Rebecca Zhu Cries Over Harsh Viewer Criticism

Although TVB’s Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> garnered high ratings, positive reviews and acting nods including Tavia Yeung’s Best Actress award, fellow costar Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) did not enjoy the same fate. In fact, Rebecca faced much criticism for her lack of acting experience. Because it was Rebecca’s first acting venture and was cast alongside fan favorites, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲), many viewers were reluctant to accept her. The harsh criticism that Rebecca faced put a lot pressure on her where she spent many nights crying herself to sleep.

“I tried really hard to play my role well. I knew that I would face some criticism, but it was a lot for a newcomer to handle. I had to take it one step at a time. Every day I would read online feedback about my acting and they would use foul language. It was hard to accept because they don’t even know me and they just start ranting about me. Some even asked me not to act anymore and to get plastic surgery because I’m ugly”, shares Rebecca with tears welling up in her eyes.

Because Rebecca has a small inner circle in the entertainment industry, she did not have anyone to turn to except for her teddy bear. “My friends gave me this teddy bear because they know that my family isn’t with me. I have a habit of taking the bear with me when I travel and I talk to the bear when I’m unhappy. I told myself that I have to be strong and let go. I can’t be so stubborn about everything – I even cried all night on the couch about this. But after I cry, then I’ll feel fine.”

With the holidays approaching, Rebecca plans to spend Christmas cooking a special meal with her mom. Rebecca admits that there are some potential suitors but none of them asked to spend Christmas with her. “If a friend invited me a party, I would go if I have time because it’s fun when there are more people. I realized after I joined the entertainment industry that I like mingling in a crowd. I have cooked a big holiday Western meal before for my ex-boyfriend – and it was actually my first and last time!  I hope that in the future someone will cook it for me. After all, I’m a girl and we all are romantics at heart.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. She isn’t outstandingly beautiful, but she’s still pretty and above average in terms of looks. Plastic surgery is harsh.

    1. Agree, Plastic Surgery is quite harsh, she’s above average. Her performance wasn’t horrible but not outstanding but pretty decent for a newcomer. Rebecca should not care about what others have to say & continue doing a good job & not give up. TVB should work on allocating roles according to level of experience.

  2. I don’t know what people are talking about but personally I really like her acting in SSSS. There were times you can tell she was new but overal I like her a lot

    1. I agree. Compared to the other newcomers, she doesn’t even seem new. Like Christine Kuo…that girl cannot act at all. I think Rebecca is prettier and nicer-seeming too.

      1. The acting was poor. Maybe we should place the blame on the casting director instead. Oh, that’s just another way of saying her acting was poor. haha

      2. Agreed with Cherry totally. If Rebecca’s acting is not half as bad as Christine Kuo! Christine Kuo is the worst ever and d fact tvb nominated for the 2012 best newcomer award..what is this? You get special treatment if your face fits in??!!

    2. Agree with u Kelly.
      She is sweet n pretty. Just her character at the end, betraying her husband got me upset.
      I mean I dislike the character but I really love her acting n she is pretty!
      Those who commented she is not pretty.. Lorr.. Post a pic of themselves for us to judge!

      1. Those plastic surgery remarks are overboard. This is many girls are pressured and opt for plastic surgery.

  3. the acting was bad, but it is expected. I guess HK people just like to be harsh on new comers

    1. The acting was poor. Maybe we should place the blame on the casting director instead. Oh, that’s just another way of saying her acting was poor. haha

  4. Personally think Rebecca did a great job being such a young artist in the industry. I’m honestly surprised about all those criticism. If anything, those people are more often making those comments out of jealousy, seriously. Keep your head up high, Rebecca! Remember when a lot of people did not like Kate (from articles I’ve read as well), look at her now! Do not ever take words to heart, instead, use it as encouragement to become even better at what you do. We support you, Rebecca! Stay positive!

    1. agreed. Charmaine was once heavily criticized for her stiff acting and ‘chicken voice’ too. And now she’s acclaimed for her acting. Hope she’ll overcome these obstacles and continue to improve.

      1. Charmaine Sheh is a great example except I am in the I suppose minority? That her acting is still mediocre at best. But yes she is a good example how over the years she built a rapport with the audience who overlooks her flaws. Some might feel it is a joke she is now considered a great actress, some applaud. But I won’t deny, she worked hard.

