Ruco Chan and Kristal Tin to Win Best Actor and Best Actress in Malaysia?

A group of TVB artistes including Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Selena Li (李施嬅), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), and Ben Lam (林盛斌) arrived at Hong Kong International Airport yesterday for their flight to Kuala Lumpur in order to attend the 2015 TVB Star Awards Malaysia on November 28. According to tabloid predictions, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) will be crowned TV King and TV Queen for their performances in Captain of Destiny <張保仔> and Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT> respectively.

Ruco took home the Best Actor award during Singapore’s 2015 Starhub TVB Awards ceremony last month. Reportedly, he is also highly popular among Malaysian viewers and has a good chance of winning the title for a second time this year. Kristal, who is recently busy filming Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> in Okinawa, specially took a few days off to attend the awards ceremony in Malaysia. Nancy is said to be Kristal’s greatest competitor for the Best Actress award this year, although tabloids claim Kristal still has higher chances.

At the airport yesterday, Nancy was asked if she has confidence in winning Best Actress in Malaysia and whether or not she has prepared a speech of gratitude. She laughed and replied, “There must be confidence when it comes to winning TV Queen, but I’ll let things run naturally. If I really do get the chance to win, I think I’ll know what to say when the time comes!”

Nancy jokingly added that she did not wear red underwear for luck. Selena, who was standing right next to her, immediately added that she would be wearing a red evening gown that will hopefully bring some luck to her friend. Nancy expressed, “I’ll treat this trip as a vacation. Although there’s no time to travel around, I’ll just eat and do some lady stuff in the hotel!”

The results of Malaysia’s 2015 TVB Star Awards are 70% dependent on the choices of local Malaysian viewers, who were able to cast votes online throughout the past month. A professional team of judges decides the rest of the results.


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  1. Judging from social media, many viewers support Ruco Chan to win the 2015 Starhub, Astro n TVB TV king awards! But TVB is playing the dirty game, forbid Ruco to win all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TVB is noted for not supporting viewers’ choice!!!Their dramas are hitting low viewership as many viewers are boycotting them!!!

  2. I have also read from the forum that Ruco may not clinch the award as he was in Okinawa filming BK2. If Kristal and Linda can attend, why can’t he? If he is robbed of the award because top mgt does not intend to give him , And if this is true, Rest assured that I will boycott TVB dramas for sure!!! I am sure his fans will be v pissed off just like me.He is v popular both in Singapore and Malaysia and this is something that cannot be taken for granted. This showed his pulling power and I am sure that any drama that have him will have high ratings. Hope TVB top exec can appreciate him more which he truly deserve !!

  3. Looking at all the past weeks’ poll results, all categories that ruco was nominated in were consistently in top 3 every week. That can’t be said of his closest competitors kevin and louis. Kevin seems to be out of the race even tho he was also in top 3 every week along with Ruco in the fave actor category. Suddenly we hv Wayne attending the awards tonight when all along he was not even in the list for the 15 fave characters, let alone the fave actor category. Is tvb-astro trying to force the public to accept wayne as this year’s tv king? Otherwise he shld not be in genting tonight as none of the categories he was nominated in made in to top 3 in ANY week! If ruco doesn’t win the BA, this awards is obviously rigged. Wat voting to decide winner blah blah. …all nonsense and just a circus show. As pointed out, why can linda and Kristal attend but not ruco? Fans, be prepared for the worst. I fervently hope i am wrong this time.

    1. @isay agree about this … why suddenly Wayne in top 15 … he wasn’t even in all the weekly results … it was either Vincent Wong or grace chan …. also Kevin&tavia top 3 favorite couple, it was linda&Alex all along

  4. Just to add that online polls also indicate a landslide win for Ruco with 62% saying that he will win. As for COD it polled the highest at 39%. Messages left on Astro’s IG all support Ruco. This attests to his popularity. So it’s extremely fishy that he has not been asked to attend Astro especially when he seems to be cooling his heels in okinawa. Thinking of it makes my heart go cold.

  5. Omg! ! I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. Tvb has learnt to be more magnanimous to give major award to non attending artiste. COD also won best drama and best song. Tony and Ruco won fave character awards for COD. Big winner tonight. Congrats Ruco Tony and COD. Cheers!

  6. Congrats to Ruco! Finally you got it, Malaysian tv king, though it’s long overdue. He got the award despite his absence, which indicates his high popularity in Malaysia.

    1. @66ksc haha yeah long overdue but better late than never. For the past few days i was so worried about the outcome aftee knowing he wont attend.
      The biggest satisfaction is that he beat strong contenders Wayne and anthony. A well fought fight and fully deserved win!

  7. Lol. So cute to have 2 Best Actresses awards!!! Its a good outcome tbh. Hope Ruco can win tvb king in HK!!

  8. btw, was very happy to see Tracy Chu instead of Grace Chan win best newcomer. Saw the former in Smooth Talker and the latter in Captain of Destiny and although both raw, Tracy has better acting chops.

  9. I was there that night and so proud to see Malaysians chanting his name just b4 the announcement, even knowing he was not present. That showed the executives that our choice is crystal clear and we will not accept any other! Over to you now, HK fans!!

    1. @elayne: Wow, it’s nice to hear that fans still attended the Astro awards even though Ruco did not attend. I saw the award show online but the recording was bad so couldn’t hear Ruco’s fans cheering. It’s such a shame that Ruco was not present as COD was a big winner that night — Fave Drama, Fave Actor (Ruco) and Fave theme song. As an ardent fan of Ruco, I was disappointed that we could not witness the historic moment at the Astro show itself. Actually, I think that COD was such a success in overseas markets has a lot to do with Ruco. He carried the show almost single-handedly with his flawless performance and Ruco’s drawing power and popularity made this COD a success overseas !!

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