. @jimmyszeto Chinese system works differently. Even if a purchased series is criticized, it still popular with high viewership and its artists are still soared.

        TVB purchase doesn’t count, trust me. Popular in China doesn’t mean popular in Hongkong and vice versa.

      18. @alluka TVB will treat their treasured artists differently upon their return. Look at Charmaine. From 2012 until 2014, she was basically either in film or in mainland dramas. How well did her mainland dramas do? Basically, not well at all. Her film did okay, but only because she was riding on the coattails of her previous popular TV series. Yet, she was given a grand welcome & adoration by TVB upon her return to the station and immediately given a role in LW, which helped to propel her career to new heights. But she wasn’t THAT popular before her return. I would argue her career was actually waning, which is why she agreed to collaborate with TVB again.

        I didn’t ask if Raymond won anything in 2015-16. I said SINCE 2015-16, which means he hasn’t won anything after (although I did mention it was for singing and not acting. I stand corrected in this. But he left TVB in 2014 and that’s when he accepted filming VQH. At that point, he was still popular because of his status in TVB.) And just because some airing company purchased his series, it’s not just due to HIM and HIM only. There are also his collaborators that are worth investing into. And I didn’t SAY his unaired series are flops; I said VQH was a flop in the latter half. And perhapsI am wrong about that, but I know I stopped watching a quarter of the way in. Chinese viewership in the billions is easy even with mediocre dramas. I’m not flattering myself into believing my vote or opinions count for anything, but I can obviously voice my disdain regarding his return since I haven’t seen anything worthwhile of his. And this is obviously a marketing strategy to pull his HK market back.

      19. @kings
        You are called ‘Kings’ so you must be rather obsessed about Raymond. Unfortunately it means that your opinion is worthless….

  9. I was on a TVB hiatus when Raymond became popular so only watched a few series with him. I liked him in Line Walker and Highs and Lows, but wasn’t enthralled. I actually watched those series for Michael Miu (who I love for nostalgia and charm).

    I am re-watching Step into the Past. I am only a few episodes in. Raymond looks so different. I forgot how much I hated his acting and his character back then. Reminded me of a super annoying Gordon Lam.

    I think TVB is smart to get him back. It will generate buzz. Hopefully, it will be an ensemble of other good actors and a decent story. But please don’t make him the focus of everything.

      1. @jimmyszeto those you mentioned old already. I hope line walker 3 , producer able to find a compatible actress with raymond. And pls no Ali,grace or sisley in line walker 3. Like not very nice. But cant think of any which is good and pretty.

      2. @kings Raymond isn’t exactly a spring chicken either. I think it says a lot that we are having trouble coming up with new series ideas and are limited to Line Walker 3.

        @jimmyszeto The options are disheartening, isn’t it? Right now, there are more talented male actors than female that I enjoy watching. It use to be the opposite. TVB really, really needs to develop new talent.

      3. @potatochip male and female are different.
        Ideas are always there but for sure TVB gonna produce something great with raymond. And i hope tvb can come out with legend theme song again this time.

      4. @kings I am not sure how age is, or should be, that different for men and women. I rather have a good, more age matching actress than an untalented pretty faced young one.

        I think in your excitement for Raymond, you may cause a backlash by calling established actresses “old”.

        I have my reservations about Charmaine, but she brought great energy and charisma to Line Walker. I could watch her scenes with Michael Miu or Benz all day. She also was the heart of the story with her 3 mothers death. Raymond’s character was less challenging and was quite stereotypical “tortured hero pretending to be bad”. He faltered during those scenes and was more enjoyable in the light ones.

        I do think he is still very popular, as evidenced by the increased activity on this website. TVB made a good business decision and whatever series they produce for him will be well watched. He will probably win the best actor award too, and I think it says something that this is predictable before the series has even started.

        Unless Kenneth gets it this year, he will have to continue to wait.

      5. @potatochip

        I don’t quite agree that “there are more talented male actors than female that I enjoy watching”. The so-called talented male actors could be the veterans, such as Wayne Lai, Moses Chan, Ben Wong, Ruco Chan and maybe a few others. None of the new actors are good. Wayne, Ben and Moses are too old for some characters. Ruco is good in acting villainous roles (as to my opinion) but not in some “honest” guys’ roles. The only young one left is Vincent Wong, and he has worked as an actor for a number of years too.

        As for female actresses, almost all the fadans are gone. The ones that TVB promoted now are all new, except Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu (who also left TVB recently), Alice Chan, Priscilla Wong, Mandy Wong, and Ali Lee. Priscilla and Ali had worked as actresses for many years too in Cable TV. Kristal and Alice are too old to be paired up with Raymond Lam, but the younger veterans are not that good in acting.

      6. @orchid123 That’s a personal preference for me. Because the writing has been so bad, I am guilty of watching a series if the cast attracts me. Right now, only Ruco, Vincent, Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung do that.