      2. Not really since many that I know still don’t like Charmaine’s acting. I agree that it is mediocre at best… But she did work hard and I commend her for that…

      3. It’s an opinion thing I guess when it come to judging one acting skill. Obviously, if you win over many ppls, you have better acting skill than the one who win fewer ppls. Anyway, CS used to be quite awkward in front of the camera, and you can see it through her acting, but she improved herself quite a lot, as you can see how natural she started to be in her role and what’s not. My liking for CS is half half, I didn’t like her at the start, but I started to enjoy her drama, and personally liking some of her roles, or don’t mind them. I guess that’s all it count, as long as you don’t make ppls hate you or your character, that’s all it matter. And yes, she worked really hard for where she is today, and that’s an admirable strait.

    2. Again, I do not like the argument ‘you criticize someone because you are a jealous b$&ch’. Now I am not say the criticism wasn’t harsh, some ppls are just nasty, and they still probably not jealous, just nasty. She should know that 1- she is a new comer, and allow herself some room for error, learn from it and move on. 2- Internet and forum is a harsh place, take 1% of it and move on, not constantly checking then dwell on it like a baby. 3- as a celebrity, criticism will always come and hit you hard, again, you need to take some seriously and know that some criticism isn’t matter to bother with.
      Personally I don’t like how she QQ over the fact that ppls criticize her and make herself sound like a victim -.- be strong is what I guess I want to see from her, rather than crying every night >_< and sorry RZ's fan :p

    3. Charmaine may not be a superb actress…but over the years she has managed to win many people over. She is undoubtedly the most popular actress from TVB in recent years…regardless if you think she’s mediocre in acting or not. So yeah I agree Rebecca should just look at past examples and to stay strong! Personally I think she’ll be pretty big one day.

  5. Uhh.. I don’t think viewers criticized her just because she was paired up with Ron and Kenneth. It was because she was horrible, did not portray her character well and basically had one expression on her face. Yeah, that’s expected of a newcomer but then they should not have cast her in this role since she couldn’t handle it. The series really would have been a lot better if they found a more capable actress since a big chunk of the story was focused on her.

    Hopefully, they’ll give her smaller roles to build up her acting instead of thrusting her into another big role.

    1. Totally agree with the above post. Rebecca Zhu is a brand newbie and should not cast in such an important role, especially she had so much interactions with those veterans. All of them were superb in acting, such as Damian Lau, Mary Hon, Elena Kong, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, etc. It showed off more of her bland acting.

      Producers should have cast her to act some light hearted or minor roles (similar to Eliza Sam’s in “Divas in Distress”). It would give her a chance to learn and polish her acting before she assumes heavier roles.

      Siu Yau is not an easy character to act. It needs some actress with good acting experience

      1. I had to skip many of Rebecca Zhu’s scenes because I could not stand her acting with one or two facial expressions and speaking dialogues with terrible Cantonese. Sorry, I have to say that she spoiled the whole drama series with her terrible acting.

        I watched “SSSS” because I enjoyed the superb acting of Damian Lau, Elena Kong, Mary Hon, Ben Wong and Idy Chan, and Tavia Yeung. Damian handled his character so well that I could see his interactions and reactions with his four wives, a girlfriend, and his three children, all of them had different personalities.

      2. Yeah, totally agree that all these newbies need to start with lighter roles. I don’t think Eliza is that good of an actress right now either, but she was fortunate enough to portray a relatively easy and very likable role.

      3. Agreed its the casting director’s fault. I turn away every time she acts coz its unbearable watching her overact every scene.

      4. Eliza Sam’s acting was very shallow, but her character in “Divas in Distress” was just a sweet, cute, and lively girl who did not need to show any emotional and inner feelings. It suited her actual personality, so people accepted her well.

        Siu Yau was a very unfortunate and sad character who needed to express the appropriate emotions during different stages of her life, and Rebecca was NOT able to do it. She acted with her “smoky” eyes and “twisted” lips whenever she talked. Could not stand her. I had to skip most of her scenes with Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng, after the first few episodes, and Kenneth Ma is one of my favourite actors.

    2. AGREED. Now that I look at it, it was her casting in SSSS that made her such a wreck. The role was simply too much. She and her character, yes, she as in her “acting”, angered a lot of people. The love triangle, specifically, tore the character and her apart.

  6. Rebecca, take advice from Daniel Craig when he was universally criticised far worse than you when he was cast as James Bond

    1. don’t read online reactions whilst filming

    2. give a kick-arse performance which he did to shut his critics up.

    The only difference between you and Daniel Craig is Daniel Craig was already a good actor when he was cast as James Bond, except his looks didn’t fit into usual perception of 007.

