“Sergeant Tabloid” to Film Sequel; Michael Tse Pegged to Win TVB Best Actor Award?

Since the overseas airing and mainland China online streaming of Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰> , the drama has become extremely popular. The Hong Kong broadcast date has not been determined yet, but buzz has spread that TVB wished to film a sequel due to the positive reaction towards the drama! With Michael Tse’s (謝天華) management contract to expire this year, TVB was eager to retain him at the company, perhaps even using the Best Actor Award as a bargaining chip! Meanwhile, TVB will continue to persuade Niki Chow (周麗淇) to sign a management contract, due to her popularity with audiences.

Sergeant Tabloid became a hot topic of discussion in online communities, with overall positive reception. The police comedy contained numerous action and explosion scenes and was a “big budget production” by TVB standards. The beautiful, young cast was another viewing attraction. Screen captures of “Madam Kill” Mandy Wong ( 黃智雯) changing clothes in a locker room and revealing her bra straps aroused excited interest as well.

Michael Tse Cannot Be Let Go

Sergeant Tabloid completed filming in February. In April, overseas television stations in Malaysia and Australia purchased the airing rights to Sergeant Tabloid, showcasing the market strength of the drama and its main leads, Michael Tse and Niki Chow.

A sequel was planned for Sergeant Tabloid due to TVB’s high regard for Michael Tse and Niki Chow. A TVB insider commented, “There is a war in the local front! There are less fadans and siu sangs now. Michael Tse cannot be let go! TVB saw the positive audience reaction, so they will help Michael to fight for the TV King title!”

The insider added, “TVB also wants to make Niki Chow a ‘biological daughter.’ They have negotiated for awhile without success yet. Although Sergeant Tabloid has not been broadcast in Hong Kong, a sequel has already been planned. It would be best to feature the original cast! TVB wanted to let Niki see the company’s sincerity!”

Niki’s previous drama, Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>, was a critical and ratings success last year. As TVB continued to lose its leading artists to outside competitors, the company was eager to recruit Niki to become a “biological daughter” and increase the strength of its fadan base. Although rumored for months that TVB was hoping to sign Niki, there has been no progress in the contract negotiations yet. Niki’s manager said, “TVB has treated Niki very well all along. Whether she is ‘biological’ or not, that is a top secret! We cannot reveal that now!”

Source: ihktv.com

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Jayne: I can see the appeal of Niki Chow. She seems to have an “X” factor that makes her especially popular in romantic comedies. Not to mention her model good looks. At the same time, it is understand that Niki is taking her time and considering market options carefully before commiting herself to a multi-year contract with TVB.

What do you think of a sequel for Sergeant Tabloid?

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  1. Since the show is being broadcast overseas won’t this affect ratings? If the ratings tank, will TVB still film a sequel? Because they usually only really care about ratings in the HK market.

    If there’s no better option, I could easily see them use TVB King as the bargaining chip.

    1. Advo,
      Poor Michael Tse has been dangled the teasing carrot of the “TV King” title for the last 2 years. Last year, he was truly close, but Kevin Cheng’s popularity was too high.

      As for the ratings for “Sergeant Tabloid,” I think it should fare well. The critical audience market seems to be housewives, who presumably are not watching the streaming online broadcast. The comedic elements and “female empowerment” theme, amidst comedic and romantic moments, should have a good market. As long as the story is somewhat coherent, ratings should be fine.

      The current audience favorite among male lead characters seems to be Kenneth Ma’s role in “The Hippocratic Crush.”

      However, Wayne Lai can pose as a fierce competitor in the upcoming “The Confidant,” which should be able to air by year-end.

      1. If basing on the rating to become TV King, now Kent Cheng is having a very good opportunity as his series Greatness of a Hero peaked at 36, average 31 just in the third week 🙂

      2. ST has a fast paced storyline and a genre that TVB audience love. TVB plan to broadcast using summer holidays this year so it should do well.

    2. Look at Greatness of a Hero. It has the potential to become the highest rating series of first half of 2012. So broadcasting oversea can affect, or not.

      1. Apparently, some audience in Hong Kong probably didnt remember watching the series online 2 years ago. One of the reasons the raitings went into the 30s.

      2. It can also be that the audience who watch on TV are different from audience who watch online

    3. Classic example: TVB Ten Brothers… which TVB is so underestimated!

  2. I thought Michael Tse was going to get TV King for Laughing Gor last year but this year, so far, I’m rooting for Kenneth Ma.

  3. there is no chance tvb will give the tv king award to kenneth ma before giving it to raymond lam.. if they really wanted to promote kenneth they will probably give him a pork award or maybe the favorite male award

    1. So far this year only Kenneth’s role has hype although other series may have highbratings too but there are no hyped roles. We have to see what happen in second half when Raymond’s HAL ans Wayne’s TC aired. There is Damian too with SSSS which is rumoured to be anniversary series due to it’s scale.

      1. that Damian series and Wayne’s eunuch series look like they will be the important anniversary series

      2. ROFL conclusion from here is LF and Ken Ma will battle against veterans Damien and Wayne this year? Bring it on!

      3. MC serial killer series will air next month. TVB will hype hom up too as usual LOL

      4. I doubt that Txb will give it to Damien. Look at Catch me now.

      5. Doubt TVB will give it to Wayne again either if they don’t give to Damian. So it leaves Kenneth and Raymond to face off and like Vivien said, maybe the annual special wildcards Moses and maybe Michael Tse.

        There’s a different though between CMN and SSSS. SSSS is a much bigger scale and bigger budget drama, filming many scenes in Shanghai.

      6. Lolz, The master of Taichi was filmed in Shanghai for full and you can see wat happened to it :P. Just up to how much Txb love someone for the promotion.