        Ruco is too cunning looking to play the naive novice in UA, but he has been interesting in everything else. He is the jack of all trades – not exceptional in one, but above average in most areas of action (Kung fu and police), drama, romance (although to a lesser extent – better as the quiet, pining selfless romantic than mopey tortured semi-stalker), and comedy (also lesser – he is the straight man to the more silly supporting cast). My favorite roles of his are in COD, Ruse of Engagement and Outbound Love (poor stories and co-stars, but fun, strong characters). He definitely has lots of room for improvement, but I find him and Vincent much more versatile than the other TVB leads and what I remembered of Raymond Lam. (Also, opinions may vary, but Ruco is more handsome to me, especially a few years ago. He is showing his age and succumbing to unnatural means to retain his looks, but overall still good looking).

        I don’t want to make this into a Raymond vs. Ruco debate. I do like Raymond in some series but I don’t seek him out and get excited like the others. If the storyline is interesting, I also like watching Wayne, Kenneth, Joel, and Ben Wong.

        For females, I like Nancy, Alice, Selena, Kristal and Mandy but I won’t watch a series just for them or get that excited about it. I compare this to how I use to feel about Noel Leung, Esther Kwan, Marianne Chan, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Jessica Hsuan, Ada and to a lesser extent (Gigi Lai, Kenix, Joyce, and probably others that I am forgetting). It is just not the same level.

  10. OMG!!! OMG!!! Welcome back to Cantonese speaking roles!!! Missed you so much LF! Mom, sister and I are big fans!!! While we enjoyed your recent Mandarin series and movie, we are excited that you are coming home! Can’t wait for your new works and concerts. See you soon! Good luck! <3 you LF!!!

  11. I never particularly liked Raymond Lam, but I found that his acting had improved a lot in Line Walker 2. I did not watch Line Walker 3.

    Raymond is not a 1st class actor, like Damian Lau, Sean Lau, or Tony Leung, but he acts a lot better than any current siu sangs in TVB. The only one who is close to his acting now is Vincent Wong, but his popularity is not as high as Raymond Lam’s.

    Raymond might have chosen to return to TVB for the following reasons:
    1) His success in Mainland China is not as good as he has hoped.
    2) He has left Hong Kong market for too long and a lot of people may have forgotten about him and his acting. It is good for him to return to TVB, still the biggest TV company in Hong Kong, which can boost his popularity again.
    3) Raymond is a pretty loyal artiste/person, and he does not need to worry about money due to his rich family background.
    4) He might have missed his friends and former colleagues in Hong Kong after living in China for so many years.

    Unfortunately, TVB is not the same now and does not produce big-budget drama series. Moreover, very few actresses can act. If Raymond is pared up with Sisley Choi, Grace Chan, Kristyl Tin, Mandy Wong, Raymond may not be able to showcase his acting. In any series, artistes need to have good partners to shine.

    I hope Raymond will get a good script, a good role, good partners and colleagues in his first come-back drama series in TVB to at least keep his status, if he cannot boost his popularity.

    1. @orchid123 Are you mistaken? Line Walker 2 did not star Raymond…

      I still think Vincent outclasses Raymond in the acting dept. But Vincent has heart in his acting. Raymond lost passion a long time ago. Now all he cares about is looking chok.

      1. @coralie Sorry, I meant “Line Walker”, the first series produced by TVB. He paired up with Charmaine Sheh, and both of them did very well in that series.

        I don’t disagree with you that Raymond cared about his chok look some years ago, but I am pretty sure that he has matured a lot after filming in China. In his new film “P Storm”, he was playing a villain, and the character’s schizophrenic and bipolar. He said that the role allowed him to release the fire that’s been burning inside of him, letting the audience see another side of him. I won’t make any comment about his acting until later, but I don’t think he cares much about his chok look any more.

      2. @orchid123 the last thing i saw from him was Rule the World and he was terrible in it. however, since he has a chance to shine now from the usual mediocrity given to him, i really hope he doesn’t drop the ball and rely on his chok appeal.

      3. @coralie It is funny when opposite to you, on douban, most of the commenters praised that his acting was the best amongst the crew in Rule the world, just his age was not suitable for a 15 year-old role in the beginning. Some even think that his acting saved the series.

      4. @coralie acting skill is important but does not correlate with awards and popularity. Adam cheng and damian lau acting also tip top but they will never popular like Andy lau and Raymond lam. You still need the look and charisma to attract fans.

      5. @kings Raymond doesn’t belong in the same popularity category as Andy Lau. Raymond is certainly popular but to say Adam Cheng and Damien Lau is not equal to him is misguided. Raymond gained his popularity during the declining TV viewership/more vocal internet era while Adam and Damian rose during the golden years of TV. Their fans are older, but they are numerous and loyal. Adam is 72 years old, still acting, and his longevity is enviable.

      6. @kings I said internet, not smartphones. Before the vast options of internet and series from other countries, TV had a larger audience. TVB was at its best during the 5 Tigers And 1990`s era. I think you would consider me old, but I took a hiatus right after in the mid 2000`s because the series were not original.