    As for you… work harder. It was your first role. Some do have foul mouth but take heart of the criticisms and learn from it. Foul language or not, they are all true. You did badly, and no excuse even if it is your first performance. But good thing is viewers forget easily when you improve. However that first performance will always be your treshold, right now it is the standard of your worst. You can;t be any worse, hopefully. I wanted to like you, but I seriously feel you were the bad aspect of SSSS apart from the terrible script. Instead of excuses and a pat on the back for a supposed job well done, why not listen to the criticisms and grow from it. It worked for many artistes. It takes a decade to build up credibility but it is easier to build up a rapport with viewers who will overlook the credibility part.

    1. P/s she really looks like Fala in the above picture, except the less prettier one. I don’t think I have ever seen Rebecca as Rebecca. She looks different in every picture. Which is an advantage as an actress.

      1. I agree. I never thought Fala was that pretty. Rebecca looks pretty in the above picture. Also, I thought she did a decent job in SSSS for a newcomer. Some of her scenes were quite moving.

      2. I don’t see Fala in the picture above. I actually see Liu Shi Shi for some reason. But yeah, Rebecca looks so differently from picture to picture, it’s weird but not a bad thing.

        As for acting. She was bad — as expected. I didn’t think she did well for a newbie, but she isn’t the worst of newbies either. However, it was a huge mistake to cast her as second leading female when it was her first role.

      3. I have to agree. She really does look different in every picture. In the above picture, she looks different from Siu Yau.

      4. She looks old in the pic above for me, and look exactly like Sui yau. Anyhoo, still don’t think she was pretty, I thought when she get dolled up in SSSS, she would look pretttier, but still kinda the same to me really lol. Anyway, I don’t think fala is pretty either, but I guess we have to see more of her (RZ) in different period to know

  7. as a newcomer rebecca acted very well in ssss much better than eliza or christine kuo.

  8. My mum married a man who, as she says, “couldn’t boil water” so she made sure all her boys could cook. I love cooking as a result – very relaxing 🙂

    So I’ll be the one who cooks Christmas dinner at my house (my wife will assist of course) We set the menu up this week in fact.

    I’d invite Rebecca, but not sure the better half would appreciate it 😉

    1. TVBFanatic,
      You sound like a very helpful husband around the house! Hopefully your love of cooking means a greater tolerance for doing dishes and other chores too.

      1. Aye… general rule of thumb here is whomever cooks dinner, cleans the dishes. Which might sound a bit off, but my wife and I share the cooking duties pretty evenly so it works out fine. For example, I’m on vacation this week while my wife is still working. So I’ve cooked all the dinners this week. 🙂 it’s also meant I’ve done all the dishes, but that’s fine. Because I love to cook, I love to see people enjoying my food. You can’t very well enjoy the meal knowing you have to do dishes after it! lol!!

        It’s the same for around the home. it’s not a case of ‘dividing’ work between us… essentially whenever we see something needs to be done we just do it. Cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, floors, whatever the case may be. When we are both really busy, we’ll leave the work until the weekend then we’ll both tackle it and get it done.

      2. That’s good how you can share in everything instead of making one do it all or most of it. What about taking care of kids? I feel that it is important for both to share the duties in child bearing too.

      3. If I ever had kids(whether it be boys or girls), I would definately make sure that hey can all cook. That is just a basic skill that everyone needs to learn in order to survive…

      4. TVBFanatic,
        “Essentially whenever we see something needs to be done we just do it.”

        That works for self-disciplined couples. It sounds great that you don’t fight over household chores, which many married couples fight about. A helpful husband around the house is what most women want.

        My friends often share stories about our husbands and what motivation we can give them to help out more. We settled on “more praise, less criticism”. 🙂

      5. I give credit to my mother. We had to earn our allowance doing chores around the home, which included things like mopping floors, vacuuming etc… so it is nothing new for me. I remember the arguments between my mum and dad about housework. He was of the “men put out garbage and cut the lawn only” way of things, didn’t do any of the “women’s work.” They’ve been married over 50 years now, and they still argue about it – lol!!!

        I hated them arguing about it, though, and I decided early on I wasn’t going to do that to my wife. I don’t blame my dad really, he was brought up in a different era and his mother did everything for his dad. It was what he was used to.

  9. I remember I read a long time ago that Sammi Cheng, the singer, never looks at online articles talking about her. It just screws you up.

      1. r they trying to make her look ulgy? that is on horrible haircut!!

  10. I don’t think she’s ugly. She’s quite pretty in my opinion. Her acting wasn’t great, but it’s good enough for a newcomer. Actually, she’s way better than some Miss Hong Kongs and Ms Chinese international when they first started. I don’t think she should take the criticisms personally, but take it as an opportunity to improve.
    I don’t mind watching u in future dramas!! Keep up the good work, Rebecca!!!!

