Raymond Wong Shares How He Prepared for “Forensic Heroes 4”

As one of TVB’s most popular artistes, it is not easy to remember that Raymond Wong (黃浩然) first started as a film actor. Playing a leading role in the currently airing Forensic Heroes 4 <法證先鋒IV>, Raymond shares his preparation for the drama and his attachment to the film industry.

Preparation for “Forensic Heroes 4”

The initial reviews for Forensic Heroes 4 are positive and Raymond worked hard to contribute to the drama, “In order to have a better performance, I re-watched the previous three installments of Forensic Heroes.  Producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) had a high expectation and was very hands-on, as if she is performing a post-mortem examination. This time the script is detailed and the artistes need to follow the lines 95 percent of the time. Not everyone can do it. I certainly didn`t dare to slow down. Whenever I eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, I was also memorizing the lines. My pronunciation has improved greatly.”

Working with Roxanne Tong and Jacqueline Wong

During post-production of Forensic Heroes 4Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) who had a supporting role was exposed for having a scandal with Andy Hui (許志安). The drama had to be re-shot with Roxanne Tong  (湯洛雯) replacing Jacqueline. When Raymond was asked if it was a pity that he had to redo his scenes, Raymond responded, “At that time, I was worried that the drama couldn’t be aired but fortunately three lucky things happened. The company had a lot of resources to re-shoot the scenes. All the artistes’ schedules were free. Fortunately, I didn’t cut my hair.”

Having worked with Jacqueline and Roxanne, Raymond was asked for his experiences with the two artistes, “Actually, working with Jacqueline was fun. It was a good experience. Now that Roxanne stepped up for the role, I strived to rehearse with her. Even the few days before we traveled to Taiwan to shoot our scenes, we rehearsed everything before setting off.” Raymond hoped the audience will recognize Roxanne’s effort because it took a lot of work to portray the complexity of her character.

Since Jacqueline returned back to Hong Kong in December, Raymond was asked if he had any contact with her, “As a man, I wouldn’t bother her. If she wants to contact me, she can do it anytime. She should be able to recover by herself.”

Misses Acting on the Big Screen

Although Raymond originally wanted a stable job, his career path changed after meeting director Johnnie To (杜琪峯) and getting a role in the movie Lifeline <十萬火急>. Remembering his past, Raymond shared that he wants to act in movies again, “I hope Johnnie won’t retire soon. I want to play a main character in a movie. Right now, I am a newcomer in the film industry and hope that I can create sparks with the new generation. I need to work hard and if I receive the public’s recognition, I would complete my mission.”

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hazel
      I like Shaun’s interrogations. It’s what police should do to pick off the answers from potential criminals. Makes a change from the TVB ‘I will talk to you as a friend’ or ‘ I will bash your brains if you don’t confess’ policemen….

  1. Sorry Raymond is a very poor substitute for Bobby and even Wayne. He’s a boring actor with dead eyes and a flat monotonous voice. This whole FH4 sucks. The only reason they’re getting high ratings is cos everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do/watch. If not for the current wuhan virus fears, I bet this drama won’t even get past 24 points.

    1. @pisces2019 well this is a highly anticipated drama, so regardless of the virus, it wouldve had high ratings anyway. But maybe just higher because people are at home.

      I agree that Raymond isnt good for the role, even though I like him as an actor. He doesnt fit the forensic scientist role. In an interview, he said he had to memorize long lines with technical terms. Maybe if the script writers didnt make each and every one of the lines so long and detailed, it would be better for the actors & viewers

      1. @luye
        As a Raymond Wong fan, I’m very disappointed. The forensic dialogue is far too complicated and technical in comparison to it’d predecessors. We all know that Bobby isn’t the best at remembering lines but he was given far easily lines to memorise. Both Bobby and Wayne did well but Raymond/Fred and many of the forensics team are rather wooden here, focusing on memorising tough dialogue…

      2. @luye I give what you said benefit of the doubt. But definitely there’s no way this or any tvb drama these days can get anything over 30 or even 28, highly anticipated notwithstanding.

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