        Raymond was only in 1 of the 3 series you named. Although good, many would say they do not have the classic appeal of the 5 Tigers series.

        I think it would be difficult to imagine Raymond still being as popular as Adam Cheng when he is over 70 years old.

      7. @potatochip You should notice that with internet, TV has lager audience but at the same time, the competition from other countries are more. It is two faces of a coin. The audience has more choices so one can be popular in the internet era, s/he has credits from that.

        Why you guys keep thinking that his fans are kids or teenagers? I mean he is 40 already, it is very hard for teenagers to like a 40 uncle in the era where there are tons of ’Fresh meat’ coming from China, some is as young as in their teenagers. Come on, even if his fans was teenagers, they are supposed to be in their 30s or at least 20s now. He is in this industry for 20 years, not 2 years.

      8. @potatochip 5 tiger era was too old, and that time no drama awards or whatsoever and only music awards. Its different era as of now. During 90s 4 heavenly kings captured the whole chinese entertainment.

        lol, why would raymond has to wait until 70 year old just for the sake of proving to you that he will be still popular? Your argument so funny. I just hope in the next 10 years he will try his best to get best actor in tvb awards and hong kong film awards to have fullset of most pretigious awards in hong kong.

      9. @kings @alluka If you guys say Raymond is more popular than any other current TVB actor, you will get no arguments for me. Even if you said he is more popular than all of them combined, I may raise an eyebrow, but I will probably ignore.

        But you can not put him in the same category as Andy Lau. That is what is really funny. You brought up Adam, who has been a leading actor for 40-50 years and to elevate Raymond, you find it necessary to dismiss Adam’s longevity and popularity.
        Raymond wishes he has the leading roles, classics and staying power that Adam has.

        @kings said Raymond has more fans because he was in the golden era but that argument is hollow because every big movie star came from the time before Raymond. They had legions of TV fans to carry their career to film. Despite his privilege and connections, if Raymond had the same level of fans as them, he would be as successful as Louis, Nick Cheng or Francis Ng. Or even Kevin Cheng. But he is not.

        @alluka He is popular in the internet era, that does get credit. But the number of fans in the internet era are fewer than before. He is like the winner of a state competition but some wants to make him equal or better than the national champions. I don’t think all his fans are teenagers. But when some keep posting about actresses being too old or not pretty enough for Raymond, bashing successful actors to elevate him, and saying the his time was the golden era, the maturity level is questioned.

        I get that his fans are excited that he is coming back. I, too, am interested to see him back and see how this plays out. But certain posters are really doing him a disservice with the actions listed above. Let Raymond stand on his own merits.

      10. @kings Dude… I guess I don’t have the skills to differentiate leading actors with box office hits and awards with “I am excited to play the villain in Louis’s movie” super duper star.

        You are telling me I don’t know the difference between rabid blind fan loyalty and being able to recognize true talent. You’re right, I don’t know that level of fandom.

        Also, with all of this amazing popularity, why doesn’t Raymond make his own movie production company and have Louis work for him?

        I get it. Raymond is better than Louis (!), Nick and Francis. Okay. I would think you are trolling me, but sadly for you, I don’t think so. Have a lovely day.

      11. @potatochip Lol, good box office does not mean you will get the award. Louis had to wait 17 years since he left tvb to get his first BA award. I am not a blind loyal fans but i will analyse logically.

        Raymond is enjoying working for others and less pressure. When you’re opening a company, there are many things that you need to handle.

        Most importantly money is not the issue for Raymond.

        Louis,nick and francis are much older than raymond and they started in the industry way earlier ,so its not right to compare.

      12. @kings Sure, he must love working for others. His family has so much money, why even sign up to a company? Money is not an issue. Just tell the producers that he wants to be in their movies. Or better yet, just tell them to make a movie for him.

        If you don’t want to compare him to established actors, stop saying is better than them. How are you measuring success? I need to see this amazing fandom translate into tickets in the movies, awards, production of him as lead in numerous movies, etc. There is always some excuse why he doesn’t have the above.

      13. @potatochip Yes because he working for passion and interest. Unlike you working for money.

        Because when nick, francis and louis were at raymond’s age, they did not earn as much as raymond, did not have much fans like raymond, and did not getting as much awards like raymond.

      14. @potatochip
        Raymond won’t be anywhere near Adam Cheng. Even Tony Leung won’t be at that age. Too many celebrities, especially in China. Andy Lau will be the last big star…

    2. @orchid123 lol it will be disaster to team with kristal and Ali. both totally not compatible with raymond. Grace got married and too young. not suitable. Mandy wong’s acting not mature enough. sisley choi looks likes tomboy and her expression also no suitable with raymond. Seriously unless charmaine sheh is back. They both most compatible and not married. If she also joins this project confirm a big hit.

      1. @kings I, on the other hand, hope he will work with new girls. For what I have seen, he is compatible with most of girls he was acted with, regardless first time or multiple time.

