Ron Ng is an Animal Lover

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has always been an animal lover and is currently the owner of two adopted cats. When he was young, he had a pet chicken, duck, rabbit, crayfish, and a lizard! Over the years, he has extended his love for animals to help out an animal shelter. Through his financial assistance and volunteer efforts, he hopes to give back to society.

In September 2018, many trees around the shelter fell down during Typhoon Mangkhut. Ron and his assistant arrived at the shelter to help volunteers clear the fallen trees and brought snacks. He has also appeared at a charity fundraiser for the shelter as well.

This year for his 41st birthday, Ron decided to donate to an animal shelter named Big Tree after hearing that two of their dogs had fallen ill and the associated medical costs were extremely expensive. As well, three of their senior dogs had also recently passed away. His donation would help with their medical and funeral costs.

The actor’s enthusiastic actions influenced his fans, who subsequently donated 200 pounds of animal food to the charity which is enough food to feed 633 small animals. Ron left a message on Weibo thanking his fans for their generosity and warm birthday present.

Confirming that he has been following Big Tree for several years, Ron has indeed donated money towards their rescue efforts. “I’m always busy so I try my best. All animals are deserving of life.” When asked how much he had donated, Ron avoided answering directly indicating that he would donate if there was a need, so it is hard to confirm an exact amount.

Other celebrities have also supported the shelter. Ron’s good friend Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) adopted a small dog named Kasha from there. Ben Wong (黃智賢) is also known to make regular donations and often volunteers to feed and shower the dogs as well as clean their cages.

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