Wallace Huo Is China’s Most Influential Artist of the Year

One of the biggest news magazines in Mainland China, China Newsweek, held the “Most Influential People in China 2015” awards ceremony in Beijing this week. The ceremony honors the most influential people in China of 2015, including academics, lawyers, philanthropists, businessmen, politicians, artists, and more. China Newsweek has been holding this annual event since 2009.

Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo (霍建華) received the most influential artist or entertainer of the year, making him the only actor receive the honor. His drama The Journey of Flower <花千骨> broke numerous records this year, and his acting in the fantasy series received critical acclaim. Wallace’s ability to excel in both modern and ancient dramatic performance has made him into one of this generation’s most versatile actors.

“I am extremely, extremely thankful to China Newsweek for giving me this acknowledgement,” said Wallace during his winning speech. “When I first got in touch with acting, I fell in love with it. To be able to provide people with so much entertainment during their spare time has made me discover my own sense of duty. It made me really fall in love with this profession. Of course there were difficult times, but it is something to be thankful and happy for. As long as I’m still around, I will continue to do my best.”

Wallace first caught the attention of various talent agencies when he starred in a popular commercial in 2000. After completing his mandatory military service two years later, he officially made his debut in the industry with the Taiwanese drama, Star <摘星>. Wallace has starred in numerous popular television series throughout his thirteen-year career, breaking ratings records in both Taiwan and Mainland China. Despite his popularity and idol image, Wallace has maintained a quiet private life. His humility, professionalism, and devotion to his craft also makes him to be one of the most-respected artists in the industry.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He has come a long way from his first drama. His acting was so wooden for many year till the last few years. His dedication to his craft is commendable.

  2. If no actors won before, would it be directors, producers, singers?

    A major major achievement.

    And he is so classically handsome in that event. And yes, his acting was amazing in JOF even if I HATED the ending and allllll the non existing rumours with you know who.

    1. @funnlim sometimes i wonder “you know who” uses those rumors for publicity and fame. not accusing but i have been questioning her true nature/personality in recent years especially after she keeps calling pretty much all of her male costars “her male god” or something along those lines lol

      1. @riceball120 Zhao Li Ying cant be friendly to co-worker? She has many love rumours but she has never had any overreaction with any partner. Calling “her male god” is a method of promotion that she is required to do whenever she has a series. Those “male god” also call her and other girls female gods in reply. Nothing fishy.

        Watching Up! Idol and she appeared as a cute girl to me. Start to like her personality. Dont get me wrong, Im not a fan of her acting. Just like her personality.

      2. @alluka to be fair, i have not watched her Journey of Flower series however, i dropped her altogether long time ago because I she just kept getting the “cutesy” roles that got really boring afterwards. true about being friendly but surely there has to be other ways of promotion instead of using “love rumors” to promote a drama…fans/neitizens in china are hopeless.

      3. @riceball120 To be more fair, I quit Journey of Flower after 2 or 3 episodes I dont remember well because it didnt meet my requirements for an adaption. In other words, it is totally boring to me. I like the novel but I cant like the adaption, so I dont judge her due to that series. I like her due to the reality show Up! Idol where I found she is genuinely cute, not through the cutesy roles. For JOF, the only actor that I liked in it was Zhang Dan Feng :).

        As for love rumours, it is an effective method so not only ZLY but also others are using it. When the series is ended, the artists will clarify. ZLY is involved in a number of love rumours but she herself doesnt do something over to give hints about love. It was all fan illusion, which is something she cant control. She has chemistry with her colleagues. Of course, several couple fans go over and think that the couple is real. It happened to most other artists. I witness couple fans bashed the real girlfriend/boyfriend of an artist so much just because they think that artist should go with another girl/guy. But it isnt something she can control, too.

        Promotion is normally created by the managing company. Right now, I think that love rumour bring ZLY more troubles than benefits. She is not deserved to be treated so. She was said like she is the one who makes love rumour. Actually it is opposite, in my opinion.

        ZLY is called female god by her colleague sometimes.

      4. @alluka May I know who called her female god? And when they were calling such, were they in promotion events e.g. Happy Camp, drama press events?

      5. @cuckoo So far I can remember Chen Xiao in a promotion, Wallace Huo once also in promotion, a guy from Boss and me but I dont remember. William Chan, Im not sure because I didnt watch that event. Ha Jing, I dont recall anytime. A guy from her new series also refered her so in her birthday wish on weibo.