      2. @alluka hehe, if normal love drama i dont mind he partner with whoever girl. But for grand production drama like LW3, the producer better find a suitable actress for raymond. If TVB can get back fala chen, kat tsui and charmaine back, hohoho what a big hit drama of the year.

      3. @alluka
        I don’t disagree that Raymond has any problems to work with new actresses in TVB. However, not many new actresses can act these days. Without a good partner, it is hard for Raymond to showcase his acting in the very FIRST come-back series in TVB.

      4. @orchid123 well I have my reservations regarding the couple. For example, I dont think Kaki Leung as a good actress but in Three Kingdom RPG, her couple with LF was very comfortable to me :). So I dont think couple can be a matter. I think the script is the serious matter out of all.

        Btw, perhaps LW3 will not be the first series of him to be aired on TVB. He has a EEG series called PTU that I think it may be aired on TVB considering he is back and EEG-TVB spring relationship. And more than that, that series is ready to be aired.

      1. @alluka What is HOG3? I agree that Vincent Wong was good in acting the blind lawyer. On the whole, his acting is decent, better than many of the actors in TVB. I like him, but he still has a lot of room for improvement in acting.

      2. @orchid123 Heart of Greed 3 or whatever the name it was. He was wooden there. Feeling like there is no passion to star in it.

        He is a decent actor and his look is comfortable. He just needs to be more stable and please get rid of all kind of botox, filler or whatever to inject on face. It kills the acting. Just let the wrinkles appears even if it makes people think he is not handsome anymore.

  12. I guess it is hard for an artiste to be successful and good in both acting and singing, esp. opening many concerts. Opening concerts will take away tons of time and energy from an artiste.

    If Raymond wants to excel in his acting, he needs to spend less time in singing and opening concerts, and spends more time in acting.

      1. @jimmyszeto Last time when he had a concert he spent 6 months no filming. Then when he returned to film, he did not have any song or concert for almost 2 years.

  13. Hahahaha…Raymond Lam fans all coming out of hiding. Not seen so many biased opinions and trashing of Vincent/other TVB actors since the Ruco vrs Vincent best actor battle. That was when blind fans said Ruco was brilliant playing The difficult role of a 20 year old happy go luck fellow while Vincent got given a ‘tailor made’ blind lawyer role. Now fans here are blindly suggesting that Raymond has a enormous fanbase and his acting is out of this world while Vincent isn’t good enough and Wayne/Moses too old. Keep the circus comments rolling girls…

    1. @jimmyszeto Fans are supposed to be blind and it is never a matter unless they are getting too over. Please, dont act like you are higher than everyone else, dude :). You are normal person and you also have something you are biased for of which you think it/that person is better than the rest.

      In the end of the day, you are the person who is rolling in the circus, why be so harsh on others? Just because they do like a person you dont like? Meh, it should be a lil better try.

      1. @alluka
        Read before you speak. There isn’t anything I said about Raymond to suggest I didn’t like him. I don’t think it is very classy to downgrade other actors to enhance the credibility of your favourite actor,especially someone who hasn’t set the world alight with his acting nor his singing in the past…

      2. @alluka
        Where was you this time last week?Still in hiding? When I have a actor I like I admit to their negatives before pointing out their positives. I didn’t blind myself that Deric Wan nor Irene Wan are the most popular celebrities even they are my fave….

      3. @jimmyszeto no, I don’t have spare time to look around here until my vacation. So sorry, I didn’t witness you say bad about Deric Wan or Irene Wan. However you should only say LF fans are this and that when all or at least most of his fans stating that he is the most popular artists and compare him with others by stepping on other artists. If only 1 do that, just say that to that person directly and left the other fans alone. Are you sure that the other fans of whoever’s you like never say that s/he are most popular? Take my word, dont generalize people around you. It is definitely not classy at all.

      4. @kings no, in my opinion Adam Cheng is a popular artist and I have my praises on Damien’s acting regardless any role he is in. I also like Vincent even when his acting is unstable.

      5. @kings
        Jimmy is biased, says the guy who said ‘Only andy lau and raymond lam have the look, acting, and singing skills to capture unlimited fans across the globe in chinese entertainment industry and very versatile artists’

      6. @potatochip Andy was not really good at Drama during the 80s when he was just a rookie. Compare with Raymond as rookie perform much more better.
        But Andy is so good at movie because of his looks and also the experience. Just look at the amount of movies he acted definitely boosted his acting skill until godlike.

        A person can act pretty well in drama, not necesarily can shine well in movie and vice versa. For example drama Greed of Man. If if you putting andy lau and tony leung to replace the male leads, it wont be so successful.

        On the other hand, Raymond did not really put much time on movies and they both have different background. Andy Lau must strive harder in his early life to earn money while Raymond joined the industry just for the sake of passion and interest. But its pretty rare to find a handsome guy that can act and sing very well. Last time have godlike Leslie cheung but sadly he was gay and gone.