  11. Rebeeca, I think your a beautiful woman. As a newcomer you did a good job acting your role. I believe in you, you are a star of tomorrow, we will always support you. Please don’t give up for those ridiculous criticism. Keep up your hard work!! 🙂

    1. I think it’s just her character in SS that made her look not so pretty. This was her first drama so people just judge her look from the character. I also support her like how I support Tavia, I been supporting Tavia since the year 2000 in drama “At the Threshold of an Era” she was only on for a quick flash as a flight attendant.

    2. +1,
      I think she fared reasonably well given the situation, definitely back her for greater things to come, just grid her teeths and grind it out.
      Never be afraid to consult and learn from her senior when opportunity presents itself, like Angela Auntie in ‘Beauty knows no pain’ or Michelle Yim, I should think that they are nice enough to gives her some pointers.

  12. Rebecca is really pretty! Don’t know what the people are talking about, saying she needs plastic surgery!

    She really needs to improve her Cantonese in order to get me to like her. And then improve her acting in order to get me to support her and become her fan. Makes me cringe and then laugh everytime she talked in SSSS. Let’s hope she will be cast in more minor supporting roles in 2013…

  13. I am not her fans…but i thought i lot of people like her because i always see her at the top actor/actress ranking in…anyway…for the first time acting…i don’t think she is really bad…of course…a lot to improve…but for the first time…she is okay…and she looks okay too…but…this is like that in this industry…she has to accept it too…

  14. She looked a bit like Fala Chen in the above photo, but I still think Fala Chen is prettier.

  15. Give her a break. It’s her first series. Way better than Christine Kuo at least.

  16. Lol…I can’t help but think this article is written towards me. But I’m just being honest. She has a long way to go, and oh my, her picture here looks nothing like her in SSSS, where she was draped in make-up.

  17. Does anyone know where I can contact Rebecca Zhu? I really think she’s not that bad and she’s pretty. It’s just that her character in SS made her look not so pretty, just the fashion and hair style. I think the part at the mother in-law’s funeral – it shows her natural pretty look. There are alot of worst famous people such as Charmaine (not good looking and annoying but people pick her over Nikki), Linda Chung. Non-famous people are more annoying such as Christina Kuo and JJ. I support Rebecca, this is my first post on Jaynestar’s page. My favorite are Tavia, Nikki Chow and now it’s Rebecca.

  18. A new artiste should be able to accept criticisms. I don’t agree that people should use foul language on her. In fact, all artistes, either good or bad, would get criticisms from audience because everyone has different tastes. A typical example is Charmaine Sheh. She is now so famous and popular and most people think her acting is good, but I am sure there will be people who do not like her or her acting.

    There is a Chinese saying “if you eat salty fish, you do expect to be thirsty”. Therefore, if she chooses to be an artiste, she should expect both praises or criticisms depending on her luck and audience’s acceptance.

    It was the producer’s fault to cast her in such an important role to start her acting career. Moreover, Siu Yau was not a pleasant character who did not know how to handle her love life. Therefore, it may not be good for a newbie to start her acting career with a heavy role.

  19. Well, ppl critic her because of Siu Yao’s character which is a complete nuisance. Anyone would have been a victim to deliver this role I must say. Hopefully she did well in TITS2 & viewers will change perception of her quickly…

    For newcomer, I personally think her acting was acceptable. She is not as stiff as Charmaine in her 1st drama and I think Rebecca acts better than boring Christine Kuo & the overacted Eliza Sam. Just my opinion tho…

    1. Agree lol, Sui yau is such a terrible character, I just hate anything to deal with the character in the drama lol. I don’t like RZ but I know mainly from the fact that the character spell doom whoever act it lol. Don’t like RZ much ATM as she hasn’t won me over, but I’m open for future series, jus that if she plays another annoying role, I might just skip her for not knowing what role to pick to play lol

  20. I really do not like her acting at all. But she is definitely better than Christine Kuo (which another person I can’t stand to watch). Agree with most of the comments saying that she is a miscast. If this is originally intended for Fala Chen, an experienced (I do find her acting mediocre but acceptable)actress, what makes the casting director thinks that Rebecca will be able to carry it off well as a newcomer? At least she tried her best (from the look of it) and it’s just unfortunate she couldn’t live up to the role. Those people resorting to personal attacks..really are quite rude and mean to her. She really needs to stop reading on the online reports. Find more suitable jobs and move on with life. I am sure that would benefit her much more than reading on personal attacks.