      6. @alluka To have compatible comparison, we listed what happened: 14/9 she called WH, 29/9 she called WC, and in between she called He Jiong as her male god.
        Have you found any actor did similar actions? Within one month called 3 different actresses as his female god, and those actresses are not their girlfriend?

      7. @cuckoo Male god/Female god is the title of all Chinese leading actors. It isnt something gf/bf. Do you see Chen Xiao calls Michelle Chen female god? He called her XLN :P. Thinking that the male god fans are overreacting over the term.

        Btw, WH said good words about ZLY and right after that, when his other series was on air, he said good words about Ma Si Chun. I dont remember the timeline but it is quite close. It is called promotion. ZLY has two series on a row and then Up! Idol, she did the promotions as well.

      8. @alluka You said “The love rumours was created not only by her side but also from other sides. I dont understand why ZLY should be blamed solely for the rumours. Moreover, ZLY was the one who get more troubles from the love rumours than the benefits while some of her partners got more benefits”

        I’ve just wanted to find why she was blamed solely. So you see the difference and can understand why only she was blamed. You wanted to blame other actors for these love rumors. The fact is she used this term intensely, while others didn’t do so, they used this term very less, showing they’re sincere. WH has good words about Ma Si Chun, but do you see they have such love rumors as ZLY or not? The male god title if fans use it, it’s the title of all Chinese leading actors. But for a star to talk about co-star, it implies more. I didn’t mean male god/ female god as bf/gf, just when these stars use it, they imply they have some special degree of affection towards that person.

      9. @cuckoo I think differently. WH has some love rumour with Ma Si Chun but because Ma Si Chun is currently said to be in love with Ou Hao (captured by Ent which is happened to be the most believable source for all love rumour, including the newly found Wallace Chung and his wife and daughter), that rumour is said to be nonsense and died quite soon.

        As I mentioned, there are male artists called ZLY female god. Zhang Han called Joe Chen goddess as well (while he has a steady gf Nazha) but nobody take it seriously. I dont want to blame any side. I mean ZLY is not the one to be blamed solely for a love rumour created by both managed company of her and her on-screen partner.

        Actually I think all guys may feel happy to collaborate with ZLY :P. Whoever acted as on-screen lover with her will find lover or get married after that. Chen Xiao, Ha Jiong, Aaron Kwok, Nicky Wu, Zhang Han and many more. She is now called the Lucky girl.

      10. @alluka Love rumor didn’t not come from one term only, having other facts to support, you see she wore similar things like WH, talk something like WH, facts are he did first then she did, she’s the one following most of the times.
        Zhang Han case, as you said, ppl not take it seriously because he did publicize his gf before he called JC godness, right? While his rumor with ZLY was when his gf still in hiding status, ppl thought he was single
        Have you thought, those actors already had gf before collaborating with ZLY, and they trusted each other more so their gf agreed to be underground? You thought that those actors can find happiness in such short time after ending one drama with ZLY and publicize immediately after they find gf? Chen Xiao case was different from the rest, he visited her on filming site, and they held hands each other

      11. @cuckoo I dont recall she announced to love a bicycle. I also dont recall she wears or talks intentionally like WH. She talks the same way I saw her in Huan Zhou Ge Ge time. Are you overthinking? But if this is the way how WH fans see ZLY, no doubt why you fans think she creates the love rumour.

        ZLY wore similar to Yang Mi many times. Does it mean ZLY is trying to publicize herself?

        For Zhang Han, he only announced with Nazha recently but he called Joe Chen before that. Zhang Han has love rumour with ZLY before but at that moment, he was with Zheng Shuang so the things like similar clothes dont work? Perhaps.

        For the last paragraph, it was a joke. You really think that she has the power to make them announce lover?

        Overall, as a fan of nobody, I dont think ZLY intentionally create love rumours. She may use it for promotions but one hand cant clap and she isnt the only one.

        Anyway, it doesnt matter to me. I still think she is just friendly, that is all. ZLY may also think that she should stay far from WH right now. Lolz, actually none of her love rumour has been as long as the one with WH. She tried to change to other people for a long while but people still drag her in. As I am seeing, WH fans are now coupled him with Hu Ge. Why still need to follow ZLY? Leave ZLY to her harem fans instead.

        Im out now.