      7. @jimmyszeto

        If Raymond were still with TVB in the last few years, I don’t quite believe that Ruco Chan, Vincent Wong or even Roger Kowk (in his last awarded drama series) could have won the TV King awards easily.

        Now any half-decent artistes can win TV King or TV Queen awards. It is still more competitive for TV King than TV Queen though (e.g. Nancy Wu twice, Kristal Tin, Natalie Tong, Ali Lee). Nancy Wu acts well, but not in her TV Queen award drama series.

      8. @kings Huh? Andy was not good in the 80’s? The Return of the Condor Heroes? So many remakes, none can outdo him. The Duke of Mount Deer? Even though Tony was the star, Andy was also held his own. He may not have been as strong in acting as Tony back then, but he had this charisma and sex appeal that made him one of the most successful Tiger. I am re-watching A Step into the Past which is when Raymond was a rookie. You can not tell me that Raymond is a better actor or more attractive than Andy at that comparable point in his career.

        I really don’t understand why you brought up the Greed of Man. It only disproves your point that Damian Lau and Adam Cheng aren’t popular because you can’t help but bring up a well-known, timeless classic. Andy and Tony are great actors who know that they don’t need to replace or be compared to other great actors like Damian or Adam to prove their worth.

        And I can’t tell if you are excusing Raymond’s lack of equal success on his inherent wealth and calling it “passion” or dismissing Andy because he has to work hard. Either way, it is not a flattering argument for Raymond.

        Now, instead of Raymond in the same category as Andy, you sound like you are putting him above Andy. SMH.

      9. @kings Okay. You said rookie. He was the 3rd male lead in Step into the Past and that was considered his breakout role. It is tied so much to him that they are coming out with a movie version, right? He was a rookie then, right? I have no idea what Loft Waters and Survivor Law are. How did I miss such legendary acting? And internet forums, you have failed me for never mentioning such classic series.

        Still, Greed of Man example makes no sense. Tony, Andy, Adam and Damian are good in movies and also good in TV acting. Movies are dramas, right? But let’s pretend that Tony and Andy were terrible TV actors (they weren’t), how does that relate to Raymond? Are you saying he is an incredible TV drama actor but isn’t so great in movies?

        So amusing that all of us are so very wrong. @jimmyszeto You are wrong! @coralie Wrong, wrong, wrong!

      10. @kings Popularity of Ruco and Vincent can never be compared with Ryamond Lam’s for sure for a long time. Ruco just picked up some popularity and recognition after the airing of his 1st lead in “The Other Truth”, and Vincent got his in “Blind Lawyer” (not sure of the exact name).

      11. @orchid123 Of course they cant. Ruco and vincent only can get popularity through TVB dramas. While Raymond still can open world tour concerts, filming movies and doing dramas.

      12. @orchid123
        It was a lot harder to win TV King or TV Queen at Raymond Lam’s time. There were too many good actors around in TVB. The competitions were very tough. None of the top 4 siu sangs (Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng) was able to win TV King in those years.

        Just like Kenix Kwok Ho-Ying, she never won TV Queen. Do you think her acting was inferior than the acting of Nancy Wu, Kristal Tin, Natalie Tong, and Ali Lee?

      13. @orchid123 Awards does not mean the acting must be perfect. Still have to include luck, popularity and many other factors as well. Just like Louis Koo got to wait until 2018 only can get Best Actor award in HKFA since he left TVB in 2001. But acting like nic tse also can get the award in 2011. And also not necessarily highest box office will land you an award.

        Jessica hsuan and kenix kwok acting are very good anytime better than Nancy wu, kristal tin,natalie tong and Ali lee. Just that they are woman and they wont wait long enough in tvb to get the awards.

        For raymond, 2012 was the best time for him to win the BA in tvb but TVB rigged the results. So called 100% citizens voting, and how on earth he will lose to wayne’s the eunuch! But anyway during those time wayne, roger and kelvin were still there to fighting for the awards.

      14. @kings
        Raymond lost that year because 1. Wayne Lai was much better 2. Wayne Lai was more popular. So that rules of your Raymond great acting and popularity reasoning

      15. @jimmyszeto

        Agreed that Wayne Lai was very popular because of “No Regrets”. “No Regrets” was a very well-prodoced drama series. The whole cast acted very well. Wayne and Sheren won the TV King and TV Queen in the year before in “Rosy Business”, so they were very very popular and “No Regrets” was a much better series than “Rosy Business” in script, acting, and cast. Of course Wayne was more popular than Raymond Lam in 2010. Raymond Lam’s only drama series in 2010 was “The Mysteries of Love” 談情說案. It was not an amazing series though its average rating was not bad ………. 32 vs. 33 in “No Regrets”.

      16. @jimmyszeto wrong. 2012 raymond’s popularity already peak and definitely more than wayne. His acting is good but he wont have hundred thousands of fans. Even kenneth ma also shocked at that time wayne can win.