  21. She has to face her fears. Your acting still sucks. There are many TVB series to come. She can improve, better the witches Christine Kuo and Aimee Chan

    1. I think Rebecca Zhu will be better than Christine Kuo in acting in future, but not sure if she can beat Aimee Chan. Though Aimee does not have many fans here, her acting has improved a lot in the last two years and her Cantonese is so much better than Rebecca’s. Unless Rebecca is talented and she can improve her Cantonese quickly, she may not be able to beat Aimee in the next two years.

      1. Nah, as long as they sound intelligible, acting always trumps accent for me. Like Elaine Jin.

  22. I have to be honest and say that her performance was bad in SSSS. She has tears when crying, but her expressions are just not convincing at all for me. I’m a bit picky on accents, so her Cantonese does bother me. They really shouldn’t have given her such a prominent role for the first time. Other Miss HK actresses like Myolie and Kate started off with small roles, Rebecca should too.

    1. TVB never promoted their Miss Hong Kong right after the crowning. They usually waited for a whole year before they cast them in any sitcoms or dramas. During that year, they just let their winners appear in some public functions and shows.

      I think Rebecca Zhu was the only Miss Hong Kong who was given such a heavy role to act, and the other one was Eliza Sam, a Miss Chinese International, who was given a fairly heavy role as well. But Elisa’s character did not require a lot of facial expressions and inner emotions. Siu Yau was a complicated character who got involved in a love triangle with a poor family background.

      1. Charmaine sheh 1st series was ‘Time Off’ her role was pretty big in there. Michelle Reis 1st and only TVB series is legendary ranger leading actress. Kenix Kwok 1st series was Remembrance as leading actress. Its pretty normal for miss hk to get meaty roles

      2. If that was the case (I can’t remember), perhaps they were more talented than Rebecca, or they also got a lot of criticisms.

      3. check it out on the internet if you want. Im sure alot of people would agree that RZ acting is better than CS in their 1st role. I dont think its about who has more talent. Its the way TVB like to do things. N i think it might be related to how popular they were during the miss hk pageant.

  23. Look at all the Hong Kong actors and actresses, they can’t even speak simple mandarin during small event or interview. Also alot of them in China drama – they don’t even use their voice because they can’t even speak it. In Silver Spoon – Daimen and Kenneth – their english is horrible but people don’t say anything about that. They are lawyers – they should have people somewhat can pronounce okay english. Rebecca didn’t do that bad but I want to say I hate sui yau character but not Rebecca. People probably get upset at the fact she’s in a love triangle and her character is so indecisive. She didn’t get a good ending in SS, it would have made a big difference if the ending was more sweet in her role. Who do you think would fit in this “sui yau” role?

    1. It is true that not many artistes can speak good Mandarin in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong is a Cantonese-speaking place and 95% of their drama series and movies are Cantonese speaking. If Rebecca Zhu, or any Mandarin-speaking actress, wants to film drama series/movies in Hong Kong, she needs to improve her Cantonese first. Or Rebecca Zhu should perhaps film drama series/movies in Mainland China only. She can then speak her perfect Mandarin.

      Most people in Hong Kong don’t have good verbal English because they don’t have to speak English at home every day. A lot of people don’t even have to speak English at work or in school. Of course people cannot expect their folks or artistes to speak good English. In fact, I don’t think the characters, Arthur and Charles Chung, should speak that much English at home in 1930+ even they were lawyers. It shouldn’t be required in the storyline.

      1. Lawyers in Hong Kong now don’t even speak English at home unless their wives are non-Chinese or their nannies are non-Chinese.

      2. the character “Arthur” – a british raised, and they acted very americanize in the show. They want to make it like they are well educated and they even speak english at home in the show- but based on their english, it doesn’t look like that way. Of course I didn’t say they must speak GOOD or perfect english. But if they want to make this film connecting to British’s style/history, I believe they need to practice their pronunciation for this film. Like the funny mimi lady in “Divas in Distress” she did a good job in the english and mandarin role.

        Rebecca does not have to only make drama in China, she has the potential to improve. Like other TVB actors in mainland drama, they required alot of mandarin but obviously they don’t know any and still given chances to film there. That mean it’s not that easy to speak another language. What about they guy that plays Kenneth’s brother in law?? – he isn’t so great either and he played many dramas already since he joined “The Voice” competition but still the same. Give Rebecca a break, her cantonese and acting isn’t that bad for her first drama. Who do you think would fit this character better???

      3. I don’t think Arthur Chung was British-raised; he just went to England for his university studies and law degree. His family root was in Shanghai, China, and then moved to live in Hong Kong later.

        I agree that if the artistes were required to speak so many dialogues in English, they should have learned and practised to speak English with the British accents to show that they were prestigious and classy people of upper society.

        I agree, too, that it is not easy to speak another language. However, if Rebecca Zhu wants to be a good actress, she must improve her Cantonese first.