      12. @alluka She rode a tricycle Ups Idol, the one for kids to ride, after HuaJae Studio posted an animation of WH riding the tricycle. Then HuaJae announced his love for bicycle, put it next to the tricycle, after that a few hours, in the same day, they indirectly denied love rumor. Pictures, wearings, interviews are on the net, I don’t keep them, you no need to recall, the ppl who are keeping those proofs are HuaYing fans, mostly come from ZLY fans, not WH fans. Love rumors come from her fans, if she got troubles about love rumors, those come from her fans, who continue to coupling her with one by one actor.
        For Zhang Han, so he was with Zheng Shuang while he called JC, right? If so, same explanation, Zheng Shuang or Nazha, doesn’t matter. I don’t follow Zhang Han, so I don’t know.
        Yes, she has power because she’s beautiful and “friendly” to male, than most of their gf.
        You no need to think about she should stay far from WH right now, she can handle it the way she wants, well as before. I’m free now so I can be naughty a bit hahaha

      13. @cuckoo Up! Idol was filmed before that, so if it was like you said, WH was the one who copied her :P?

        How can you know that most of couple fans come from ZLY fans? Having a statistic? Because all the ZLY I know is trying to clear her from love rumour. They even say that ZLY should act with female artists from now on the avoid rumours :).

        Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang announced breakup nearly 2 years ago. Zhang Han and Nazha announced love few months ago (1-2 months only). So there was a gap between the breakup and the new love announcement although Zhang Han was said to be with Nazha before breaking up with Zheng Shuang. In reply, Zhang Han fans said that Zheng Shuang was with Hu Yan Bin before announcing the breakup. It was a complicated love story. A bit off topic but it can tell a thing that Zhang Han called Joe goddess after breaking up with Zheng Shuang and before announcing with Nazha (he was with Nazha during that period or not is still a question).

        According to a blogger, ZLY stays out from WH right now :). Some producers want to invite them to couple again but her side said no. I dont know about WH side because I dont follow him other than the joke he linked himself to Hu Ge to make a BL rumour recently. But I view it as a joke, nothing serious. It was funny at max when Hu Ge just said only Wang Kai and Jin Dong and the fans said WH will cry a river in the toilet. Really funny. Btw, I have seen some crazy couple fans for WH and Hu Ge to say that they are real etc. many times. WH made them believe it more by the joke of 5 years. Look like they arent different to HuaYing fans.

        On the other hand, in last award night, WH and ZLY seems to avoid each other to show that they arent real couple. It leads me to the thinking that she doesnt want the love rumour to grow as well.

      14. @alluka Up! Idol was filmed before that, so if it was like you said, WH was the one who copied her :P? –> you’re a big joker! Since you said so and you’ve watched Up! Idol already, can you give the start and stop date of Up! Idol; and the link that show the picture with earliest date that you can find.

        I know most of the couple fans are ZLY fans because:
        1- They said they’re couple fans = fans that love both ZLY and WH
        2- The couple fan page, besides posting the couple pictures, they posted other information about ZLY (her other projects/ news etc) most of the time, while other information about WH don’t have. Only after the information of the couple almost zero, with long time the page only reposted old Happy Camp/Promotion Press, one fan suggested to post other information about the couple, since she thought if the ship would be sunk, then the page had to close?
        3- The information about WH: some were wrong, and it was wrong because they actually don’t know about WH.
        4- Only one or two nick names that comment on the couple page also go to WH fan page to comment, while a lot nick names go to ZLY fan page to comment.
        5- The admin of the couple page was the old admin of ZLY fan page. By one incident, she was identified (some net fighting outside). Then she had to explain on the couple fan page, she tried to reduce her link to ZLY page by saying she’s just done a little work there before then no longer an admin there
        6- There’re fightings between the couple fan pages each other, happened recently like this: suddenly a lot of messages claiming some pages are fake, not the one officially linking to HuaYing Bar China. Short after that, some pages disappeared. The page that survived said other fan pages were hacked. But they’re just small fan pages, hacker hacked them for what purposes? There’s no benefit for hacking these pages, hacker usually hacked to get information to steal money, these are fan page, no money there. And if being hacked, they’ve just lost username, password but these pages totally disappeared, they actually were killed, not hacked. I think they report these pages as fake to get facebook to shutdown these pages, they want to re-organise the couple fan page, to drive/manage the fan page to their direction easily.
        7- Short after No.6, the ZLY fan pages announced they merged. I think same purpose as No. 6

        I want to ignore Zhang Han now, because I don’t have time, we can discuss later if we finish this topic.

