Ruco Chan’s “Sinister Beings” Ratings Outperform “Shadow of Justice”

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) makes a welcome return with Sinister Beings <逆天奇案>, which outperformed to expectations, averaging 26.4 viewership points in its first week of broadcast. This marks the highest premiere week opening among 2021 TVB dramas in the 8:30 p.m. timeslot.

Feeling very lucky with the enthusiastic reception, Ruco said, “It seems that we’ve found a good formula for filming police dramas. The most important thing is to film with a Hong Kong flavor.”

Packed with action, Sinister Beings has been very popular among Mainland Chinese viewers since airing. Ruco said, “I overheard producer Lau Ka Ho (劉家豪) telling the scriptwriters that the drama is very well received in China. Rosina Lam (林夏薇) also said her classmates in Xiamen are following the drama.” While Sinister Beings would not finish airing until June 11, Ruco believes the producer is motivated about having a sequel and it would be fun for everyone to work together again.

Viewers clearly missed Ruco’s absence from television screens for the past three years, and the ratings for Sinister Beings reflect this. Ruco’s wife, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) and daughter Quinta have been watching the drama every night as well.

Reporters asked how he feels about having higher ratings than Bobby Au Yeung’s (歐陽震華) comeback drama Shadow of Justice < 伙記辦大事>, especially since Bobby is nicknamed a “Ratings Lucky Charm.” For the week ending May 9, Shadow of Justice only averaged 23.4 viewership points. Although both dramas are in the police genre, Ruco believes the dramas are “differentiated by their scripts. A great script and storyline plus the right characters will create an unbeatable chemistry.”

Ruco Chan in “Sinister Beings” Highlight

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  1. These two dramas might as well have been blended together Sinister Shadows. SoJ’s plot, if you can call it that, is all over the place and the scenes are so forced to get the required plot outcome. Both dramas with horrific romance lines that are so cringeworthy and outdated. Ruco needs a new breakthrough.

  2. He has zero chemistry with both ladies! I think I read somewhere that’s him in general with all his co-stars..except for Nancy….hmmmmm

    1. @conan2209 I think my expectations have been so lowered that I do think he has chemistry with them. With Rosina, it’s a sweet, comfortable interaction. With Crystal, there’s this aggrieved but slight caring attitude. That may be more due to their characters, but compare her with Ruco and her last role with Vincent, there’s more feelings.

      It is probably my optimism when I think about Ruco’s last pairings with Elaine and Natalie in Succession War. So bland, and unfortunately, he will be with Natalie in 2 more series.

      1. @potatochip that’s not on him, Natalie cannot act. Wonder how many fell off their chairs when she clinched best actress, beyond comprehension is an understatement

      2. @conan2209 I watched my unfair lady and then found out she won best actress for it. I was one of those people that fell off my chair.

      3. @conan2209
        It’s fair though that no one barely remembers Natalie winning Best Actress. It only gets brought up when we mention the most undeserved winners. The likes of Ali, Vincent, Roger etr, we think ‘best acting’ as soon as we mention them but never with Natalie. That’s what happens when the charisma is just not there….

      4. @conan2209 I think she is actually decent. I like her as a slight ditz. But she definitely shouldn’t be best actress for Unfair Lady, perhaps Best Supporting because she did have good chemistry with Vincent in that series. But the ending was annoying and they didn’t have any sparks in the next series together.

        But again, maybe my standards have lowered. She’s no where as charismatic or versatile as Ali, Sisley or even Selena but she has more charm than Mandy, etc.

      5. @potatochip that’s true, she’s ok as supporting, maybe she just lack that one factor that makes her lead. Shows how badly TVB needs to groom better ones. Re Mandy, strangely enough she has no lack of local fans

      6. @conan2209 Mandy also has her strengths but her emotions feel calculated. She lacks a bit of spontaneity. She should try improv to get out of her head. I am looking forward to seeing if she can make a breakthrough with the Vincent DID series.

      7. @potatochip Agreed. I really liked her roles when she played an airhead or just a happy character. She is really convincing and funny in those, esp in Short End of the Stick. Her range has expanded a bit over the years… it’s just her face is not riveting enough in emotions. She can’t rival the likes of Ali or Krystal, but she’s not that bad.

  3. This drama has good action scenes but as of now the story kind shifted into the usual cliche case solving episodes, which are kind filler-ish. I want to see more of Ruco’s character breaking more rules and getting himself into more trouble over the Tiger Cull case, that part was interesting to watch. I think this drama would definitely do even better if his character becomes antihero towards the end.

      1. @jimmyszeto For example?? In recent years he’s either hero or villain. I haven’t seen him playing antihero in a long while.

        Plus having an actor playing the same character type doesn’t make it uninteresting. It’s all about the execution and script writing. If they deliver, so will the acting.

  4. I like that Ruco’s character is more mature in this police series than his other action ones. Nice to see him leading a team rather being the young buck, but they should have more scenes of him in that role. He is still the best actor TVB has for action series, just wish the writing was more original.

    I was amused at the detective analysis of Ben’s dad about his romance. The romance itself is a bit boring, but the dad is cute.

    1. @potatochip I happened to catch that scene where the dad lectures Ben on how to win Joman over but honestly thought that was extremely cringeworthy and awful. like make her have his child or something? Bleh.

      1. @bubbles23 That is cringy! I don’t know if I am up to that scene yet or if I just wasn’t paying attention because I have this series on while I was I am doing housework.

  5. It’s better than shadows of Justice for sure but it’s not exciting or intriguing. Same storylines that have been overused.

    Ruco is good in this, I don’t expect any less. It’s nice to see him on screen again. But that’s about it. I’m still watching because Jeannie isn’t on screen 24/7 lol.

    Interested to see edwin’s series next week. It’s been a while since we’ve had a drama set in that time.

  6. its a little boring when the place 2 same genre dramas airring at the same time. Because TVB doesnt have a great record of creativity in the script, its makes it look even worse.
    Sinister is wayyy better than Shadow!
    Shadow of justice is rubbish!

  7. Fr? I thought it’d be the other way around, but maybe it’s because Sinister Beings has more content-related parts, whereas Shadow of Justice tends to focus more on the characters’ romance?

    I really love Joey, Bobby, Joe, and Jeannie. If it were not for them, this drama would be boring. As for Sinister Beings, I’m still waiting for Moon ahahaha. I like Ben and Ruco as well, but I agree, there’s not much 火花 with Rosina or Crystal. It’s just not there. Ben and Joman’s relationship is like tightrope walking haha

  8. Hazel (蒋祖曼, Hazel) is outshining the lead actress, Win (林夏薇) in this series!!!! (林夏薇) feels like a supporting actress instead LOOL

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