      4. They should have completely scrapped the English. If realism was what they were going for, that’d require them speaking in an English (or Scottish/Welsh) accent AND clipped. Too much to handle.

  24. To have criticism means people realise you on the acting. Not like some “ke le fei” who acted even better than some of the main lead and yet people don’t recognise it. Rebecca, don’t give up and you can strike hard to act better. Experience more to make you improve your acting and I am sure one day you will have good result comes from hard work. Take example like Tavia or Myolie, few years back they were critisize badly on their acting and now a tv queen.

    1. You are right. Every new artiste has to take criticisms positively. If she acts perfectly in her first drama series, what else can she improve next?

    2. Gallen Lo is a perfect example of how much an actor can improve. Tavia and Myolie, however, have receded over the years. (I hope they don’t have it in their heads that they’re better actresses now; they actually shined the most in supporting roles.)

  25. I think Rebecca did pretty well as a newbie. I do agree that she shouldn’t have been casted in such a prominent role, but at least she’s not as bad as other newbies such as Christine and Eliza. She’s not pretty, but I wouldn’t say she’s ugly. I hope she’ll get over all the criticism and just keep an optimistic mood !

  26. rebecca is new but her acting is good and she is pretty. i dont get why ppl say she isnt and her acting sucks? i dont think so. btw, its her first drama.

    1. We need more people like you! Give Rebecca a break. She has the potential and talent. If people say negative things about her then please let us know who would fit in this role better…

      1. We are just saying the truth about Rebecca Zhu’s acting. As I said, I don’t agree that people use foul language on her or her acting. But she has to be able to take criticisms about her acting. Every artiste should. A lot of people still criticize Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung after 10+ years.

      2. sandcherry says:

        December 20, 2012 at 7:21 pm

        I had to skip many of Rebecca Zhu’s scenes because I could not stand her acting with one or two facial expressions and speaking dialogues with terrible Cantonese. Sorry, I have to say that she spoiled the whole drama series with her terrible acting.

        I watched “SSSS” because I enjoyed the superb acting of Damian Lau, Elena Kong, Mary Hon, Ben Wong and Idy Chan, and Tavia Yeung. Damian handled his character so well that I could see his interactions and reactions with his four wives, a girlfriend, and his three children, all of them had different personalities.

      3. Just like Damian – He has 30+ years experience but his english speaking needs improvement since this is a british history film.

        It’s her first drama, this is a good start. Yes, Rebecca is new but her acting is good and she is pretty. I agree to “PL” post.

      4. sandcherry – don’t be so harsh. who should they put to play “sui yau” role?

      5. Any experienced actress can do the job, though Siu Yau is still not a very pleasant character. People may still not like Siu Yau, but at least people would enjoy her character more. Anyone who can demonstrate different emotions at different stages of Siu Yau’s life can act this role. Of course Fala Chen can act Siu Yau, or Nancy Wu will be a good substitute. They are more or less the same age (1 or 2 years’ difference in age). Someone needs to know how to act. As I said, it is not Rebecca’s fault because she is brand new actress. Siu Yau is a difficult character to act because she has a tough life. It is always easier to act a wealthy and lively person, but it is more difficult to act a sad and tragic character.

    2. Shes in a drama with great veterans like damien, elena, mary etc. Sure, she might not be that bad for a newcomer but among the sea of other better actors in ssss, her performance definitely sticks out as a sore thumb. Just take the criticism and improve form here.

      1. I honestly don’t think Fala Chen would have done a greater job as Siu Yau than Rebecca. Sure, she would have been a bit better than her in common scenes due to her having more experience but emotional scenes are the problem for her. Fala herself knows that too as she has expressed that she finds crying scenes hard to act, which could be seen in No Regrets and Lives Of Omission and for those who have seen SSSS, Siu Yau cried a lot in the series. Considering SSSS is Rebecca’s first series she is already doing a good job in it I reckon. As for her looks, she is better than average and is a pretty girl in my opinion.

  27. Poor Rebecca. Although I thought her acting was only so so in SSSS, I blame TVB for giving her such a big role in her first acting job (well, second including her earlier film). She was a bit stiff and unnatural when delivering her lines, but still, she was much better than some other Miss HKs when they first started out (Sire Ma comes to mind – she’s a alright now though).

    She needs to improve her Cantonese too, or this will hold her back somewhat. She should get tips from Fala, who also used to have a heavy accent but speaks almost perfectly in Cantonese now.

    1. Oh, and she’s definitely not ugly! In fact, she’s probably the prettiest Miss HK winner we’ve had in the last 10 years!