        It’s time for ZLY to stay out of WH, since the main broadcasting (China) ended, currently broadcasting in TW, not her main market, plus WH also has avoiding symptoms, if she continues hints, will generate much bad reputation for her. But the currently filming project with Aaron Kwok and Zhang Han can not create love rumors, since Aaron Kwok just announced gf before starting the project, and Zhang Han, no need to say, you knew already.
        Small thing to clarify with you, I’ve never brought ZLY out of her harem because I’ve never coupling her with anyone, please don’t say this slogan “Why still need to follow ZLY? Leave ZLY to her harem fans instead” to me. This slogan I’ve read from her fans many times, it is used to protect her, but it actually is not fair. It should be said to correct ppl, HuaYing fans

      15. @cuckoo I dont follow WH. But you said that Up!Idol has ZLY do it right after WH posted the picture. Because Up!Idol only aired the scenes filmed before hand so I guess if WH posted right before the airing date of that scene, it has no benefit for timing.

        Can you give me link to see? Sound interesting.

        Btw, as I said, I think ZLY is already ignore WH to avoid love rumour. Her effort can be seen when she tried to act normal and friendly in normal mood in common functions with WH. She talked with others more.

      16. @alluka I follow his news and JOF intensely and I can say she did not and still not avoiding those rumours actively which means perhaps there is nothing. After he denied everything, she on stage admitted he was her ideal guy. No doubt they are friendly. After all the biting and kissing and rolling around, gotta be lovers or friends. I do not think they’re lovers. I do get why some says she is fuelling it. I am not sure about the timing but the fueling part was never from WH as he said, he doesn’t need all that.

      17. @alluka You don’t follow WH, that’s why I only request you to give the information related to ZLY, Up Idol only, which you said you watched, so I will give information about WH to compare, it’s fair for us both, and it would also show you already watched Up Idol.

        Links: you can go any HuaYing fan page, e.g. Baidu Bar, they are ZLY fans so you can be sure these pages 100% don’t against ZLY, I don’t know much nor care much about all sources, I only see the one in my language. As I understand, the one in my language has links to HuaYing Baidu Bar China, so the information should be similar.

        You frequently remind me about ZLY ignore WH to raise her value higher than WH, but this action only happen at this stage, after he initiated the deny on 14/9.

        I’m getting tired and bored with ZLY and WH business, so if there’s no more thing to discuss, I stop and take rest, do other things. Anyway, I get no benefit to spend time on them.

      18. @alluka i think you missed the point. im not judging her purely based on roles she takes. what i meant is that i dont find her that “great” of an actor because all her roles end up being the same. i would like to see her take on more dynamic roles to really prove to me that she deserves the credit she is given.

      19. @riceball120 Arent you talking about her personality instead of her acting? Yes, she isnt a good actress overall and I also dont like her acting. But it isnt a matter to her personality.

        Btw, she has taken a more serious role. Lets see.

      20. @alluka lol i think we are both confusing each other. yes, i dont have good vibes coming from her and it’s not because im a hardcore fan over any of her costars. just one of those people u just seem to not be able to like (if you understand that is). but then ur previous comment seemed to be implying that i only do not like her because of the roles she has taken. i just do not like her in general and not impressed by her acting as her resume is pretty much nothing but cutesy roles, which should be easy for her because according to you, she is genuinely cute, which i do not watch those variety shows as i do not understand the language and need subtitles hardcore.

      21. @riceball120 I understand what you mean. There are people I dont like because I dont have the good vibes with them :). Im not a big fan of her, especially her acting, just feel weird to see she is blamed solely for promotion done by management companies of her and her costars.

        Uhm, Im here because I like the gossip news about artists :P. I think we can move on to the latest news about Wallace Chung and his wife :P. Do you want?

      22. @alluka lol sure. love wallace chung too anyways (:

        btw im not attacking her for promotion purposes. i would love her more if i didnt always get a vibe that she uses other people as a stepping stone to fame without doing too much. believe me, i think she’s more “tame” for lack of better words. there are people in this industry 10x worse and make themselves pretty darn obvious that they ride on romance stunts for fame.

      23. @alluka For one, it is TV. She has to keep her personality in check. She can’t behave like a diva since bad publicity and she has had her fair share.

