Rosina Lam’s Husband Was Wanted by Chinese Authorities?

Rosina Lam (林夏薇) took a hiatus at the height of her acting career last year to spend more time with her husband, businessman Jason Mok (莫贊生). The 32-year-old actress signed with Shaw Brothers this May. Although Rosina attributed resuming her acting career to enticing scripts and exciting roles, her return may instead be due to Jason’s financial issues.

In December 2018, flyers were posted outside of the couple’s home which publicly exposed Jason’s financial issues for the first time. The flyers reportedly stemmed from rumors that Jason had blackmailed a man by the name of Mr. Chen around September 2018. The police department in Longyan, Fujian issued a warrant for Jason’s arrest after his return to Hong Kong. Although one can argue that it is common to run into people with the same name, the identification number of the “Jason Mok” on the arrest warrant is identical to Rosina’s husband’s identification number.

Furthermore, the lavish property that Jason owned in Sai Kung was put up for sale in 2016 for $11.3 million HKD, indicating that the businessman may indeed be running into financial troubles.

Rosina has publicly defended her husband on multiple occasions and denied the allegations. When news first rose about Jason’s financial issues in December 2018, Rosina cryptically wrote on social media, ““A lot of times, just because we don’t address something doesn’t mean we are guilty. Instead, we are learning to concede. A lot of times, just because we don’t bother to explain doesn’t mean we are weak. Instead, we are letting time prove the truth. In the hearts of the people who hate you, you must do better and continue to work harder.”

With the most recent accusations, Rosina said the reports are false and threatens legal action. She wrote in her statement, “There is no relationship between my husband and the incident. The specific facts have been clarified by the relevant judgment of the Mainland courts. The relevant judgment has also clearly refuted Mr. Chen’s allegations towards my husband.”

Despite the intensifying rumors, Rosina and her husband not have let the news affect their holiday mood and posted photos of herself and her family celebrating Christmas.

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