Results of 2011 Best of TVB Awards @!

After four weeks of voting, the results of the 2011 Best of TVB Awards @ are now available! Bottled Passion proved its popularity as the series and cast nearly swept all the awards categories! On the opposite spectrum was Super Snoops, which appeared to be quite unpopular as it consistently received the lowest rating in multiple categories!

Best Series: Bottled Passion

The voting for “Best TVB Series” was a fierce battle, in which Bottled Passion received the top score of 4.14 stars, with 614 votes. Following closely behind was Ghetto Justice in 2nd place with a score of 4.12 stars and 735 votes. The two series were completely different in style, genre, and subject matter. Bottled Passion was crafted using the “traditional” TVB formula and solid storytelling, featuring a tortured hero, grand revenge scheme, and a deep, unforgettable love of a lifetime.

Ghetto Justice was innovative in character design and witty in its narrative. Congratulations to both series for a job well done! The large number of votes submitted for Ghetto Justice indicates that it may have been the most watched series in 2011 among the sampled population.

Although When Heaven Burns received the media’s critical acclaim, viewers had polarized reactions towards the series, since the drama came in 11th place with a score of 2.96 and 508 votes. Men With No Shadows was rated as the worst series of the year.

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng

In TVB land, 2011 may be regarded as the year of “Kevin, Raymond, and Ruco”! Last year was an incredible year for all 3 actors as the series they starred in were big hits with the audience, thus boosting their popularity levels to their highest in their careers thus far!

The race for Best Actor was an extremely tight competition, in which Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice) won by a very slim margin with a score of 4.28 and 692 votes. Raymond Wong (Bottled Passion) was in 2nd place with a score of 4.27 and 539 votes, while Ruco Chan (The Other Truth) was in 3rd place with a score of 4.26 and 579 votes.  Louis Yuen received the lowest score for his performance in Super Snoops.

Best Actress: Niki Chow

Niki Chow made quite a comeback last year with runaway smash hit series, Bottled Passion. Niki was voted as Best Actress by readers with a top score of 3.93 and 558 votes. For many fans, Niki was considered to be a breath of fresh air in her acting. In 2nd place, Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth) and in 3rd place was Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice). Liza Wang (Super Snoops) received the lowest score.

Most Memorable Male Lead Character: Raymond Wong

Raymond’s deeply passionate character in Bottled Passion, capable of intense hatred and love, won many female hearts. Raymond Wong received a top score of 4.43 with 409 votes. In 2nd place was Ruco Chan (The Other Truth) and in 3rd place was Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice). Among sampled viewers, Louis Yuen was found again to have delivered an inadequate performance.

Most Memorable Female Lead Character: Niki Chow

Viewers loved Niki Chow in Bottled Passion! Aside from voting her as the Best Actress, Niki also won the Most Memorable Female Lead Character title with a score of 4.15 and 347 votes. In 2nd place was Tavia Yeung (The Other Truth), while Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice) came in 3rd place. Liza Wang (Super Snoops) again had the lowest score in this category.

Most Memorable Male Supporting Character: Ben Wong

Last year was a remarkable year for Ben Wong, in which his popularity and recognition levels shot up. Ben won the Most Memorable Male Supporting Character for Lives of Omission, title at, with a score of 4.38 and 276 votes. In 2nd place was Eric Li (Bottled Passion), while Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice) was ranked 3rd. While fans may question the quality of last year’s series, a number of supporting actors gave memorable performances. Wilson Tsui (Super Snoops) was deemed to be the least memorable.

Most Memorable Female Supporting Character: Nancy Wu

While Forensic Heroes 3 may not have made a deep impression on viewers, Nancy Wu certainly won critical praise among the audience! With a score of 4.2 and 270 votes, Nancy was voted the Most Memorable Female Supporting Character. In 2nd place was Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir) due to her famous crying scene, while Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice) came in 3rd place. Christine Kuo (Super Snoops) was considered to be the least memorable.

