Raymond Lam Successfully Proposed to Carina Zhang?

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Raymond Lam Successfully Proposed to Carina Zhang?

Dating for one year, Raymond Lam (林峯) and model Carina Zhang (張馨月) may be ready for the next big step! The actor reportedly proposed to Carina on June 1 and plans to hold their wedding on his 40th birthday on December 8.

A source close to Carina’s family claims that Raymond especially went to her hometown to propose to her there. Coincidentally, Carina flashed photos of a white-rose bunny on June 1 on social media, which led many to believe Raymond had proposed to her with the floral bunny.

Known for her easygoing personality, Carina is well liked by Raymond’s parents. Used to attending family events together, Raymond was seen at Carina’s brother’s wedding earlier. He even brought her to his hometown in Xiamen to pray to his ancestors and meet his extended family during the Lunar New Year holidays. Carina easily fit into Raymond’s social circle of friends in the entertainment industry, and the couple often attends gatherings together.

When asked whether Raymond had successfully proposed to Carina, his manager did not directly deny it, “We won’t respond to private matters.” But his manager stated that Raymond was in Guizhou filming for Back to the Past <尋秦記> on June 1 and he will be busy filming an upcoming television drama this summer.

Source: On.cc

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      Happy Wedding/Birthday if it does happen in December.
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