    2. @jimmyszeto Hey, for the record, that Ruco vs. Vincent wasn’t such a big fight. It was just one superfan who unfortunately, tried putting down others to elevate their fave. Most agreed that Vincent was the obvious winner that year (with some hoping for a Kenneth miracle). I have my biases, but Vincent and Wayne (of course) are excellent actors.

  14. The next big superstar is gonna be Jackson Wang. There, I said it. I don’t care if I’m biased AF lol. The dude dances, raps, entertains & speaks multiple languages and is trying to break into the American market. If he succeeds, numero uno fo’ sho. If not, well, he’s still popular everywhere else haha.

    The only thing he hasn’t done is act. But I’m sure if given the opportunity in the future, he might try his hand at that too.

    I used to think Show Lo had a lot of potential, since he acts, sings, entertains and is very popular all over Asia. But then he died down. So now I’m pinning my sights on Jackson Wang!

  15. That is why I said a good actor needs a good partner (actress) to shine. If Wayne never did any drama series with Sheren Tang, he may still be doing supporting roles now.

    Wayne Lai acts well only in the characters that suit him, not in any roles (such as romantic guy, highly professional or nerdy persons). He acted very badly in “Bullet Brain”.

    In order for a good artiste to showcase his/her best acting, he/she needs a good character, a good partner, and a good script.

    1. @orchid123 thats called luck. He was lucky to have rosy business and can buy luxury properties already after that. Or else still supporting actors.

      Just like candy lo, she only popular and good with one song hou sam fan sau. Other songs all cannot le….hehe…

  16. Why some comments does not appear?

    @potatochip: I dont see where I ever say that LF is more popular than Adam. I disagree with @kings at that because Adam belongs to a different generation that nobody can compete excepts the same generation. I just said that in the internet era, it is easy to get famous but at the same time, there are more competitors. It is like a cake that one piece is eaten, less to the next. How can it turns into a fault statement that I think he is more famous than anyone? It seems weird.

    And no, I am not excited for his coming back to TVB, I swear. Lol, I want him to stay in movie field forever because in my point of view, movie field is a place where he can try other things, not the same and same all the time role type TVB given to him. Out of all, I also feel kinda disappointed at him to receive LW3 if it is a same Seed Seed once again. Honestly, I never think of LW as a good series to him. I prefer some of his other works even it was not as famous as LW such as Growing through life. I find his roles are deeper developped in those series. I also do not like the famous HOG and its sequel, too.

    Only kings cannot represent for all, in all end. One person does not mean certain commenters. And since there is only one, you can argue directly to that person instead of saying of all fans.

    @coralie: After VQH, he only has 2 series aired and you jump to conclusion that his popularity is down to drain that make him to come back to TVB? It is too fast. After that, he has 3 more series on hand and cannot predict anyone. I argue to you that if he is not popular anymore due to flop series, why investors are ever bother to invite him, pay him and get him to act in their works? And why the two channels of Big 4 channels want to purchase his series? Why Youku still want him to star as main lead in their stuffs? Just saying, he is still working fine, not the most popular in the industry but not going down comparing to his time in TVB.

    Charmaine is the same, she has up and down series but in the end, her market is still good.

    Anyway, I find that LF, Charmaine, Bosco and perhaps Ron are the last batch that venture the China market. After them, TVB cannot have someone to step out of Hongkong market. It is a bit sad.

    1. @alluka I don’t know where all the comments went either. Probably an internet glitch. You are right that I should not have addressed the first part of my comment to you. You did not claim that Raymond is equal to Andy Lau or more popular than other established actors. I was trying to consolidate replies to both you and @kings, that was my error.

      When @kings argued something about smartphones and the internet and Raymond being better than Adam, you also chimed in about the internet. It sounded like you were saying he should get extra popularity points for being successful on the internet, therefore, indirectly agreeing with Raymond being better than Adam. (Which is really a mind boggling comparison between 2 actors). That is my point of disagreement because the number of people who watch HK dramas now are much fewer than when Adam was reigning.

      Anyways, I have been directly addressing @kings throughout this winding thread. Sorry, to have pulled you into the initial reply.

    2. @alluka In ebiz, several bad dramas is enough to pull a star down, especially as actors/actresses get older, which is true for RL and Charmaine. And the lower the reception of their dramas, the worser offers they’ll receive down the line. If this continues, very soon they’ll stop receiving good lead opportunities. If they don’t care about popularity and willing to accept any role, then they’ll survive in the mainland market and will find something to thrive upon eventually, i.e., Gallen Lo, Sammul Chan, Hawick Lau, etc. But in the cases of RL and Charmaine, they’re not willing to risk their popularity. These are my conjectures, but I think they hold some credibility. Investors are not just investing in them – they are also investing in the entire cast, the scriptwriters, etc. Of course, I’m not saying the main stars’ fan base doesn’t matter, because they do. But to say it’s solely based on one main star (TVB-aside) is exaggerating the reason.

