Sam Lee Prefers Jazz Lam Over Kevin Cheng As Groomsman in Wedding

Sam Lee (李璨琛) appeared as a guest at a restaurant opening, announcing that he will get married with his girlfriend, Pei, at the end of 2012. Although he has not starting feeling nervous about his impending wedding, Sam indicated that he will not be filming television dramas due to their constrictive work schedules. This will allow Sam to devote full attention towards wedding preparations. 

In March or April, Sam and Pei will be taking their wedding studio photos in Macau to capture lifetime memories. Sam budgeted $500,000 HKD for his wedding, while noting that the bridal cash gift will be discussed. Sam indicated that he hopes to spend his honeymoon in the Maldives. Asked whether he will try the current popular mainland trend of taking nude wedding photos, Sam said that he may consider figure painting instead. 

Revealing that his groomsmen will mainly be friends from outside the entertainment industry, Sam said, “I do not hope for a celebrity-studded  wedding, hoping to greet my close friends [on the wedding day] instead. I only got to know Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) last year, thus I will not ask him. If he has time, I will allow him to rest. There is a greater chance that Jazz Lam (林子善)will be one of the groomsmen, as he knows my close friends.”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Congratulations to Sam Lee! Newlyweds now take nude wedding photos? That’s a new trend for me!

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  1. Congrats!

    I saw an interview where Sam and Jazz said that they have known each other for about 10 years so I’m wouldn’t be surprised if he is a groomsmen.

    1. Well I used to think that bridesmaids and groomsmen where all close to the bride and groom but that was not always the case…

      Anyways, congrats to to Sam Lee and his to be wife!

  2. Nude wedding photos isn’t a new trend. If you say fully naked, then yes. Half naked, standing by the waterfall, recreating those romance novels covers (cringe!), that’s not new. Didn’t Power Chan and wife took a sauna something naked picture?

  3. I even heard that a couple appeared naked on their wedding day.. Ok, that is something new… I think we are mixing up naked versus nude….

      1. I used to think that too, but then I heard that naked is when you are mostly without clothes but still have at least something on. However, nude is when you have absolutely nothing on…. or was it the other way around?? I don’t remember now….But the point is, being nude is slightly different than being naked…

      2. Eh?? Really? Like how vegetarian who eats white meat insists they’re vegetarian?

        Isn’t nude the same as naked?

        I mean if you have bikini on that’s not naked or nude, that’s just scantily dressed.


        What about undressed? What about not dressed? What about dressed as if not dressed?


      3. By the way I don’t want to see Sam Lee naked. No no no.

      4. Like I have said, I am not sure… I used to think they are the same while others have told me that they are slightly different in meaning…

  4. In the Oxford Dictionary “nude”= naked, unclothed and “naked”= nude, unclothed, bare. In other words they mean the same. I hear that in Singapore it is quite the thing to hang a couples’ nude or naked wedding photos even in the sitting room. To me it shows horrible taste to do so though some may disagree.

    1. @P.Tan @Funn
      So from what I gather, the new trend in China and Singapore wedding photos is for the newlyweds to strip fully naked for their wedding studio photos? I suppose their private parts are tastefully covered in these photos? Or for the truly bold couples, they reveal as much as they want? So newlywed couples now like to take these artistic nude photos?

      I’ve heard of private nude couple photography, where couples take such photos for their own viewing pleasure. Just didn’t know this was becoming a trend to do so for their wedding albums.

      Hmm…quite a sexual vibe in such photos. And too much pressure to work out and put best body forward in such photos. I mean how many of us look like Greek gods/ goddesses fully naked? The gym locker can attest that many of us have imperfect bodies.

  5. Really?! Nude wedding pics? I’ve never heard of that.. Must be something new in hong kong..

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