Ruco Chan’s Ex-Girlfriend, Eunis Yiu, Gets Married

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) sent his blessings when he heard from reporters that ex-girlfriend, Eunis Yiu (姚嘉雯) has already married her boyfriend, Mr. Lee, a mainland Chinese property businessman.

Ruco had started dating 2008 Miss Asia, Eunis Yiu, when he was working at ATV. Hoping to have another surge in his career, Ruco rejoined TVB. With Ruco’s filming schedule growing busier, the couple spent less time together and broke up amicably in 2010. Ruco admitted that he had sacrificed his love life for his career in past interviews; he currently remains single, filming non-stop over the last year.

It was reported that 28-year-old Eunis had registered her marriage with her 31-year-old boyfriend, Mr. Lee, of 6 months earlier this year. Mr. Lee had proposed to Eunis through a display of fireworks, fulfilling her wish of marrying before she turns 30 years old. Since their parents wished to celebrate the couple’s marriage, the low-profile couple held two banquets in Xian several days ago, exposing their marriage to the media. Due to the large number of family and friends, two banquets were held separately for each side of their families. Eunis’ good friend, Priscilla Chi (戚黛黛), attended the banquet.

Eunis appeared to have gained weight and was asked if she is pregnant. Eunis dodged the questions, but said that she hopes to have a baby soon. With her management contract with ATV about to expire, Eunis has not decided whether to renew her contract or not. She hopes to continue her entertainment career, but will no longer wear bikinis before the camera to respect her mother-in-law.

Although Ruco and Eunis remained friends after breaking up, he was not invited to the wedding banquet. Ruco explained, “She already has a family and since we’ve already broken up, it’s better to keep our distance.”

Flying to Kuala Lumpur to film TVB drama, Outbound Love <單戀雙城>, for a month, Ruco will also appear in famed composer, Joseph Koo’s (顧嘉煇) music shows. With his golf bag on his arm, Ruco also hopes to be able to spend some leisure time overseas.

Source: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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  1. in an interview recently, he said that love has no guarantee of reward and he would rather devote his time on his job which he believes to be more rewarding. A rather pessimistic view on relationships but i guess success took long to reach him so he really treasures his acting opportunities now.

    Nevertheless, as his fan, i wish him luck in his love life. hope he finds the right one soon.

  2. I like Ruco. He comes across as natural and down to earth.

  3. Eunis Yiu looks very pretty in the above photo.

    1. Sandcherry,
      I wonder if Ruco is able to let go of his past relationship with Eunis. Last year, he accidentally reposted one of Eunis’ old Weibo messages on his own Weibo. Fans had interpreted it as a sign that Ruco was thinking of Eunis and going through her old messages, while deleting it after he realized his mistake.

      1. Probably. Also Eunis is so pretty and has been with Ruco for a few years.

      2. This is my question too, Jayne!
        I think they were a stable couple and Eunice is indeed a nice and low profile person. She and Ruco were good match.. seems that Eunice might have requested more time with Ruco but he just couldn’t offer due to his busy schedule. poor thing.. some women would not want to wait for a guy forever who cannot spend time with you. Well, I am feeling quite sad for Ruco, knowing that he only knowing Eunice’s marriage from a reporter, and so sudden 🙁 wish Ruco spring will come sooner 😉

      3. Even if he wasn’t able to before, he has to now since she has moved on and is married now. Therefore, there is no use of him crying over spilled milk. She has moved so he will too because life is short.

  4. Saw Ruco at a mall in KL for the launch of ‘Outbound Love’, charming gentleman!

  5. There was once an interview with Ruco in Ming Pao magazine. Ruco said something like: my ex-girlfriend complaint that I didn’t placed her as No.1 position in my life, but, i just want to tell her now that I do always put her in No.1 of my life, however, a man must also need to work hard.
    I wonder is the ‘ex-gf’ means Eunice?

    1. Norika,
      From Ruco’s interview, he appears to have loved his first girlfriend (the model that he dated for 8 years) the most. She had wanted to get married, but this was during the time when he was making little money in the film industry.

      As for Eunis, he said something along the lines of he couldn’t spend time with her during holidays as he would be working. He couldn’t do something as simple as seeing the fireworks together in public, because he has to lead a low-profile romantic life as a promoted TVB artist. Since Eunis wanted to get married before turning 30, they likely felt that their future would be uncertain if they dated for another few years. Ruco likely didn’t want to “waste” her time having her wait around, possibly similar to what had happened to his first girlfriend.

      So he has “sacrificed” his love life on several occasions because of his acting career.

      1. The timing was not right and they had yuan but no fen… That’s just how it is sometimes… Career is important because without career, how can you support yourself and your future family??? I can understand why Ruco did what he did. Sadly, his love life did work out and at times you have to pick one or the other since you cannot always have both, especially for the guy since they are traditionally always expected to be the provider.

      2. Who do you think impacted him the most – Eunis or the model girlfriend? They were two different people, but it seems like the relationships were extremely similar. I have watched/listened to some of his interviews (Fan and Kam, one of the radio interviews) and it seems like whenever he talks about his love life, he is always referring back to either Eunis or the model. Do you think he holds his love life “failures” against himself?

    2. Norika,
      It’s understandable that once Ruco left ATV, he would see Eunis less. From what I remember, Ruco only spoke openly about his love life in Ming Pao magazine once:

      Ruco Chan: “I Sacrificed Love for My Career”

      His interviews are mostly bittersweet, as Ruco seems to be a reflective person who tries to think too hard about the past to avoid making the same mistakes. He’s a very cautious person.

      1. I read Ruco’s interview again.. sob sob! sometimes bad timing really makes a couple yau YUEN mo Fen

      2. Norika,
        It’s also the age of the women he’s been dating. In the late twenties, it’s natural for women to start thinking about marriage. So perhaps he may need a girlfriend who is similarly career-minded and wishes to postpone marriage plans until a later stage.

        I felt Yoyo Mung was very patient with Ekin Cheng, who took a long time to change his perspective on marriage but he finally did because that is what Yoyo wanted.

  6. Not surprised that he was not invited to her wedding. It is awkward to have your ex at your wedding even if you are still on good terms.

  7. I just love Ruco as a person. Hopefully he will be able to find the perfect person for him soon too.

  8. Was reading some news on the wedding recently and the reporters asked Eunis whether Ruco gave her up because of his career.. She was nice to not blame Ruco but instead said that its her princess personality and bad temper that was the cause of the split.. I’m impressed by her for not being spiteful and putting Ruco in bad light.

    She comes across as a matured lady and I quite like her

  9. The sad thing about love is you may not end up with the one you loved most.

  10. Ruco has such a Capricorn personality that its ridiculous.
    Also.. Hi! Long time reader just popping up for air, now going back underground lol

  11. Whoever she is, she looks pretty. I think it makes sense that you don’t attend any ex’s wedding or even gatherings however goods terms you are with them. It’s just too awkward. IMO, unless you have no feelings whatsoever w/your ex, no way it can comfortable for both parties.

  12. Ruco is person with experience in love and career. His bitter memories surely made him superb in acting sad scenes. Love him and wish he will find his Miss Right soon.

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