      In addition, I’ve been noticing Raymond’s declining acting since Heart of Greed. That’s a lot more than 1-2 series. The only ones where he displayed decent acting was LW. Ever since then, he hasn’t shown improvement. Just the same chok face and style of acting. Not interesting and not worth my time. So my disdain isn’t targeted only to his lackluster mainland career. It’s from a long span of observation.

      1. @coralie just wanna say that Hawick is now aiming Hongkong market and left Chinese market…

        Btw, I dont think LW can be hí representative work. I’d rather introduce some of his less famous works such as Growing through life or VQH or even Highs and lows. LW, his character is only good for first half, the second half has no logic on personality change.

        In the end, at least he dares to go out of his safe zone and try new things now. It is what leaving TVB decision given to him.

      2. @alluka yes, rumors are saying HL is leaving mainland market because of his waning popularity there. i mean there are too many cases of people leaving mainland and coming back to HK due to dwindling career/popularity. i don’t see raymond and charmaine as being different. charmaine got lucky, though, because TVB gave her a really good role when she came back and spurred her career forward in china.

        i haven’t seen really great representative work from raymond since the ones i’ve mentioned. your opinion on his representative work might be different, but his acting hasn’t impressed me for a long time now. and likewise, his mainland projects haven’t wowed me. they feel like his other TVB series after LW. same old raymond, no difference.

      3. @coralie In hong kong, only leslie cheung, andy lau and raymond lam will not be pulled down no matter what happens. Because the most versatile players ever that can sing and act. They already accumulated enough cash flow early in their life.

        And again its hard to judge acting. Its all just about your perception and personal thought. There is no guideline to judge. You can use award to judge but jackie chan never win any BA in HKFA but does not mean his acting is not any better than nic tse and eric tsang.

      4. @kings wait till raymond turns 50ish, and if he’s still in demand, then we’ll talk.

        and correct, there is no guideline for judging acting. but i can judge for myself, just like you. and if i think he’s coming back to tvb because of his waning popularity and poor acting, there is nothing for you to argue because it’s my opinion.

  17. @kings “Yes because he working for passion and interest. Unlike you working for money. Because when nick, francis and louis were at raymond’s age, they did not earn as much as raymond, did not have much fans like raymond, and did not getting as much awards like raymond.”

    I am not sure how Raymond being born with a silver spoon in his mouth with unlimited connections is more admirable than an actor working from scratch to attain success based on just his talents. I would say the poor actor has more passion for acting because they don’t have daddy’s money to fall back on and should quit to find a life supporting job. They are risking their livelihood for acting as oppose to Raymond with no risk at all. How do you know what Louis is working for? He is now rich but he is still passionately producing projects. Every article on Jaynestar about him is a new project. I can’t keep up.

    You are also wrong about the successes of each of those actors.

    Raymond at 39 yo:
    TVB Best Actor award – 0
    Movies – 17
    Lead in movies – 0
    HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 0
    HK Film Best Actor Noms – 0

    Louis at 39 yo:
    TVB Best Actor award – 2 (first earned at 29 yo)
    Movies – 54
    Lead in movies – too many, I didn’t feel like counting
    HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 1
    HK Film Best Actor Noms – 3

    Nick at 39 yo:
    Movies – 41
    Lead in movies – again, too many, not enough time to count
    HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 1
    HK Film Best Actor Noms – 0

    Francis Ng at 39 yo:
    Movies – 67
    Lead in movies – I have no energy to count
    HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 2
    HK Film Best Actor Noms – 2

    The film industry is about money. If a producer sees that an actor has legions of fans and will sell tickets, they would recruit that person to star in their movies. Raymond is popular, I don’t deny that. But to say that a smart business people are choosing “less popular” actors like Louis, Nick or Francis to produce film after film is silly.

    There is more drama in this post than a TVB series.

    1. @potatochip sorry to jump in again but I disagree with a part in your comment.

      In my opinion, rich or poor background doesnt give much impact on the acting passion. For poor background artists, they work in industry to support their life while for the rich background, they dont need to support their life. It is true but do you ever consider that for the rich guy, they choose to film days without sleeping, eat frozen food, wearing different to the season, injuries, etc.. It must be passion. They overcome those things because they love to act, not for money. Same to the poor background artists, they may first join industry to make money and then the passion keeps them do it.

      A part from the passion, the fame is also an issue. Of course, money contribute a part. None can use just air and passion to live.

      Btw, LF didnt rely on his family for long while. Moreoever at first, if he was that relied on his family, why he chose the acting class to act as cameos until he got soared in his first two series. It was not the connection to get him soar at that moment, right?

      1. @alluka
        Just because he didn’t immediately relied on family does not mean much because he eventually relied on family’s reputation to be pushed into young lead actor status so early in his career…

      2. @jimmyszeto Its okay to use connection in Asia because Asia is different from western. But most importantly if raymond was not competent, giving him whatever lead roles also hopeless. Just like nicholas tse, cannot mean cannot.

