Ruby Lin Next Target of Official Crackdown? 

Ever since the scandal of Vicki Zhao Wei (趙薇) posing in a dress printed with an old Japanese naval flag was regurgitated, the actress had her name deleted from films and dramas, with Weibo-related threads removed overnight. Recently, fans discovered that actress Ruby Lin’s (林心如) work studio had also been deregistered. The sudden news quickly topped Weibo searches and ignited fans’ fervent discussions.

Artistes Being Purged from Chinese Entertainment 

Given the artistes affected so far, it seems that a full-blown movement targeting artistes’ controversial actions has surreptitiously begun in Chinese entertainment, with authorities clamping down hard by wiping out their presence. Recently, Ruby’s Dongyang Hengdian Film and Television Culture Studio had its status altered to “deregistered.” Set up in July 2013, the official reason listed for deregistration was “resolution to dissolve.”

The sudden news raised many eyebrows and evoked speculation if the 45-year-old actress will be the next My Fair Princess <還珠格格star after Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Zhao Wei to face the music of their actions, though how Ruby ruffled authorities’ feathers remains unclear.  Some are wondering if the matter is tied to Zhao Wei, though this remains guesswork.

Wallace Huo’s Studio Also Shuttered A Year Back

Responding to media queries, Ruby Lin’s manager said the artiste’s work studio has indeed been cancelled, but explained that the cancellation application had been made some time ago due to the “merging of resources,” and was only approved recently. She added that Ruby still has “many filming jobs [in China] scheduled for the following month.”

According to a Weibo celebrity gossip account, a partner of Ruby’s studio Liu Caihong (劉彩紅) was embroiled in a legal tussle in May this year and slapped with 36 million Chinese yuan in civil damages. Thus, the change in the studio’s status was likely to avoid cash flow issues resulting from mandatory court orders. Ruby’s husband Wallace Huo (建華), who was once named China’s most influential artist of the year by China Newsweek, had his studio shuttered earlier in the year 2020.  Given the speed and thoroughness of the crackdown, most are curious about the celebrity couple’s future development in the Chinese entertainment industry.  

Source: WorldJournal 

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  1. Lol.. and Americans think cancel culture there is too severe.

    But for real, this probably has to due with RL’s “pro- Taiwan” stance. Dumb but that’s the reality of the situation

    1. Not just her and Jolin Tsai and Xiao S got affected for supporting Taiwanese athletes during the recent Olympics too. They are not sparing anyone…

  2. Strange, I thought HXM and AB were the next ones to go. I do like Ruby and Wallace but neither of them have really been active in Chinese productions. I haven’t seen Wallace since Ruyi and not seen Ruby since she had her baby. Ruby has been active in Taiwanese series though which is refreshing she is stepping away from idol series and taking on darker roles. Wallace seems to be enjoying fatherhood well. As long as they don’t get banned, I don’t think they will be affected much since they don’t work in China nowadays.

    1. Yes and they are lucky to be from Taiwan so can just work there if they can’t in China anymore.

  3. Ruby Lin is really smart to move her business back to Taiwan. Don’t depend on the China market anymore. It’s very unstable and unpredictable now. Anything can get you banned. She might earn a lot less but at least she’s safe.

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