        No issue with calling her co stars as male god but is that is a method of promotion, as in required to do, then it is not sincere but like how the previous commenter says, she does know how to maximise her favourable publicity time. So maybe the accusations against her has merits. But those aren’t bad. I mean an entertainer has to be talked about to be famous to earn enough. It shows she knows how to promote herself and her series.

      24. @funnlim It is a TV show but in a TV show, there are something that the normal you will be shown. For example, Zheng Shuang was rumourless before joining the reality tourist show. Although she has been changed, cleared etc. after that but her image was crashed. It is the reality show.

        As for ZLY, in the reality show, she shows her cutesy naturally. It is partly acting but in my opinion, her acting isnt that good. She convinces me that she is genuinely cute but not bubble head.

        Yes, she knows how to promote herself and her series, it isnt a bad thing. However, it doesnt make her a bad person at all. It only shows one thing to me: She is smart. Smart and cute can go hand in hand together.

        ZLY isnt deserved to be called a cunning girl or a girl used love rumour to climb up. She also went up by her legs. The love rumours was created not only by her side but also from other sides. I dont understand why ZLY should be blamed solely for the rumours. Moreover, ZLY was the one who get more troubles from the love rumours than the benefits while some of her partners got more benefits. It is a fact that her starred series often get good ratings regardless the partners.

        If it makes her a bad person, then all guys whoever call her female god will be considered the same way? All guys who used love rumour as a method will be considered the same way? I guess not.

        Cheap love rumour promotion in my opinion must be something like Roy Chiu did recently. He said bad things about his ex Tiffany Tang when the breakup happened, but when he has a new series, he intentionally said that he wanted to collaborate with Tiffany Tang again. He said that when nobody asked him about her. It is cheap promotion.

      25. @alluka in truth, most publicity stunts are carried out by management agencies and associated media. Artistes have to follow orders unless they own the company. I dont get the constant bashing by irresponsible fans whose views do not necessarily reflect that of their idol, but the negativity of their words does cause misunderstandings for their idol. I really don’t get the frustration. If they are not a couple, fans and media can ship them for a hundred years and nothing will happen. If it is only a rumour then it will disappear with time.

      26. @elizabeth I know what you mean. Yes, the fans have the tendency to overreact against the love rumour promotion. The couple fans view it as hints (for example, Li Ya Feng and Wu Yan has nothing with each other but just because of a song in Happy Camp, they are linked by fans and the fans managed to find tons of things that they think the love hints between them like similar clothes, similar gestures, etc.). However, those things are simply promotions and mostly created by media companies to promote for their products (show, series, movie, managed artists). If they are a true couple, they will sooner or later announce or force to announce. If they are fake couple, they will separate after the promotions end.

      27. @alluka They’re neither fake nor true. He has nothing to hide, nor does she. Any promo of them as a couple for a series does not come from WH camp. He doesn’t need it. Some fans know the difference but many new fans thanks to JOF irritatingly tries hard to ‘couple” them when there is absolutely nothing in their body language that says otherwise.

      28. @riceball120 I get your meaning. Sometimes there are some who are sincere but is appreciative of opportunities. Opportunists you may call them but that isn’t a slur. I do get that impression as well.

  3. I think he is an amazing person- his acting is not bad, his singing is not bad- love him in interviews, he is extremely handsome, so much charisma! He is nice to his fans, humble so much to say! Does this guy even have haters?

    1. @ironfingers if you want to generate some haters, start comparing him to Ruco Chan. Some of his fans will go into a frenzy. Their claws come out and teeth extend, ready to eat Wallace alive xD

    2. @ironfingers
      Who does not have haters? There have been a number of people saying he is gay/bisexual. Some even hate his acting and all too. Regardless of how popular,nice,talented,etc.. anyone or anything is,there are bound to be people who do not like them. Who can be liked by everyone?

      1. @hetieshou He’s not gay or bisexual. He was in rumours about prostitutes or one night stands.

        And even if I love Ruco, fame wise, Ruco is not at his level.

      2. @funnlim
        Honestly,it is his private business in regards to his sexual preference so none of us would know for sure unless he openly admits it. But it is not like it matters or should matter. If fans,friends or anyone like and love him,then they should accept him for who he is.

      3. @hetieshou He is not gay. Whether he sleeps with prostitutes or not that I do not know. Let’s not be bipartisan about that issue. And it matters because for some; the conversation is like this…

        “He’s single?” “he’s gay then”.

