TFBoys’ Roy Wang, William Chan Caught Smoking in Restaurant

TFBoys‘ second youngest member, 18-year-old Roy Wang (王源) was caught smoking in a restaurant recently. Though he is legally able to purchase cigarettes in China, he has violated Beijing’s regulations on banned smoking in all indoor public spaces. Footage and screencaps of Roy smoking circulated quickly over the Internet, and fans ranging from teens to mothers expressed heavy disappointment at their beloved idol’s irresponsible actions.

Roy Apologizes in Official Response

Once Roy’s smoking footage was released, it had garnered an incredible amount of interest and attention. Hashtag ‘Roy Wang smoking’ became the highest searched topic, as article readings generated 1.63 billion views and over 417,000 comments. Even his apology post had attracted 1.34 billion views.

In his apology post, Roy wrote: “I’m sorry! This incident had me deeply self-reflect on my actions. Having made myself become such a negative influence on society, I am extremely sorry and regretful. I am sorry that I am not a good role model. I will take responsibility for my actions and receive my punishment. As a public figure, I will now become much more mindful of my comments and actions. I hope everyone will not copy my wrong behavior. Once again, I apologize to everyone, and I will take this as my lesson to become a better person.”

A “Well-Behaved Baby” Suddenly Smoking

TFBoy’s fandom was torn apart as fans fiercely discussed whether or not they should forgive Roy. His fans divided themselves into two sides, as one adamantly sought to protect Roy, while the other expressed their hurt feelings. A netizen said, “Been watching this child since he debuted, a well-behaved baby in a mother’s eyes.” Many mom fans were upset at his actions, and got angry after seeing Roy being so familiar with lighting up a cigarette.

Restaurant Under Investigation

The restaurant was investigated yesterday, and enforcement officers found that the restaurant had no anti-smoking signs or policies implemented. They also lacked a no smoking management system to regulate potential offenders. As such, the Chaoyang District ordered that the restaurant make the required changes before due date or they would face legal consequences.

William Chan Also Found Smoking Inside Restaurant

Days after Roy’s smoking scandal surfaced, 33-year-old William Chan (陳偉霆) was also sighted smoking inside a restaurant in Shanghai. He was sharing a meal with two women, when he pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. Some fans argued that William was inside a VIP room which was considered to be a private space, so it was in a gray area as to whether he had violated smoking regulations.

However, the controversy was that earlier reports claim William doesn’t smoke or drink. His father had passed away due to lung cancer, so William had possessed “a deep hatred” for smoking, yet he was seen smoking recently at the restaurant. Whether William had personally made these anti-smoking claims, or if tabloids had sensationalized these claims, were unclear though.

Lay Zhang Smoking on Street

EXO member Lay Zhang (张艺兴) was also sighted smoking while sipping milk tea on the street last week. Despite Lay’s overall clean image, fans were less shocked by Lay’s behavior than Roy’s indoor smoking. Fans felt that the 27-year-old singer is old enough to lead a lifestyle of his choice, and smoking outdoors is not against the law.

Sources: HSW, QQ

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  1. ok… So they smoke in real life but they have to apologize? lol…what? haha….I remember William Chan did say he can’t drink not that he doesn’t? I didn’t hear him saying he does not smoke either. LOL… If you lie about it that’s another story but they smoke is that such a big deal to the fans? Jes….None of them are perfect you know…

    1. @wm2017 Well he did said he is one who gets drunk easily, but he still drinks on happy occasions. As for smoking, I have not heard him saying he doesnt smoke either, all he said was that his mum doesn’t like him to smoke coz his dad died of lung cancer.

      1. @prettysup1 Yup, I stumpled upon that that interview or some of variety show on utube as well. He says he can’t drink much as he gets tipsy easily but he did not say he does not drink. My friends like to drink and can drink. lol…I believe I can drink but I DO NOT LIKE to drink there’s a difference I think? haha lol…Well…Tiger Woods says he hated cheaters due to his dad being one growing up and we all know how it went down w/his own personal life? Lol….They can say whatever they dislike/hate but does not negate the fact they themselves will also follow suit. Fans just need to chill if their perfect idols are not as perfect as they see them to be on or off screen.

  2. They can afford cigarettes, teeth whitening, and cancer, so why not lol.

    I personally dislike smoking, and if my idols turn out to be a smoker, I do like him/her a lot less.

  3. I was surprised Faye Wong is also a smoker. Aren’t singers aware of the harm to their lungs from smoking?

  4. What smokers do ain’t my business, but they make it my business when they pollute my air (such as walking while smoking.) Like did I give them permission to put carcinogenic smoke in my face? If they want to smoke, put themselves in a quarantine area with good air ventilation and smoke themselves to death for all I care. But when inconsiderate people smoke in restaurants, while walking, in front or near other people, they piss me off so much. I make it a point to cover my nose and mouth when I’m close to them, even if they see it. I’m happy people publically shame celebrities for smoking, even better if it causes them to develop better smoking habits or quit smoking period. It’s a nasty harmful habit

    1. @coralie I’m with you! I hate people who walk and smoke! I’m fine if they confine themselves in a designated area. Not fine when they walk and smoke or when they just surround the cigarette bin in open public area that has many people walk pass >_> also another thing I dislike, smokers taking smoking break from work! Your addiction should not affect your working hours -.-

      1. @littlefish yup! and more people should be rude about it and publically shame others for smoking! it’s more destructive to inhale 2nd hand smoke than it is to smoke, which is ridiculous.

        and with all the crap that china bans, why not ban smoking, too? it’s a really bad addiction and it adds to the pollution that’s already at historical levels in beijing. when smoking is so common, it’s easy for other people to fall into that trap.

      2. @coralie yup, smoking should be banned in public places. I’m all up for smokers to smoke in a designated place together themselves so they can poison each other and not non smokers >_> do you know that those electric cigarettes still also give you cancer? The good thing about those is it doesn’t hurt 2nd hand smoker (I think, or at least there is no study about it). Long story short, anything you inhale into your lung that isn’t natural air is bad for you, surprise, surprise!

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