Seo In Guk is a Smooth Swindler in “Minamdang: Case Note”

Starring Seo In Guk and Oh Yeon Seo, upcoming KBS comic mystery Minamdang: Case Note is expected to air in June after Bloody Heart. Drawing great anticipation with its latest stills, fans are beyond excited to see the popular characters being brought to life!

Minamdang is adapted from an award-winning Kakao novel of the same name written by author Jung Jae Ha. The story follows a former criminal profiler Nam Han Joon (Seo In Guk) working as a shaman swindler. Along with his colleagues, they encounter a series of mysteries while listening to the stories of the not-so-ordinary clients at a cafe named Minamdang.

Playing the suave and fashionista shaman, In Guk is seen in his black thick rimmed glasses, red suit, and coat in a new character still. Even the production team praised that In Guk fully embodies the character with his charisma, comical sense, and refreshing chemistry with other co-stars.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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