Ruco Chan to Star in “The Other Truth” Sequel

The Other Truth <真相> which starred Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Raymond Wong (黃浩賢), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) received good reviews and high ratings when broadcasted earlier this year. Thus, it was known that TVB decided to have the original cast start filming for a sequel to The Other Truth and let Ruco’s and Raymond’s characters continue to fight for Tavia’s affection!

As for Ruco who had enjoyed massive popularity due to this hit series, he was busy filming TVB’s new drama, ATF Counter Terrorism Unit <ATF反恐>, with Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) yesterday in Tai Po. The plot spoke about Yoyo’s character who drove back to the company, when suddenly she was stopped by Ruco’s sedan. Ruco then claimed that he had something to discuss with Yoyo.  Thus, Yoyo quickly alighted and sat in Ruco’s sedan to discuss things with him. Unexpectedly, both of them got into a heated argument and Yoyo alighted Ruco’s sedan in anger and left.

Prior to the filming of the actual scene, Ruco was busy memorizing the script in the sedan, indeed showcasing his diligent and serious side. As Ruco and Yoyo were very into character, the filming process was very smooth and required only three hours to complete the outdoor scene. The cast and crew wrapped up filming and left the scene.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. The Other Truth’s ending was good as it is. A sequel would be excellent, but there’s no need for more romance.

    1. Always need a little romance. Maybe they can replace tavia w/ someone else.

      1. My first choice would be Jessica. After her, maybe yoyo mung, fala, or selena. And Nancy could be the new intern.

  2. I could kick myself for not having watched “The Other Truth” as I was too busy watching my other channel. However, when the sequel comes out, I shall not miss it. Regarding Addy mentioning no need for more romance: actually I have to agree with Josie and thinks that there is always room for more romance. Maybe a triangle romance might be more interesting. As regards to replacing Tavia, well I am a fan of hers but if a replacement was necessary then maybe someone like Fala as she is a strong woman and can hold her own. But would be quite happy to have Tavia in it again.

    1. I don’t think Fala is very strong in her current role in Lives Of Omission…

      1. agreed. her senior officer command to her subordinates are not even convincing…

      2. Yes, her role as police officer is just dim, nothing special. From Can’t By Me Love, I have not seen anything special from her acting yet (I do not mean she is not a good actress but she can do a lot better)

    1. Exoidus,
      “add linda into a love triangle with Ruvia LOL”

      Since audiences wanted more expansion on the Raymond, Ruco, and Tavia love relationship, adding Linda in the cast would make it a rectangle. 🙂 Haha, this may be a likely approach.

      Personally, I am very bored by the love geometric shapes in TVB series. Love takes many forms, yet TVB writers are infatuated with romantic love. I would prefer they explore other forms such as family love to a greater extent, friendship love, brotherhood, spiritual love, etc.

      1. jayne,

        yeah i totally agree with you. that’s why i love TOT so much because other types of love were in the front seat i.e. family, friends, justice etc.

      2. Exoidus,
        “yeah i totally agree with you. that’s why i love TOT so much because other types of love were in the front seat i.e. family, friends, justice etc.”

        The sequel may change track and over-emphasize the triangle between Ruco, Raymond and Tavia. I also suspect they will add another actress who will fall for Ruco.

        I enjoyed the male friendship between Ruco, Louis, and Raymond in TOT. Hope they reassess the key ingredients in why the original series was successful and write more compelling cases. I also wish to see more emotional growth in the main characters, as I agree with other commentators that the emotinal growth was quite flat in TOT.

      3. “I also suspect they will add another actress who will fall for Ruco.”

        I hope Jayne’s prediction is correct. I didn’t like Tavia’s character much after completing the series. I hope TVB makes a wise decision to cast someone who matches Ruco physically and mentally. 🙂

    2. lol I agree with this idea! since Raymond Wong lacks a pairing then adding Linda would be perfect! Plus Linda and Tavia already get along very well in real life!

  3. Ruco did an excellent job in TOT. Looking forward for the sequel.

  4. In the sequel, tavia must choose between them……. The one that’s left out should be paired with some hot babe…haha… Ya loking forward to the sequel!

    1. always felt that tavia loved ruco in TOT. towards raymond is was more gratitude for saving her

      it should be a no brainer.

      1. Yeah I got that feeling too. Always felt that Tavia loved Ruco more, but was only grateful to Raymond for saving her life. And she didn’t want to let him down, so she picked no one. Besides, Ruco and Tavia has more chemistry.

