Ruco Chan is Still Waiting for His 3 Dramas to Be Released

Ruco Chan‘s (陳展鵬) dramas were not aired for three years, until Sinister Beings <逆天奇案> finally broadcasted to high viewership ratings in May. Based on his popularity, it would be logical for TVB to air Ruco’s other dramas, Chinatown <唐人街>, I’ve Got the Power <超能使者>, and Guardian of the Dark Night <黯夜守護者>, but the station has not released the timeline for when they will be aired.

When asked if he feared that he would have to wait another three years for his dramas to be broadcast, Ruco shared, “I hope not! The company has a lot of productions that are meant to bring joy and positivity to our viewers. I hope my work will be displayed, but it is ultimately up to the company. I believe that the company has a similar thinking to mine that they will not broadcast anything viewers won’t like.”

Rumors claim that the holdup in his dramas is due to Ruco demanding a salary raise, but he expressed that he has a great relationship with TVB. Pointing out that he has consistent work recently, Ruco said, “It’s true that a lot of people have been concerned about my workload, but I will leave it to the company to arrange. I don’t think my hard work these past two years have gone to waste.”

With many TVB artistes joining Shaw Brothers, Ruco was asked if he would consider this too. Since his contract had not ended yet, he hopes to continue working with TVB, and he will be patient with their arrangements.     

Ruco Cheers for Hong Kong’s Table Tennis Team

During the airing of the Tokyo Olympics, Ruco was very moved when he watched the live broadcast of Hong Kong Olympians competing. As Ruco was once part of the Hong Kong Table Tennis team, he was especially ecstatic when the female table tennis team won the bronze medal. Understanding the perseverance athletes face, he said, “The process is very painful. You might not get an award even if you really love the sport. From every interview to event, you can feel their sense of responsibility.” 

Realizing how sports can offer valuable lessons in life, Ruco hopes to expose his 2-year-old daughter, Quinta, to table tennis so she can learn about wins and losses in life at an early age.  

Source: HK01

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