“Return of the Cuckoo: The Movie” Opens November 12

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“Return of the Cuckoo: The Movie” Opens November 12

This fall, families will be able to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane when Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光> hits theaters on November 12. The Patrick Kong (葉念琛) movie, which is a sequel to the classic 2000 TVB drama of the same name, sees the return of original cast members Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), and Nancy Sit (薛家燕), reprising their roles as Chor Gor Gor, Kwan Ho, and QE, respectively.

In light of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a celebration for families and the autumn harvest, China 3D Digital Entertainment released an all-new teaser trailer for the upcoming movie. The trailer starts off with Chilam’s Chor Gor Gor riding his bicycle around the scenic areas of Macau, reminiscing the changes Macau has faced in the last fifteen years. The trailer then reintroduces the series’ iconic characters one by one, including Michael Tong’s (唐文龍) Kam Sing, Helen Ma’s (馬海倫) Aunt Wu To, Henry Lo’s (魯振順) Shun So, Irene Wong’s (汪琳) Hoi Lam, and Kwok Fung’s (郭峰) Chin Fai. The film will also introduce a new character Kei Kei, portrayed by Joe Chen (陳喬恩).

According to the trailer, the film version of Return of the Cuckoo will take place fifteen years after the original series. The trailer ends with the scene of Chor Gor Gor and Kwan Ho meeting again. Kwan Ho tells him, “I’m so happy to see you again.”

“Return of the Cuckoo” Teaser Trailer

Source: IHKTV

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6 comments to “Return of the Cuckoo: The Movie” Opens November 12

  1. says:

    OMG, just saw the trailer on utube…Chi lam and snake woman fans will kill me but i will say it anyway. Snake Woman and Chi Lam both look so old in that trailer? hahah lol…What happened?? wow…esp Snake woman…Is it the that hairstyle or what?? LOL..Everyone else seem ok, Michael Tong looks quite alright as well.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      @kiki What do you expect? This movie is filmed 15 years after the original TVB drama series. Of course, Charmaine Sheh aged a bit, so did Chi Lam Cheung, Nancy Sit and everyone else in the movie.

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  2. kaykay says:

    Got the shivers as soon as the chorus of the theme song started playing!! Looking forward to this as this was my favorite TVB drama of all time despite not being a fan of Charmaine. Sad that Steven won’t be in it though. Michael Tong is aging well! Irene Wong looks a bit swollen but I did enjoy her character so hope it translates well in the movie version!

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    • happybi replied:

      @kaykay Same here!!! Brings back memory once the song started playing!

      Everyone is much older but this was among the best TVB drama so really looking forward to this film!

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  3. unknown says:

    Generally the sequel will never be as good as the original. Everything will be different. The worst thing about sequels is that, they won’t include all of the original cast. They will never bring back the original cast memebers such as Steven ma, Lau Dan and Mannor Chan, Sherming Yiu who acted as Michael Tong’s girlfriend and Chan Kar Yee, who acted as Kwok fung’s wife.

    Plus, if they are really planning on making a sequel, they should’ve make it a TV series instead of turning it into a movie.

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  4. june says:

    Joe Chen looks so odd in that video…can someone enlighten me as to what her role is in this film? I do recall something about her character being mute and possibly having a relationship with Chilam’s character, but I could be wrong.

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