Best Villain: Bosco Wong

Bosco Wong had a breakthrough role in Lives of Omission and was voted as the Best Villain by readers with a score of 4.4 and 357 votes. Bosco’s gritty performance (and passionate kissing skills) won much praise. In 2nd place was Ben Wong (Lives of Omission) and in 3rd place was Rebecca Chan (Bottled Passion). Aimee Chan (The Other Truth) was considered to have made the least impact in a villain role.

Most Improved Artist: Nancy Wu

Nancy Wu’s continuous improvement over the years has won her many fans. Last year, she displayed her acting chops in Curse of the Royal Harem and Forensic Heroes 3. Nancy won the Most Improved Artist title at with a score of 4.34 and 291 votes. In 2nd place was Jazz Lam (Ghetto Justice) and in 3rd place was Elaine Yiu (Bottled Passion).

Best Onscreen Couple: Raymond Wong and Niki Chow

Raymond Wong and Niki Chow’s romance in Bottled Passion was unforgettable, helping them win the Best Onscreen Couple Award with a score of 4.27 and 403 votes. Audiences love bickering couples (first sworn enemies but ultimately falling into a complementary love relationship), as indicated by the voting results: in 2nd place was Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice) and in 3rd place was Chilam Cheung and Myolie Wu (The Rippling Blossom).The onscreen couple that was the least popular was Louis Yuen and Aimee Chan (Super Snoops).

Best Special Guest Appearance: Kenneth Ma

Kenneth Ma’s special guest role in The Other Truth was highly praised, helping secure a score of 4.32 and 205 votes. In 2nd place was Ruco Chan (Only You) and in 3rd place was Raymond Wong (Only You).The guest appearance that made the least impact was Aimee Chan (The Other Truth).

Best Theme Song: Bottled Passion

The theme song of Bottled Passion, performed by Teresa Cheung was the fan favorite, followed closely by the theme songs for The Rippling Blossom and The Other Truth.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners in the 2011 Best of TVB Awards @! Thanks to all the readers who participated in rating the nominees’ performances! Thanks to TVB and the artists for giving us memorable and entertaining performances in most instances!

For the complete voting results in each awards category, please click here.

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  1. This Award has more credibility than all those TVB held award shows put together.

    1. If the voting did not include “B.P.”… we would see a land slide vote on one particular series and with the casts.

    2. Its rather unfair to compare to tvb awards since Bottled Passion wasn’t included in tvb awards at the time.

    1. ROFL and Best Actress/Most Memorable Female Character have exactly same top 3

  2. I thought Raymond would win the Best Actor award as well given the momentum of BP. Surprised that Kevin came out the top.

    1. Kidd,
      There were moments in time when Raymond Wong did rank #1 in the Best Actor category throughout the voting process. For many days, both Kevin and Raymond had the same average rating score. Ruco caught up in the last week of voting to edge his score closer to Kevin and Raymond’s.

      Overall, I think the TVB male actors delivered more memorable performances than the female actresses last year.

      Kidd, Bridget, Funn-
      Thanks again for helping put together the award nomination lists!

  3. It kind of bothers me that BP got #1. I’m a huge fan of LTS’s works, but BP wasn’t that great… all thanks to the ending LOL. And I liked Elaine Yiu a lot more than Niki Chow, but that may be a writing fault because Elaine’s character (as well as her family) was way more interesting.

    But the villains in LTS dramas are so good.

    And also, Kenneth Ma was really good in TOT, but his case with Natalie Tong was one of the most boring cases in the whole show. An underwhelming finale.

    1. I am not surprised at the result. After all BP just finished broadcast so a lot fresher in people’s minds.

  4. LOL, I don’t really agree with the votes but I’m not surprised since people would vote for their faves and Bottled Passion just finished as the poll was put up.

    Did people really hate Super Snoops that bad or something? Liza Wang and Louis were not that bad in it.

    1. Louis and Liza werent bad. I’m guessing the reason why is because more than half the people who voted are bias to their favourite actors & actresses. And plus Bottled passion finished airing a while ago so more people remember that series more.
      But i still choose these results over TVB any day.

