Ron Ng & Sammul Chan Guest Star in ‘Laughing Gor’ Movie

Michael Tse Tin Wah, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Sammul Chan Kin Fung were filming new movie, “Laughing Gor’s Renegade” in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. Ron and Sammul were guest stars in the movie. In the scene, uniformed police officers, Ron and Sammul, issued Michael a ticket. Michael asked his triad “brothers” for back-up and derided Ron and Sammul. Michael taped the confrontation and threatened to post the clips online. Afterwards, Michael left, while holding on to his lucky five dollar bill.

Ron and Sammul Would Like to Partner with Anthony Wong

Ron and Sammul were only one-day guest stars in “Laughing Gor Renegade.” Asked whether they were paid for their guest appearance, Ron replied, “There was no money involved. We all want Hong Kong films to flourish. We do not mind as long as everyone is happy.”

A few days ago, Ron and Sammul were happy to receive notice to guest star in “Laughing Gor Renegade.” Was their screen time too short? Ron said that it was sufficient. Both Ron and Sammul desired to collaborate with Anthony Wong Chau Sang. Unfortunately, they will not share any scenes with Anthony in the movie. Ron and Sammul worked with Francis Ng Chun Yu in TVB series, “Triumph in the Skies.” Sammul said, “We are younger artists and would like to learn from Anthony.”

Since it was not Ron and Sammul’s first time filming, they said they will not be unfamiliar to the production model. The uniforms worn in their scene were different than their characters in “Emergency Unit” and the Academy series, as the movie did not try bluntly state that Ron and Sammul were playing the same characters.

Michael’s appearance attracted numerous pedestrians who requested autographs. He noted that the scene he filmed today was the movie’s closing scene. Why were Ron and Sammul’s characters from the Academy series not written into “Laughing Gor’s Renegade?” Michael said, “The time-line would be incorrect. To avoid confusing the audience, the script only mentions Ron and Sammul’s characters in the movie as uniformed officers. It also happens that their appearances resemble their characters from the television series.”

Did Michael feel that Ron and Sammul’s screen time in the movie was too short? Since the movie was a little over an hour in length, it was a matter of opinion as to whether the cameo roles were short in length. Many movie roles only feature one scene; the screen time was not important.

Allegedly, there was confusion over Anthony’s availability and the scheduling of other actors, thus impacting the filming progress of the movie. Michael was unclear whether there was confusion, as he would report to work when he received the notice. He also dismissed press reports that Francis Ng’s filming fee was $1.2 million (HKD) while Anthony Wong’s fee was $2 million (HKD). “Some reports claim $1.2 million while others say $2 million. I wonder if anyone received tens of millions? In fact, the filming fees are confidential, so they are not so easily known.”

Was Michael upset over press reports that pointed out his salary being far below Anthony and Francis’ fees? “I am happy that reporters didn’t say that I was only earning $500 (HKD).” Michael did not dare ask Anthony how much his filming fee was. The figure was not the most important; it was innocuous for the media to use this as a headline subject matter. Michael stated he was satisfied with his fee.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: A lot of stars to watch for in “Laughing Gor Renegade;” I think the box office should be respectable.

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