Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang, and Lin Gengxin Star in “Drama Go Go Go”

Produced by Ruby Lin (林心如), and starring Jiro Wang (汪東城), Lin Gengxin (林更新), and Ruby Lin herself, Hunan TV’s Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走> will succeed the weekend time slot of The Bride With White Hair <新白发魔女传> next month.

Drama Go Go Go is a romantic comedy that centers on the messy, but sweetly satisfying romantic life of 30-year-old female scriptwriter “Wang Mingming” (Ruby Lin). During a writer’s block, she encounters the once-popular idol singer “Eason” (Jiro Wang), the lead singer of the band HE. On a whim, Mingming decides that Eason will be the perfect candidate for the lead role of her drama, and she immediately recommends her producer to cast Eason in the role. Not wanting to lose his chance for fame again, Eason pretends to fall in love with Mingming so she can help him keep his role from other potential actors.

Fresh out of college, young website designer, “Tung Xiaotian” (Lin Gengxin) has always regarded Mingming as his best friend and older sister. When he discovers that Eason’s pursuit on Mingming was for other intentions, he grows protective of Mingming. But is Xiaotian’s protective nature out of jealousy?

With an increasing amount of real-life couples similar to Gao Yuanyuan (高圆圆) and Mark Chao (趙又廷), Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and Kai Ko (柯震東), and Tavia Yeung(楊怡) and Him Law (羅仲謙) making headlines in recent months, it seems to become a popular trend for younger men to date older women. In Drama Go Go Go, both Jiro and Lin Gengxin’s characters are about five to ten years younger than Ruby’s character.

In a small press interview held on October 14, Jiro expressed that he liked the idea of dating older women. In fact, the singer-actor revealed that he dated an older woman in the past, and if it was not because his girlfriend had to leave the country, they would not have separated.

In related news, a recent set picture from Drama Go Go Go revealed that Jiro and Lin Gengxin will share a “sexy kiss” scene together. Is it possible that Jiro and Lin Gengxin will also have a romantic story line of their own? Jiro laughed, “That scene was nothing. You guys should have checked the outtakes!”

Jiro also added, “Don’t forget, that kiss was [Gengxin’s] first onscreen kiss too!”

Watch Trailer of “Drama Go Go Go”!

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  1. omg, jiro pairing w/RUBY LIN? awwww, haha a bit weird really…

    1. Kiki,
      The age difference between Ruby and Jiro is obvious, but they seem to have good chemistry in the trailer. Jiro may be playing himself in a custom-tailored role that makes him look very comfortable onscreen.

      The trailer’s “Cinderella” theme was too much though, as her yearning gaze at those red high heels.

      1. Jayne, Jiro is only 6 years younger than Ruby IRL… that’s not too bad imo.

      2. No it is actually 5 years since she was born in 1976 and he was born in 1981.

    2. It is not that weird if you compare it to Lin Geng Xin who is 12 years younger than Ruby!!! Jiro is only 5 years younger so it is not too bad.

    3. 5years diff is alright, he just look way younger than her. Ruby still look very young for her age.

  2. Everybody is older than Ruby now. But she looks good for her age.

    1. the storyplot sounds good, i’d give it a try. Love story involving younger men and older woman is kinda creative.. plus I kinda like Jiro hehe.

  3. Love ruby!!! Shes so pretty! I hope to keep my youth when im her age!!!

      1. hahaa i agree. if i’m rich, i sure can do facials everyday and stay beautiful too ahhaah lol…

    1. I think Ruby looks about her age if not older. I think it is partially genetics too. Like Tavia, she has money and all but looks older than her actual age.

      1. You are one of the few that actually think that. Me and many others feel that she looks older than her age.

      2. I think Tavia looks her age. If you see the picture she posted on her weibo where she has little or not make up, you can see that her skin is still smooth and no wrinkles.

      3. Ruby looks younger than her age because she has this youthful face. But of course look closer and she looks her age which isn’t bad. Tavia is 33 (checked at wiki) and she looks about 5 years older in most pictures. Between Tavia and Ruby, Ruby can still be Tavia’s younger sister and Ruby is at least 3 years older than Tavia.

      4. @ Nicole

        One of them is the photo of her and the mother where she’s holding a birthday cake. She did not have make up on in that picture and you can see her face has no blemish.