        To me that is a slur, it is not a well wishing sort of statement. He may or may not be single. If he is, he is. But doesn’t make him gay. He is heterosexual. No need to be PC about that.

      4. @funnlim
        Of course I know that but you missed my point. My point is whether he is or not, who truly knows except for himself? It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is single or not. I really hate it when people think anyone is gay/ lesbian just because they are still single after a certain age. I am the same age as Wallace and am single and hate it when people say that I am lesbian just because I am single. But anyways,it is not like it matters. It only matters to him and his parents and no one else.

        I love Wallace so regardless of whether he is or not, it is no big deal as long as he is happy. I have always loved him with Joe and still hope that they can reconcile one day.

      5. @hetieshou I understand the frustration. I was accused of being a lesbian from grade 6 until junior year in high school just because i REFUSED to date the immature boys attending my school…smh

        who knows if Wallace is gay or not but regardless, doesnt make me look at him less.

      6. @riceball120
        Very well said and I agree with you. Just because we are single at a certain age or whatever,does not mean we are gay/lesbian. My parents got really pissed when I told them people accused me of being a lesbian just because I did not have a boyfriend yet and am not married.

      7. @hetieshou my parents laughed it off when i told them. it has now become a family joke as my parents know im not a lesbian. i may have been single for a long time but they know im not because i always tell them when i am checking out a guy lol.

    3. @ironfingers You are so right. He can act. He can sing. He looks so handsome. He’s so humble. He definitely deserves this award. Big congratulations to Wallace Huo! I can’t wait to see more of his dramas, movies and singing. I like to see more modern dramas from him even though I enjoyed his ancient dramas.

      1. @dramas4me really? i prefer his ancient dramas any day over his modern drama. not sure why but i think i like the aura he gives in ancient dramas more than what he gives in modern dramas.

      2. @riceball120
        You are my twin sister. I just love ancient dramas in general more than modern dramas. I watched series since I was 5 and used to watch mostly ancient series only and only started watching modern dramas in 2005. I like modern dramas now but they still cannot compare to ancient drama.

      3. @hetieshou i grew up watching ancient films or dramas so it will always be my “first love.” i have only watched two modern dramas so far (and finish them as i have the tendency to drop modern dramas lol) which are Autumn’s Concerto and My Sunshine.

        lol looks like we are twin sisters from another mother and father : P

      4. @riceball120
        Yes, you are truly my twin sister. I used to watch all ancient series and it was not until I saw Frog Prince in 2005 that I started to like and watch modern series. I am currently watching Nursing our love which is a bit long but is pretty good. I used to drop modern series without giving them a chance but learned to like them. However, I still love ancient series more and still prefer them over modern series in general. Do you watch China series too? Or only HK and Taiwan series?

      5. @riceball120
        I pick and choose my series to watch too since there are way too many and not all of them are good. I have not watched a good Tvb one in a very long time. I have not watched a Taiwan one for a long time too due to my limited time and not many are good.

      6. @dramas4me he can act in ancient dramas more please lol. i just love Wallace Huo. He’s handsome, humble, a good actor, and just really likeable in general (cant say much about his singing as i have never listened to anything he sang). He’s definitely one of my favorite actors. This workaholic will need a break like Hu Ge though lol

      7. @riceball120
        Have you seen Tian Xia Di Yi(world’s finest)? He sang the themesong for that series. He also sang the ending song with Zhao Li Ying for the Journey of Flower. He also sang other songs for the series that he acted in but those are the only ones that I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think of his singing?

      8. @hetieshou i have not listened to the exact songs you listed but after what i posted earlier to dramas4me, i did do some searching of my own. my conclusion: his voice is nice but not “unique” for lack of better words. is his voice nice? yes but in my opinion, sounds kinda like every other chinese/taiwanese singer. but yes, he can sing.

      9. @riceball120
        Whose voice do you think is unique? I love MA Tian Yu’s voice too. Have you heard him sing?There are many good singers. I guess Wallace wants to focus more on his acting which is why he does not sing much as he only released 1 album and only sang for a few soundtracks.

  4. A big congrats to Wallace! Glad that he got this recognition. Hope he continues to excel in everything he does. Looking forward to more of his works.

  5. Congratulations to Wallace! He has worked hard to get where he is now! Looks like he is moving into the movie industry now! Hope his career reaches new heights!

  6. Well deserved. Beautiful face, kind heart, professional attitude, good character. Rare breed in the entertainment world.

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