Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu Give Each Other Good Luck, Says Feng Shui Master

It’s already been two months since the series finale of A Fist Within Four Walls <誠摯英雄>, and people still aren’t over the show. The kung fu drama, which won Favorite Drama at least week’s StarHub TVB Awards in Singapore, jumpstarted Philip Ng’s (伍允龍) popularity and fueled the dating rumors between Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣). Philip himself is also rumored to be dating his Four Walls costar Moon Lau (劉佩玥).

Our four main leads have all denied their respective romantic rumors, but their open-ended answers have left behind some rooms for the imagination.

Media outlet Oriental Daily reached out to feng shui master Pius Chan (陳子才), who used Neo-Taoism to analyze the possibility of a true romance between the Four Walls couples. Chan pointed out that Ruco’s “peach blossom star” includes a “marriage palace” sign in his Bazi chart  this year. Chan concluded that it is possible that Ruco has already met his potential wife.

Nancy, on the other hand, carries an unlucky star, referring to a doomed relationship. Nancy broke up with her boyfriend, Teddy Chan (陳明道), earlier this year.

“But you can also see that a new relationship may be on her way,” clarified Chan. The feng shui master added that Ruco and Nancy give each other good luck, especially in regards to their careers.

As for Philip and Moon, Chan said they may have feelings for each other, as they share matching “marriage palaces.” They are comfortable with each other, but as for whether or not they do end up in marriage, that will depend on time.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. The above picture of Ruco and Nancy resemble Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie happiest couple but can’t predict what will happen next…interesting.

  2. figure wise, nancy is definitely super fit.

    moon and philip have that kind of chemistry.

    yes, i am still not over 誠摯英雄 yet.

  3. This site has lots of pop-up advertisements nowadays – very unpleasant. Will have to start skipping this site.

    1. @kangaroo we don’t intend to have pop-up ads. We will look into stopping those popups. Are you viewing these popups ads in desktop or mobile version of our site?

      1. @admin Yes, I had pop-up ads whenever I clicked on any new article. Very very annoying!!! I had to close the ad before I could read the articles. I hope this pop-up ads will end very very soon.

  4. Lmao. What the feng shui master said is already happened, then he say. While leaving the future as to be reviewed. Just like giving out 4D first place number AFTER it was anounced……

    1. @dramadrama these 2 couples are suspected to be seeing each other…other than passing the early trimesters, it’s just waiting for the right time for them to confirm.

      1. @janet72 I can’t stand Phillip. He or Moon is not underage or married. Moon has obviously seems like wanting to go public, but Phillip always clearly denied it. Can’t he man up and just date.

      2. @dramadrama maybe that’s why his ex got fed up after waiting 7 years. if he has a phobia to be committed, Moon better wake up and move on. don’t waste her youth on him.

  5. Omg I hope Ruco has good taste to take on a better girlfriend to match up with him… Not Nancy Wu

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