Raymond Lam Teased about Fatherhood

Though Line Walker 3 <使徒行者 3> is currently airing in Hong Kong, Raymond Lam (林峯) has been unable to attend promotional events with the rest of the cast. Currently in China for other filming obligations, Raymond nonetheless made himself available for a phone interview, where co-star Michael Miu  (苗僑偉) teased whether he was getting used to being a father yet.

Raymond, who became a father after his wife Carina Zhang (張馨月) gave birth to a baby girl in September, was initially reluctant to share snippets of his new family life. When further probed about his feelings on fatherhood, Raymond finally responded, “I am very happy. I will work even harder in my career in order to earn milk and diaper money.

Though Raymond has only shared a photo of his daughter’s hand in the social media birth announcement, his friends including Michael have already seen a picture of the baby. Michael said, “She really does look like Raymond! I will wait for him to come back to Hong Kong to talk about fatherhood with him. He will film for his current drama likely until the end of the year. We knew he wouldn’t make it here for the promotional event, so we will take this chance to make him treat us out for dinner.”

Asked why Raymond may be shying away from sharing about his daughter publicly, Michael responded, “Raymond is considered an idol, so he may avoid talking about it for that reason. It is a happy occasion nonetheless, and it’s not like he hasn’t shared the news with the public and fans. He’s probably just not used to it yet.”

As it has been six years since Raymond first starred in the Line Walker series, he truly enjoyed working with the cast and crew again in the third installment. Sharing easy banter with the cast, Raymond was asked who was the most “chok,” or cool, among the male cast members. “There is no one more ‘chok’ than Michael. He is already ‘chok’ at the moment he wakes up,” Raymond laughed.

Source: Sky Post 

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

Raymond Lam Welcomes Arrival of Baby Girl

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