      1. Rebecca Zhu was Miss Hong Kong; she can’t be ugly. But I don’t agree that she is the prettiest Miss Hong Kong in the last 10 years.

      2. Hi folks, don’t get upset. Prettiness is very subjective, same with acting, and every person has different expectations and tastes.

      3. I agree with anoninhk. When she got crowned a lot of the audience thought she was the better looking Miss HK for these past years too. So we are definitely not the only one who think so.

  28. SandCherry — I don’t think you need to keep putting her down. I know you could not stand her and had to skip all her parts. You do not have to keep saying negative things over and over. I don’t like Charmaine at all but I never post a comment on her page especially if it’s negative because other people do like her. Like I said Damian has 30+ years but he still doesn’t play his role perfectly because the english part. But I don’t ever put that on his page either.

    “Su Kei” is not handsome but he still won an award. I don’t like him either but I think he is still overall okay.

    “Cho Lam” is super annoying so I choose not to watch any of his show. I also never post this on his page because that’s right — every person has different expectation and taste so I keep that to myself.

    It is not polite to say too many bad things about one person especially saying directly to the people who don’t feel the same. Say once or twice and that should be plenty.

    1. azndoraemon
      If you don’t ever post a comment on an artiste whom you don’t like, it is your choice.

      This website is for us to post comments and gossips. As long as our comments are adequate and reasonable, I don’t see anything wrong. You should see all kinds of attacks on Tavia’s nose and Fala Chen’s connections through her boyfriend, and I never participated. It was like a personal attack on Tavia Yeung and Fala Chen. I don’t think I have ever cursed Rebecca Zhu on this website; I just made some honest comments on her acting and Cantonese.

      I am sure Jayne would rather have more posts and gossips on her website than having no posts and comments.

      1. You had many as well. I just tried to put up with you. You gave me a chance to write more.

      2. If you are tired of reading my messages, don’t bother to post more.

      3. I posted a lot of messages on many topics on this website, not only on this one. You and Rebecca Zhu got privileged.

      4. We all know you couldn’t stand her. We got your message. I don’t think you even know what you are talking about. Every time people post good or okay things about Rebecca, you always turn it down. I’m sure there are negative things on here but you don’t reply to. Sorry that you think she’s so bad. There are plenty of people like you out there that can be harsh like this. SOMETIME PEOPLE DESERVE A CHANCE. post as many as you want … the wall is unlimited lol I can’t keep up with you. ENJOY!

      5. Azndoraemon — I agree with you. Damian has too many years of acting, although english is not a requirement but if they are to make film that involve in english, then they need to study/pratice it well. The film didn’t have that much english script so I’m sure he could have done a better job. Rebecca’s first time and she has an excuse but Damien doesn’t have an excuse.

        SandCherry — Siu Yao was an irritating role. Anyone would have been a victim to deliver this role I must say even Fala Chen. Sorry to hear that you think she’s very bad but most of us here think she’s okay. I think you are as confuse as Siu Yao, because you don’t know what you are talking about. You say different things back and forth. Calm down hun.

    2. “Like I said Damian has 30+ years but he still doesn’t play his role perfectly because the english part. ”

      I thought he spoke very good English even if accented. It was clear and crisp and clearly he had an English speaking background because he couldn’t have said those lines with such force and grace as well. What you expect? Queen’s English?

      And what has being handsome got to do with winning an award? It is not GQ man of the year and if it was he will still win. He dresses himself well.

      Luckily you did not post these because posting criticisms is one thing, but insane criticisms is a definite magnet for criticisms from fellow netizens. But if it is constructive and reasonable, why not post? This is the internet. Your opinion matters except state wisely will be a preference.

  29. I do not think she is ugly.
    I think that since she is new and paired up with more experienced actors, she’s definitely will face harsh criticism. But every new star has faced similar scenarios or worse. I believe she will overcome these harsh feedback and become even better. 🙂

    1. As I said, all new artistes have to go through this stage unless an artiste is super talented. It is better to have criticisms from the audience than to be ignored by the audience.

    2. I don’t think she’s ugly too. She needs to take the criticisms and curses as a positive thing and improve her acting. No need for plastic surgery.

    3. Wtf phone keypad too sensitive to touch. Typo email. That was me above.

  30. I trust Rebecca will eventually get over all of these. It comes with experience.

    I recalled Charmaine was bashed badly in her early few dramas esp the one with Sunny Chan – The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1999. She was the female lead despite being her 1st two drama with TVB that time. As an outcome, she was bashed badly for her stiffness & squeaky voice & I believe many have called her ugly that time.