      1. The only result i agree with is Nancy,Bosco, Kenneth and Ben winning. Atleast the votes are a bit better than TVB.

      2. I thought the TVB results were fine, except they need to add some more awards, but then people would complain about there being to many pork awards blah blah blah

  5. Haha can’t accept niki is best actress!!!ask her go back her home town n learn acting 1st.

    1. totally agreee. her acting has improve remarkly but not suitable in the category of best actress and even worse she wont the award lol i guess must of love her and voted for her.

  6. Tvb has an awards ceremony, people bitch about how they rigged it. Jaynestars has a voting awards thingy for fans and people bitch about the voting rigged by fans. If you don’t like it, don’t watch/read the results. Nobody forced you.

  7. Tvb has an awards ceremony people complain about it being rigged by executives. Jaynestars has an awards threads voted fans, people complain about the fans rigging it. Might as well just ignore these things if it bothers you so much.

  8. “LOL, I don’t really agree with the votes but I’m not surprised since people would vote for their fans and Bottled Passion just finished as the poll was put up.” …….. Totally agree with this comment.

    The results never changed much after the 1st week of the voting.

    It is a BIG joke that Niki Chow won the Best Actress Award vs. Charmaine Sheh in WHB. She was “motionless” most of the time, and her pronunciation of words was not clear and articulate in BP. How could we compare her acting vs. Charmaine’s in WHB? What a joke? She could not even beat Maggie Cheung in FH3.

  9. seriously? bottle passion basically swept all the major awards? okay……..

  10. “Bottle Passion” basically swept all the major awards ….. all because it was broadcast just before this Voting Game, not because of its quality. Well, BP was not a bad drama series, but it was not the one for Best Series, Best Actress, or Best Actor Awards.

      1. Niki in BP really good,,,, face, personality, all well match,,she deserve it

  11. Totally agree that the “Best Theme Song: Bottled Passion”, sung by Teresa Cheung, was the fans’ favorite. Teresa Cheung has such a fabulous voice that we can’t find in the current music industry.

  12. I like the stylish photos! This poll was the best for 2011, good job Jayne and team!

    1. Norika thanks for your support. You always sound so cheerful and positive!

  13. Jayne ,i think your poll are similar to voting in the best FIFA Footballer of the Year,your vote is similar to result in 2001 when Raul get the most vote for number 1 but he lose out to Luis Figo and Beckham who have more vote in number 2 and number 3 in total,are you get the idea for FIFA? ,i think they are more votes for Tavia and Myolie compare to Niki but the Myolie hater give her 1 points which decrease her chance to winning the tops ,am i right ?
    By the ways Liza Wang was too old to put her into the vote ,she finish bottom because she have fewer voter.

  14. I haven’t even watched Bottled Passion yet although I was shocked to see Niki Chow win Best Actress for this. I agree with Kenneth Ma’s ‘special appearance’ award, though.

    This almost looks like a real TVB awards hand-out, with a series sweeping most of the awards. 😉

    Jayne, loved how you put photos of the big winners at the top in ‘award ceremony’ garb! God knows those outfits are better than what the actors wear to the real thing.

    1. Bridget,”
      loved how you put photos of the big winners at the top in ‘award ceremony’ garb! God knows those outfits are better than what the actors wear to the real thing.”

      Thanks! I wish I can find additional photos of Nancy Wu, Kenneth Ma, etc. in formal wear that I liked hehe, but went with more casual photos lah. I thought Raymond Wong looked cute in his bow tie in the picture above, much better than his Astro Awards brown suit ensemble.

      1. It’s not Raymond Wong’s best picture. He look old and tired up there.

    2. Bridget

      You should watch BPassion,,,, both Niki and Raymond did a wonderful job,,, on top of that,, all the casts did such a wonderful job as well,,,, I re-watched it 3rd times already , and still in love with it

  15. Yes Niki!
    Thanks to those who had voted for her.
    There are 2 sides to a coin,some protested vehemently about the poll results, lol. Niki, u deserves it!

  16. It all depends on whether you voted for Best Acting or as an artiste’s fan.

    1. Voted for both but everyone has different outlook, expectation and validation.
      I respect others’ views and maintain my own!

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