Roy Wang Salvages Image After Smoking Incident

Teenage idol Roy Wang (王源), the second youngest member of Mainland group TFBoy’s, appeared in state media after he was under fire for smoking in a restaurant illegally in May. Netizens were disappointed to see him breaking Beijing’s regulations, but fortunately, the incident quickly subsided for the 18-year-old after he issued a public apology. A month later, he made his first public appearance since the incident on China Central Television’s (CCTV) daily evening news program Xinwei Lianbo <新聞聯播>.

In the broadcast, he was briefly shown participating in a series of activities during an event that featured the Long March route. Roy had a number of close-ups in which he was the lead singer. He wore a white shirt and sang with students in school uniforms, as well as senior artists. The star stood upright and appeared righteous.

Source: Oncc

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  1. LOL, his PR company are doing lots of image repair….

      1. @msxie0714
        yeah, you’re right. it’s that mystical and pure image that attract fan girls. every generation is the same from the 80s till now. i once thought that my idols were untouchable and pure too. i don’t know what i would have thought if i found out that my idols smoked. probably freaked out too and if he was dating, heart would have sank and posted hate messages on his gf’s blog too.

  2. i dont know what’s worse – that they put him up to this when he doesn’t want to or that they orchestrated this to win public approval.

    1. @coralie
      well, it’s the pure image that attract his fans not the dirty smelly smoker image. but i don’t know if philanthropy is really going to savage his habitual smoker image.

  3. Is that Roy in that picture on the left? It looks more like Karry Wang (another TF boy) to me.

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