Ronald Cheng and Sammie Yu Expecting a Baby

Earlier this year, Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi officially divorced. Soon after their split, each became involved with someone else from the entertainment business. Ronald and his partner, journalist Sammie Yu announced that she was four months pregnant. The announced plans to wed later in 2011.

Sammie also asked to terminate her contract with her company, I-Cable due to her pregnancy. I-Cable executive, Mr. Tsang, confirmed Sammie’s pregnancy and suggested that she will be discharged without penalty. He noted, “Well, she is pregnant and it’s better to have a peaceful termination to the matter.”

When Ronald’s father, Mr. Cheng, was congratulated on being a grandfather, his reaction was “Sorry, I’m busy now. Please call back!”

Although Charlene has not commented on the matter, Ronald’s ex-girlfriend, Miriam Yeung, announced her congratulatory words for the couple. “If the pregnancy is indeed true, then I wish them both happiness.”

Source: Orientaldaily

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  1. Wow, congrats to them! It didn’t seem too long ago since Charlene and Ronald announced their divorce. But I’m glad each of them have found a new partner. I want to say that having a child for the Cheng family would help with Sammie securing her position in the family, but seeing what happened with Isabella, even bearing 3 boys for Richard’s family, they still separated. At least Sammie and Ronald are getting married so she has the status as his “wife” and “daugther-in-law” for his parents and not just the “mother of the child” like Isabella was. I know Ronald comes from a rich background, but I’m not sure with her as I am not too familiar with her. I always think it’s hard marrying into a rich family. But, I wish them the best!

    1. Marrying into a rich family has a lot of problems behind there that we may not know about or see. Anyways, congrats to them both! I guess you can be with one person one moment then another person the next minute. Sometimes people can date for many years and then break up while there are some that just meet and then get married and have kids. I guess that is what you call fate… Congrats to them and hope that they have a happy life. Oh yea, does anyone know how long they dated for?? Just curious..

      1. HeTieShou, I think Ronald and Sammie Yu have been together less than one year. The paparazzi reported that they started dating last year, after news of Ronald and Charlene’s divorce surfaced.

      2. @Jayne,
        Thanks Jayne for the info! I had a feeling that they weren’t together for that long. Maybe they are destined to be together?? Thanks for your email Jayne. I will respond and have some things to tell you…

  2. Wow, was there a pregnancy clause in Sammie’s contract? Bummer. Well, congrats to the parents to be. I don’t follow Ronald’s career and have no idea why he’s famous but it seems like he’s dated and was married to some pretty famous ladies lol

  3. Ronald Cheng = average looking…

    next article….more about raymond’s girl

    1. I thought Ronald was not average…he’s poor looking! LOL
      I heard that he’s rich tho.
      Ewww all these celeb sleep with eachother kinda gross me out! Didn’t Ron married Charlene, and was totally in love? A year after he’s got a child? I guess it doesn’t take long for them to recover when you’re a celeb. Geez~

    2. Ronald Cheng dun have the look but the girls don’t really care for the men’ look. They care more for his (1) money (2) career (3) sweet talk.

    3. Ronald Cheng = money = 2nd generation wealthy son

      He might be flirty too

  4. If it is true then congrats! I read Ronald and Charlene were split since early 2009, and they were in the process of their divorce when they got expose last year. Therefore, they have been separated for awhile and the feelings towards each other were not as strong anymore when they announce their divorce last year. I hope Ronald will be able to stay faithful to Sammie as he was photographed with multiple girls while being married to Charlene.

    1. She probably got pregnant deliberately to secure her status and stop him from being in public with other girls….

  5. Ronald, r u tired with Charlene’s small boobies to divorce? Ur new girl is pretty. Second spring is better than the first.

  6. Well he is gettin old it’s about time to have kids, guess ah Sa wasn’t ready so this new girl must be!! Congratulations to them though!!!

    1. Yes many celeb like Ronald such as Moses and Kevin are at the age where they want kid/children..guess sometimes this might be a reason why celebrity couples break up?

      some women seem to me are to career focused..but yes congrats to them both!

  7. I didn’t know he dated Miriam? When was that? Since it seems like mostly it was Charlene that was with him since the early 2000’s

    1. He dated Miriam in the early 2000’s, and then started dating Charlene in 2004. The couple got married in 2006 in LA, and might have split in early 2009. However, they were officially divorce in 2010. Hopefully, this child will end Ronald’s wild life style of partying and drinking.

      1. Thanks! Now I’m wondering if it’s possible that Charlene was the 3rd wheel in the relationship.

      2. I think Miriam and Ronald did ended their relationship before Ronald started dating Charlene. If Charlene was the 3rd wheel then I don’t think Miriam will develop a friendship with Charlene. Although they are not extremely close friends but they are friends, and Miriam did personally invite Charlene to her wedding last year. They also communicate on Weibo with each other too.

  8. Congratulations to them both, i’m happy for them.

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