Seo In Guk and Park So Dam To Play a High-Risk “Death’s Game”

Starring Seo In Guk, Park So Dam, and Go Youn Jung, JTBC’s upcoming highly anticipated fantasy Death’s Game trended hotly when it was revealed that stars including Jang Seung Jo, Choi Si Won, Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, and Lee Jae Wook are in talks to make special appearances as reincarnated lives of the main lead.

Death’s Game is adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name written by author Lee Won Sik and illustrated by Gul Chan. It tells a story following an unemployed 31-year-old Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk) seeking suicide after a series of unfortunate events in which cost him his girlfriend and entire life savings. His thoughtless decision significantly disrespected the powerful Death (Park So Dam), who proceeded to punish him by throwing him into a game that challenges him to find a way to survive the impending demise of 13 other lives.

With multiple reincarnations and different faces, Death’s Game has been described as the male version of The Beauty Inside. While fans are excited to see the chemistry between In Guk and So Dam, many are even more thrilled for the performances of Seung Jo, Si Won, Sung Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, and Lee Jae Wook. On top of creating a huge visual bomb, they have also displayed their capabilities as male leads in their respective dramas.

As the meaning of life is explored through the different reincarnations, the responsibility to effectively communicate the story’s message has fallen upon director Ha Byung Hoon. He is recognized for his emotionally well-paced and in-depth storytelling through notable works such as 18 Again and Go Back Couple.

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