      5. I looked on tavia’s weibo for the first few pages, and can’t find any. Are you talking about this photo which was from more than a year ago?
        We are talking about how tavia looks nowadays, not how she looks a year ago. For in that case I can talk about how great tavia looks 10 years back, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look disgustingly bad now.
        PS: the photo still looks horrible due to her nose.
        If her skin looks good, her mom’s skin is looking good too. I also hope you notice the borders and frames being used, thus this photo has been edited. You can check out some apps such as POCO美人相机 or 美图秀秀。 They have great filters for you to edit your skin until very smooth and pretty and add on tacky borders and stamps.

      6. “We are talking about how tavia looks nowadays, not how she looks a year ago. For in that case I can talk about how great tavia looks 10 years back, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look disgustingly bad now.”

        I agree with you about the photoshopping. But, the above argument is silly. 1 year is not a long time. People’s look don’t change much in 1 year. But, 10 years is a long time and people change a lot in 10 years. Using this ‘I can talk about how great tavia looks 10 years back’ argument to refute my statement is inane. Using a 1 year ago picture to judge someone’s look and using a 10 years ago picture is different. The degree is not the same.

      7. @kidd
        “People’s look don’t change much in 1 year.”
        Even Tavia fans agree she is much skinnier and haggard now, compared to one year+ ago. You can go compare her look in YSSS or TRB with SSSS. Her face looks soo much longer and haggard now. Btw, one fan said that’s because tavia works hard and so she gets skinny and haggard and the rest of us are lazy . but look, they agree that she’s too skinny and haggard now. So one year can be as great a difference as ten years. It depends on how they have been living and looking after themselves.
        Also, you can look at the example of Gordon Liu. He got sick and got skinny and haggard? So it’s possible for a person to change so much in a year. Tavia is just an accelerated version without having the stroke.

      8. Let’s all sing along with me!!!

        “She works hard for the money… so hard for it honey! She works for the money so you better treat her rightttttttt!!!!!!!!!!”

        Of course that song was about a prostitute I think.

        Ahhhh fresh faced Tavia which proves every actress without make up is no natural beauty.

      9. @Funn “Ahhhh fresh faced Tavia which proves every actress without make up is no natural beauty.”
        Even when Tavia piles on the make up, she proves that not every actress is a beauty even when they are wearing tons of make up products.

  4. The only jiedi couples I can think of off the top of my head: Tavia&Him, Ma Yili&her husband, Gao Yuan Yuan & Mark Chao (though rumor has it that his parents aren’t too happy with the relationship), Huo Siyan & her BF, Elva&Kai Ko (he’s practically a child still so this one comes off as really skeevy to me), Barbie Hsu & her husband, and a couple of older Hong Kong actresses. Doesn’t sound like much of a ‘trend’ to me but I’m glad it’s becoming somewhat more acceptable for women to do what men have been doing for millennia. Besides, the age difference is not too big in most of these relationships.

    1. Why are Mark Chao’s parents not happy with the relationship?
      Gao Yuan Yuan is too good for him.

      1. Gao Yuan Yuan is one of my favorite actresses and I was so disappointed when she hooked up with Mark Chao. I agree that she could do much better.

        I think Mark’s parents are said to be against her because she’s older than him and an actress from the mainland to boot. I’m guessing they’d prefer that he date a Taiwanese girl who isn’t in the entertainment industry.

    2. Ma yi li is 8 years older than her husband. I think that is a very big age gap.

      1. I said most of the age gaps were not huge. I have no idea what Ma Yi Li saw in Wen Zhang but more power to them, I guess. You have to admit though that you don’t really see actresses or women in general marrying or dating guys > 5 years younger than them in real life. Most of the couples I mentioned are reasonably close in age except for Elva and Kai Ko, who I don’t support at all. She needs to find a man her age because, assuming she wants to get married, Kai Ko sure as heck won’t be asking for her hand anytime soon. Men can afford to have all the fun that they want but women who want families have to be really careful with their time.

  5. Looks interesting and good chance to check out LKX’s new role after BBJX. I also think he might prefer to give his first onscreen kiss to a girl (….well, it could be camera angle trick here).

  6. This series look interesting. I might check it out. Jiro as an actor has grown on me.

  7. Ruby sure knows what makes her series successful. She’s casting lots of handsome guys in her series again.

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