Rebecca Zhu Denies Cheating on Ukranian Boyfriend With Clayton Li

Above: Rebecca Zhu with ballet dancer boyfriend, Kostyantyn Keshyshev.

On  January 28th, 2011 Miss Hong Kong winner, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), was spotted riding on the train with 2011 Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li (李晉強). On the crowded train, Clayton leaned his head on Rebecca’s shoulder, upon which Rebecca smiled sweetly. When the pair realized that the reporter had snapped a photo of the gesture, Rebecca and Clayton appeared shocked and embarassed.

Asked by the press whether they were dating, Rebecca and Clayton only laughed awkwardly. At the next train stop, the pair parted ways. Rebecca did not know how to respond to the press’ questions and raised her hand to block the camera. Clayton stood by a sidewalk rail, looking embarassed.

Dating rumors between Rebecca and Clayton have been circulating for some time since the duo were often paired together for work assignments, including their performances in the 2011 TVB Anniversary Gala opening sequence. Allegedly, Rebecca and Clayton may have been dating for 3 months!

At a Lunar New Year promotional event, Rebecca Zhu appeared with fellow 2011 Miss Hong Kong winners, Hyman Chu (朱希敏) and Whitney Hui (許亦妮). In response to photographs depicting intimate familiarity between Clayton Li and herself, Rebecca denied that she was dating Clayton. Since Rebecca and Clayton did not have any family in Hong Kong, they shared a meal together over the Lunar New Year holiday.

After winning the 2011 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Rebecca admitted that she had a Ukranian boyfriend named Kostyantyn Keshyshev. The lovers met in Rebecca’s former ballet troupe. It was rumored that in order to improve her career opportunities, Rebecca had broken up with Kostyantyn, an allegation that Rebecca denied.

Asked whether her dating relationship with her Kostyantyn had changed, Rebecca became tight-lipped and did not directly respond. However, Rebececca insisted that they were still dating and was unconcerned about recent cheating rumors surfacing [as a result of being photographed with Clayton Li].


Excerpt from Oriental Daily and

Jayne: Is this a publicity stunt claiming that Rebecca is romantically involved with Clayton Li?

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  1. Hmmm interesting. Maybe that’s how clayton got the black eye during the mr hk pageant.!

    1. I think it was a bruised/scraped upper lip. But he explained that he accidentally PK’d. So maybe he was looking at a pretty girl and fell on the slippery street. Sounds reasonable, right?

      1. Nah, I rather believe he was involved in a triangle love relationship and got into a physical match with the other guy! Hahaha or he ran into the guy’s fist.

  2. I leaned on my guy friend all the time, I think it just a friendly gesture among friends.

    1. sounds if its still during the culture revolution, dai wok fan

  3. If it was a publicity stunt, they should at least pair her up with someone more famous… like Kenneth Ma. That would at least get more press for the series they’re filming right now.

    1. ROFL you’re right why not pair Rebecca up with a bigger name siu sang? but someone so nice and honest like Kenneth won’t agree to this LOL

    2. Hm, I personally don’t think it is a publicity stunt either. If it was, like you said they could easily pair her up with Kenneth or Ron, her co-stars.
      I think they are just good friends or on the stage of developing into something more than friends (as Clayton Li has said before that he had good impression on Rebecca and would like to get to know her). As for her looking like Fala, I think it is only on certain angles (profile and 3/4). However, I do agree that she looks a bit mature for her age. I personally think she is one of the prettier Miss HKs in the recent years though.

  4. How old is Rebecca? Like early 20s right? I mean she she looks way older than her age.

    1. Agreed… looks a lot older than her age. Still not sure how she won Miss HK for that matter. Ah well, to each his own I guess.

    2. She and Claytin are same age at 24 but she look older than Fala her lookalike. Fala is 29 and prettier and look younger but Rebecca is the prettiest MHK in recent years.

      1. But I don’t think she resembles Fala in any angle. Yeah she looks older than her age but I agree that she’s the prettiest MHK in the recent years…I think Ms. 1st Runner UP is prettier than her. Rebecca got the body though.

      2. sorry I meant to say ” I dont agree that Rebecca is the prettiest MHK in the recent years, Ms. 1st Runner UP is prettier than her, imo”.

      3. I think she’s the prettiest winner for the recent years but I think Whitney prettier than her

      4. yeah Whitney is prettier than her and whitney also got that Body too lol

    3. She definitely doesn’t look her age. She looks like 30 to me. LOL

      1. Yes especially in the pics of her in the pink dress. I wonder if it has anything to keeping her figure as a ballet dancer and not eating nutritiously?

      2. Whitney Hui looks a lot older than her age too. Maybe it’s the makeup, or the plastic lol

  5. This isn’t the first time where Mr HK is spotted on a date with Miss Hong Kong. Last year William Chak (Mr HK 2010) was spotted with Toby Chan (MHK 2010).

    A few years back, Matthew was also pictured in an outing with Tracy Ip. Both 2005 winners.

    Perhaps due to their similar experience and meeting opportunities (Mr HK and MHK of the same year often appear in functions together), it’s easier for them to become friends and hangout together.

    Though I really hope Matthew & Tracy is a real pair 🙂 They are best friends in real life.

    1. “Though I really hope Matthew & Tracy is a real pair They are best friends in real life.”

      Aww… that’s cute although I never liked Tracy both for her acting and her personality seems bland except for her rumors with wealthy/married (?) men? I like Matthew even though his acting is still quite stiff. Entering her 30’s, Tracy doesn’t seem to age well, especially since women are known to age faster than men. Perhaps her having surgery recently facilitated that a bit too? Matthew still looks great and cute although I wish to see him in more interesting roles in the future. 🙂

      1. I like Tracy for some reason. But she seems to have shiny/oily skin. She needs to keep that t-zone powdered down.

  6. PR stunt for sure. Who the hell takes photos of people on the train? I can’t imagine a normal c lai or a 9-5 OL taking photos. Like if you were on the train and say you saw, i don’t know, Charmaine, would you start taking pics of her on your crappy Iphone. Wouldn’t you lodge a complaint if someone low life noob took pictures of you? Either they tipped the paps or the pap happened to “just” pass by and saw them, which is unlikely.

  7. Did TVB really trained Rebecca on paparazzi interviews? She should not open too much of her life already.

  8. That pic with Kostyantyn Keshyshev; best position to do it 😀

  9. Please let them be a couple. She doesn’t look right with that gweilo. Clayton looks good , she and him should be together.

    Hate she dumps that gweilo, if all women were like that all asians would be extinct. FACT!

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  11. Whitney is way prettier than Rebecca. Sonija Kwok is the prettiest Miss HK in recent years.

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