  5. whee!!! would love to watch TOT2!! imo ruco and tavia makes a better couple.. perhaps a 4th person can get involve and it will be a typical happy ending.. somehow i cannot appreciate drama with sad endings.. haha!! love happy endings.. =)

  6. A little mini-survey, which proposed TVB sequel are you most excited by:

    1) The Other Truth 2
    2) Ghetto Justice 2
    3) War and Beauty 2
    4) Triumph in the Skies 2
    5) Rosy Business 3
    6) Lives of Omission 2 (not confirmed, but highly possible)

    Do you like sequels because they allow favorite characters to continue to live? Or you believe characters should have a limited life and over-expansion kills their attraction?

    1. TOT! by a mile

      want to know their relationship development, however im afraid they will make a bad sequel and kill the characters.

      TVB please add linda haha

      1. Exoidus,
        “want to know their relationship development, however im afraid they will make a bad sequel and kill the characters.”

        No doubt, the relationship will turn sexual. 🙂

        Sequels always have that risk of not being as successful as its original series, due to increased hype and higher expectations.

        Since a scriptwriter team is usually assigned to tackle different aspects of the script, hopefully they can retain as many of the supporting scriptwriters as possible so that there is more consistency in the characterizations.

        IMO, making a sequel may have too many creative limitations as scriptwriters are forced to work with the same cast of characters, but stay true to their personalities given new situations and new people they interact with. Or the actors may be inconsistent in their portrayals given the time that has elapsed since the original was filmed. The other case would be that there are few acting surprises as actors are encouraged to follow-up in their old characterizations due to their success.

        Anyhow, I think there are more things against making sequels in general due to creative limitations in writing and acting. I prefer there are more original stand-alone productions.

        How many times will Michael Tse appear as Laughing Gor? I would prefer if his acting talent were stretched by playing different characters.

        To answer my own question, I am looking forward to Ghetto Justice and Triumph in the Skies sequels the most. I think Ghetto Justice’s characters were well-fleshed and may provide more basis for additional interesting developments. I want to see a sequel to Triump in the Skies because hunky guys in pilot uniforms is always welcome! 🙂

        Personally, I think The Other Truth should not make a sequel. Although I enjoyed Ruco’s performance very much, I don’t want to see him act the same way again in the sequel. Plus the characters were not that well-fleshed and the sequel may only be driven by romantic development and new cases, which is not enough of a basis for a sequel IMO.

        War and Beauty should be stand alone. Too many years have elapsed since the original series and without certain key artists participating in the sequel, there is not much room left for continuation. Jonathan Chik’s motivation to make another sequel may be more commercially driven rather than having groundbreaking or artistic material to be explored in the sequel, which is not a good sign.

      2. Jayne,

        hope the sequel will just pick up where it ended i.e. still not a item and add another character who is not a laywer into the triangle.

        there will be no need for the scripwriters to change dramatically and just keep the same winning formula. i would be a turn off if the characters personality are inconsistent as you mentioned.

        would like to have a deeper look into “keiths” personality as i feel he is a very complex character. more written cases are a must.

        laughing gor is overexposed already i stopped watching LOO after 1st episode even though it was not bad.

        hope tvb can produce more series revolving around the relationshipo in corporations. im a sucker for that kind of series.

      3. Exoidus,
        “hope tvb can produce more series revolving around the relationshipo in corporations. im a sucker for that kind of series.”

        Agree, there is so much excitement in the corporate world that can be portrayed onscreen. I loved “The Greed of Man” and wish there can be a series portraying the excitement of the financial world, even if it were only serving as a backdrop only.

        And I really want to see Alex Man and Ken Tsang Kong again! They can portray the Wall Street sharks! 🙂

      4. Exoidus,
        Unfortunately TVB’s depiction of the corporate world is often full of coffee-breaks, gossips about colleagues, fluffy romances, and silly conversations.

        Did you watch the British version of television series, “The Office?” It was very funny, but too reminiscent of real idiocies in office life.

      5. I’m looking forward for GJ sequel the most. The writing for the first one is great and all characters are fleshed greatly and can be fleshed more for more sequels!

      6. Jayne,

        haha i thinking of “born rich” and even though i didn’t watch it in entirely i heard from friends that if was totally rubbish in term of how easily it was to play the market.

        in a fan of “at the threashold of an ara” which was great of the type of “under the canopy of love”

        the financial world theme is perfect to explore the human nature in detail.

        no haven’t watched it. these days in having problems finding interesting series to watch.

    2. None of the above?

      If have to choose one, then WAB2 because I wonder how they will make Gigi survive again.

    3. definetly,

      1) The Other Truth 2

      GJ – does not seem very interesting, except for seeing more mandy wong and the friendship between the 4 guys. especially also hate how they killed sharon’s character.