    But look at her achievements & popularity over the past few years! She made a great comeback despite those heavy criticism in her early career. And I bet nowadays, the number of people calling her gorgeous definitely outrun the opposite.

  31. She has wrong role debut in. She should be like Eliza Sam who has a cheerful and lovable role to play, pair with a non siu sang, no love triangles and series is a comedy.

    1. You are right on. Eliza Sam was lucky to have her cheerful and lovable role for her debut. She was very well accepted by her audience in “Divas in Distress”, and has become a very popular newbie now.

      1. Eliza’s real acting test is in sniper series where she has to be a quiet tomboy who never smile. The cheerful role in DID is her real life personality.

      2. My family somehow don’t enjoy seeing Eliza in Divas in Distress because we all felt she overacted alot! But of course, we did not hate her role at all that time…

      3. You are right. Her character in “Divas in Distress” was her real personality. I can feel that Eliza is a lovely, sincere and easy-going person. Therefore, she was just acting her own self, which was easy for her. Will find out more about her acting ability in her next drama series. What is the name of it?

      4. Rebecca wasn’t as lucky. Siu Yao was an irritating role. If Fala played it with better acting, Siu Yao will still be irritating

      5. I think her sniper drama name is Sniper Attack 2013 but not sure if they changed it. She plays the first HK woman sniper.

      6. Thanks! Will surely watch it and find out more about Eliza’s acting ability.

        I agree that Siu Yau was not a pleasant character because she was involved in a love triangle and she was very indecisive. She married Charles Chung but she did not love him. Later she went to bed with Kam Mook Shui, but she already had a husband. She was not loyal to any one of them. If Siu Yau’s character was acted by an experienced actress, she could have demonstrated her different feelings and emotions at different stages of her life.

  32. Personally, I didn’t mind her acting; I kind of think that the reason people didn’t like her was the fact that she was a newcomer and being a newcomer she got such a huge role …

  33. my opinion is the problem lies in tvb management system

    nowadays loves to place newcomers in heavy acting role and dramas such as rebecca in SSSS, chritian kuo in GJ2 and eliza shum in DID.

    this system spoils the movie and newcomers being blamed.

    tvb, please stop doing that. put the newcomers in lighter roles until their actings are matured

  34. She gets this blame because of Siu Yao’s character being confused of what she wants and who to be with. When watching this show, I was irritated that she actually fell for Ron’s illness and made wrong decission after Ron revealed how her father died. If the ending if she were to get back with Kenneth and value/cherish him then I think the audience wouldn’t feel as bad as now especially Kenneth’s Fan. Anyone would have been a victim to deliver this role I must say even Fala Chen. Just like people that play super evil or selfish character, people don’t like them as much as good/happy role.

    She’s a newbie and hope she will play better role later in the year. She needs to stay strong and ignore all the harsh feedback from online/magazine. It takes time. Rebecca can do it, you are pretty and acting wasn’t that bad! Support Support! +oil!

  35. The producer made major changes to the plot and role to fit Rebecca. I guess that wasn’t enough.

  36. I just look at Rebecca Zhu’s weibo, someone ask her to eat s***. To be honest, her acting wasn’t that good on SSS but I gave her credit for trying. Somehow I prefer watching her act than Christine and Eliza.

  37. Don’t cry 🙂 I find her acceptable in SSSS considering this is her acting debut, you can’t compare her to the veterans! The only thing that annoyed me is her cantonese. Siu Yau needs a lot of emotions to display well, if her role was taken by another experienced actress, it may be okay. I agree that Siu Yau isn’t a good role to make your debut with, having an affair with Kenneth and Ron, marrying Kenneth even though her heart is with Ron, I dislike Siu Yau in it tbh.
    She’s not that bad. Needs more time to gain experience. I prefer newcomers to act in a slightly less important role as a strong foundation. Siu Yau is counted as the 3rd/4th femaled lead in SSSS, too heavy. I think she’s better than Eliza and Christine though.

    1. I agree. I did not like Siu Yau in SSSS at all, but saw it more because ‘Siu Yau’ and not Rebecca Zhu is just simply not a very likeable character. There was no doubt that Rebecca’s acting was not ‘good’, but given the complexity of Siu Yau’s character, its a very difficult role for a newbie like Rebecca to portray. With time, and experience, I’m sure she will become a much more convincing actress.
      I also don’t really find her ugly at all. I won’t call her drop dead gorgeous, but with makeup, she is definitely an above average looking girl.

      1. It was the fault of the stupid Producer, Chong Wai Kin, who cast a brand new actress to act such a character with complexity.

  38. The criticism she gets is not even half as harsh as what Kaki Leung got for her role in E.U. If Kaki can get through it, she will be able to.

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