      3. @jimmyszeto he gained his first lead when he is in TVB for more than 3 years, excl. the acting class. He acted cameos, did host in TVB8 (a place was used to give to unpromoted people at that time). Then he came to Indo for a show and come back with tanned. It was the producer of A taste of love who granted him the first big role due to his tan. Then the tan helped him again to act in A step into the past. He was praised after ASITP then people found out he is rich kid which leaded him to jobless in 4 months. At that moment, TVB had a bunch of Male artists to leave: Louis, Bobby, Nick, etc. so he had another chance to star in Eternal happiness of which topped the rating in that year.

        If you notice, Joe Ma was in the group to be promoted to replace the left veterans at that moment too despite the fact he has no acting background. Yang Ming was supposed to be treat in same way as LF but his scandal got him down until recent.

        So where the connections helped in that all process? Connections can help him to get the praises? Or to drive other male artists away? I rather say he was lucky to join in the moment TVB is running out of male artists. However, if he did bad in ASITP, he would not have today.

      4. @alluka I agree with you, rich or poor does not necessarily indicate passion. I was responding to Kings in the polar opposite to hopefully illustrate a point.

        Even though he may not have used his family connections, he has that undeniable privilege and name recognition that makes one look at him favorably. He has the confidence of being secure in position in life, that is an intangible. So, he may not *use* those privileges, but he can’t get rid of those privileges, it is just what it is. I am not saying his accomplishments are diminishes because of those privileges, but to have fans argue that he made it completely on his own or it proves his passion is not seeing the complete picture.

        I also agree that Kings is a troll. I was thinking he/she was just delusional l but you are probably right that they aren’t even an LF fan. I was responding out of amusement, boredom, and an itch for drama.

      5. @potatochip no, I dont say me make all himself but the connections cant make he win a number of audience for him to soar in his second big role i.e. ASITP. Of course, even if he doesnt want to use, people will still give him something if they have a link to his dad. However, he of today is the result of his passion, hard work, connections (some by himself), luck and ability. Each contribute a part. Cant say which one is more than others.

    2. @potatochip You are wrong again. 39 considered old already.

      Raymond at 30 yo:
      TVB Most popular Artist awards – 2
      Movies – 3
      Lead in movies – 2
      Asia Pacific Most popular Male singer- 2
      Jade solid Gold song award- 3
      Number of concerts at hk coliseum-2

      Louis at 30 yo:
      TVB Best Actor award – 1 (first earned at 29 yo)
      Movies – 27
      Lead in movies – lazy count
      HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 0
      HK Film Best Actor Noms – 0

      Nick at 30 yo:
      Movies – 41
      Lead in movies – again, too many, not enough time to count
      HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 0
      HK Film Best Actor Noms – 0

      Francis Ng at 30 yo:
      Movies – 67
      Lead in movies – I have no energy to count
      HK Film Best Supporting Actor Noms – 0
      HK Film Best Actor Noms – 0

      So even if you want to compare with them at age of 39, the money raymond earned from entertainment industry on earth is still more than all of them.

      And dont forget Raymond did not put much time on movies unlike Andy Lau he got no choice but because of money and experience, the amount of movies he acted in was huge in his early days and boosted his acting skills as well.

      1. @kings Lol, why didn’t you compare them at 5 years old so that you can include his Perfect Attendance award?

        If you wanted to say, Raymond is only 30 years old, here are his accomplishments, I bet in the next 9 years he will have more movies, more lead roles, and more awards than Louis, that would be a logical comparison. Fortunately, I do not need a crystal ball to know how that turned out.

        BTW, what is up with this “on earth” business? Is there an entertainment industry on Mars? How do you know what is each actor’s bank account?

        Again, being a rich boy is not considered a character building trait.

      2. @potatochip why I smell kings is not a fan but go here just to stir the troubles, or to let people start saying LF fans are this and that. I mean, fans will know his position and where he is, at least know he is not up to the well-based movie actor.

        Those comparisions are ridiculous.

      3. @potatochip Its you who wanted to say francis and nick are better than raymond. When i have showed out the evidence and then you got nothing constructive to counter and then diverting to something irrelavant.

        Raymond definitely can get BA if he never give up. If 5 year later he chooses to retire of course he wont get it.

      4. @alluka
        Kings is obviously trolling. Can tell from first comment. The same person as the one who always stirs on this site but this time using Raymond Lam…

      5. @jimmyszeto so the best way is to ignore her/him.

        Why there is person with a handful of time like that. I wish I have, not just in my vacation :(.

  18. Louis Koo and Francis Ng did not act well when they were young (under 30 or even 35) in TVB. Louis Koo was only good for his look, still too fair for men. So he tanned his skin to make him look more like a man.

    Francis Ng was not that good looking and could not act when he was young in TVB.

    Nick Cheung acted pretty well when he was young, but he did not have a handsome face to support him for 1st lead roles.

    I must admit that they had improved a lot in their acting skills as they matured.

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