      3) War and Beauty 2
      4) Triumph in the Skies 2
      5) Rosy Business 3 — all 3 of these are not continuation of the orig. i believe, so can’t really count them as sequels, except for the name being a sequel and same actors/actress/directors/crew etc.

      6) Lives of Omission 2 (not confirmed, but highly possible) — need to see the ending first before i can tell if it’s worth a sequel.

    4. I vote for TOT and GJ.

      I like the way TOT given room also for the Green-leave actors to act so brilliantly. Like the C9 and the evil cop. To end the series with a hottie (Kenneth ma) is also a nice idea.

      Not only the three main characters whom has great chemistry. (I like most casts like Norman, Danny, Mom, and just only thinks Emily a bit “over” hehee) Would like to see more actors: Christine Ng wing mei, Sonia, Linda, steven ma..) the chemistry between good actors will be so interesting.

    5. Most excited for TOT and GJ, Hopefully in TOT they add linda and paired up w/ ruco.

      War and Beauty 2, overdose w/ all of this nei gong problem whatever..all of this cruelty between huang hou, huang thai hou etc…haha

      Rosy business 3?? errrr. nah, very very not excited ler..

    6. I want TOT2 and GJ2. TOT2, I want to see how they resolved the Keith-Mavis-Wallace relationship. GJ2, because I love the characters. So, I won’t mind seeing more of them. Too bad Sharon will be replaced by Nikki Chow.

    7. ^_^ War and Beauty 2 – it is hard to make sequel if they want keep the same settings (King gets his almost all wives back after the fire? The wives already knew other people’s hidden card, a few wives had died, several years have passed since the series was broadcast, the “Queen” is so old now)

  7. Btw, it looks like Producer Amy Wong has found her new muse in Ruco Chan! She cast him as the lead man in her last few productions.

    1. Amy Wong brings Kevin to stardom so Ruco is quite fortunate to become Amy Wong’s next muse :D. Ruco has better acting skills than Kevin too

  8. Awesome! Looking forward to who Tavia chooses! The first ending was good but it felt like something was missing.

  9. I am so happy to know there is a sequel for THE OTHER TRUTH. I think it is one of the nicest lawyer dramas in TVB. And I will look forward to watch Ruco’s and Raymond’s characters fighting for Tavia’s affection. It is going to be interesting. Hope there will be a happy ending for Ruco and Tavia in TOT. 🙂

    1. Hi Momo, I agree. would be excited to see more fight!! but how?? since most audience already like the TaviaRuco combo so much.. but Raymond Wong is very fit and hot may be he will give us some surprise?

  10. Raymond loss Tavia in Sweetness of the Salt to Steven Ma now he’s gonna lose her to Ruco…poor guy :-p

  11. the ending was good but has anyone know who actually Tavia love the most? Ruco or Raymond?

  12. TVB is going for the trend of doing sequels this year and next year. After a year of being called plagiarizing, now they are trying to regain their reputation by using their once popular dramas.

  13. TOT for me. Don’t like open-ended ending. I would like to see the development of KMW, eventhough we know like Exoidus’comment above that Mavis obviously loves Keith more.

  14. Not trying to be rude, but is the sequel really confirmed? I haven’t seen any news about the official announcement. =/

    If it is, I am excited, more for the cases (very intruging, IMO), but also for the relationship development. But I worry that they’ll just take the easy way out and throw in a new female for the leftout dude. If only they can retain the friendship factor even after Tavia pairs up with someone.

    1. Karened,
      Since this Appledaily news on “The Other Truth” sequel, there has not been any information yet. Until Producer Amy Wong or one of the cast members confirm the news, guess it’s still unofficial.

      1. Thanks for replying! Hopefully something gets announced soon! Ghetto Justice 2 has already been announced! =P

  15. I’m really excited for The Other Truth 2. I felt the ending was meant to create a sequel. If Tavia picked Ruco or Raymond, then there wouldn’t be a point in making a sequel. I enjoyed The Other Truth a lot more than Ghetto Justice. I found that Ruco did an amazing job as Keith. I think adding Linda is a nice touch. Maybe Linda starts falling for Ruco, and Tavia feels a bit jealous… realizing she likes Ruco most? I don’t know, hahaha.. TOT has very interesting and unique cases, like the one with the corrupted cops and the “Chima” rape case. I’m looking forward to this sequel more than Ghetto Justice.

    1. LOL, a typical story line, however i like it. Linda likes Ruco and Ruco starts to fall for Linda as well hehe

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