Ruco Chan Takes Wife to Thailand for Filming

Since getting married in 2018, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) welcomed their daughter Quinta the following year. Although busy parents, Ruco and Phoebe try to have quality time together. When the opportunity to work together comes up, the couple can been seen at promotional events as joint brand endorsers. Recently, Ruco flew to Thailand to film his new drama Sinister Beings <逆天奇案> and brought his wife along to enjoy a work-vacation getaway.

Since Ruco didn’t have a lot of scenes to shoot in Thailand, he allowed Phoebe to accompany him on this trip. But the days that Phoebe was on set with Ruco weren’t easy, as she became his personal assistant and even stepped up to be the sound operator at the outdoor filming location.

In Ruco’s recent Instagram post, he was seen busily preparing for his scene while Phoebe took on the sound operator position. Alongside the photo, he captioned it, “Work hard, play hard!” Ruco said afterward in an interview, “I think she can change her career now and become a sound operator!”

Phoebe commented, “Multi purpose is not only one role; it comes from within. First time being an assistant and part-time sound operator–I’m excited to learn!”

Fans loved the couple’s interactions and support for each other and joked that it was difficult to be Mrs. Chan. Aside from being his personal assistant, she also has to be versatile on set.


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  1. I think it’s wonderful that Ruco took Phoebe along on this work trip, so that they can have more time together, even if it just means connecting at the end of the night together at the hotel after a long day of work.

  2. I think it sweet of Ruco, or any man to take his wife along with him on a work shift . That way they spend time together. They are still newlyweds.

  3. Pretty sure plenty of spouse taking other half to working vacation. Why not her? Did baby follow? Anyway I just hope she stops giving him fashion tips. I haven’t seen Ruco looking good since dating her and she famously dresses him. No, please leave him alone in that dept. Anyway her career now is being his wife. Not an easy career I suppose.

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