      7. The Master of Tai Chi fail badly in terms of the plot. Having great cast , great scenery but end out very boring. I always can finish up almost tvb series except Tai Chi that I give up after 5 episode. The rating point also not great enough. For SSSS, haven’t air so cant just this series will be success or failure.

      8. I don’t think Damian will get the TVB best actor award either. Isn’t it true that he doesn’t have a long-term contract with TVB but rather individual series contracts? Jayne, can you clarify this? Thanks!

        Also, poor Ken Ma will get shafted again despite his hardwork. He just doesn’t know how to kiss-up in an industry that pretty much relies on it for survival. But, I really respect him for staying true to his principles. Too many people have already sold their souls in a manner of speaking ….

      9. Saying about filming in Shanghai, a-pop. Not that filming in Shanghai means the series will great or highly promoted.

        I think Master of Taichi is boring but slightly better than some Txb series aired last year (this year, too). The last part of the series is better than first 5 eps as the story goes more intense and fighting scenes are so good.

      10. I think you are underestimating Ma Ming, vcn. He isn’t this easy guy. Recently, he shows. Just that his stardom isn’t up to the level.

  4. Sergeant Tabloid is pretty good and it keep me chasing for next eps. Nicki is improving everytime and she portrait pretty good in ‘ST’

    Mandy done real good job in ‘ST’ which made me liking her more.

  5. It depends on how great and popular LF will be in the drug series. If LF can’t pass Yat Kin then Kenneth can win but they can also win one award each. Kenneth can gwt favourite charqcter

    1. Who say that this HAL can be aired this year :P? It’s up to how Txb treat real kids.

      1. HAL has LF and Kate the promoted first liners. Even if HAL not around LF still gor BT3K but his cop character look more intwresting

      2. Lol, don’t tell me that you have much hope on this 3Krap. I don’t, especially after the oversea trailer, haha.

  6. Nikki is ok, Mandy Wong was a miscast. I am beginning to like Michael again.

    1. you think Michael can challenge Kenneth, Raymond and Wayne for Best Actor this year?

    2. Disagree about Mandy. She’s doing well although once again she’s given a role that people will hate. Fox was right it’s all about the roles now

      1. Audience will hate her in the first few episodes. But, her character became more likeable as the series goes. At least, this is the case for her. I hated her character in the first 5 episodes. But, now, I like her character more and more.

      2. I find it unbelievable how suddenly they’re all so buddy-buddy. The change is too sudden and again unrealistic in a sense. And I feel she is a miscast because I see a better choice for Madam Kill who will be more believable in one of the supermodel cops in this series. Unfortunately she doesn’t have that chance to take on a semi-lead role.

    3. I like mike too but he needs to do something about his hair.

    4. yeh Mandy Wong’s a miscast. She’s too short to be in a Superintendent. Her story with Matthew and her dad was boring too.

      Niki looked great as a cop.

      1. all the other girls looked great as cops coz they’re all tall and slim. Whereas that Miki girl and Mandy….. too short! Mandy especially looks ‘chubby’ on screen.

      2. the cheong-sam part…..Mandy looked like a grandma… the pink blotchy material was just wronggggg

        Niki won in this part too.. never seen her in chinese traditional clothes. very feminine.

      3. It’s not the material. The Miki girl or Grace Wong will look good in that pink cheongsam. Mandy’s body is not slim enough.

        Mandy looks good in police uniform, but, doesn’t look good in cheung sam. Maybe she has wide shoulders or sometime. She looks muscular in swimsuit.

  7. ” Screen captures of “Madam Kill” Mandy Wong ( 黃智雯) changing clothes in a locker room and revealing her bra straps aroused excited interest as well.”

    I think the only one who get excited is the writer of this article. What so excited about revealing a bra strap?

    Sergeant Tabloid is better than I expected. Very enjoyable series. Too bad it is not aired in TVB current. TVB series are great at doing brotherhood scenes, but, sisterhood scenes are lessen. This series has a lot of sisterhood scenes. I think this is the first TVB series yet to be aired in HK that get a sequel.

    1. I think “home boys” get excited by any sign of lingerie. They’re hoping to see the girl ‘jou gwong’.

      Personally, I think showing obvious bra straps, looks tacky.

    2. Bra straps!
      The things netizens do nowadays.
      Much ado over nothing.
      I see countless colored ones on the street everyday.

  8. This show is a lot better than expected. It’s great! I expect it to get pretty high ratings when it airs in HK.

    1. i agree with ya!! The series have turned into a must watch for 2012..by far best so far for the year 🙂

  9. Niki has the midas touch!
    Michael is looking too old- badly needs a make-over. And I hope they’ll stop giving him tiny “dancing scenes” in every series!!!! Tacky!
    Enjoying the show so far.

    1. Niki is pretty and looks good onscreen. Her acting isn’t that great but she has very good looks that’s suitable to be a leading female. I think that’s why TVB loves her.

      1. Disagreed!
        Niki is perfect for this type of role and I enjoyed watching her natural acting.
        If Fei Hup is being played by Chilam”s wife, I think it won’t be so nice.
        She is a bit too old n haggard

    2. Totally agreed!
      And grow the hair, Mike!
      Although Niki tries to dress and look more matured, she still look too good to be “middle woman” in the role.
      I like Niki to portray younger and more chirpy character.

      1. Michael was filming this right after Turning Point 2, his hair didn’t have any chance to grow and the only thing they could try was to shave it in a different way :p

  10. this drama is boring TBH. it focuses too much on their personal lives instead of crime fighting.

  11. LOL another great drama lead by Niki! Twice this year!

    1. Niki shows good potential.
      Only if she is willing to develop acting career single-mindedly, she can make it to the top anytime.
      But she likes to sing and her effort didnt pay off.

      1. Niki also likes to write and design.
        She has multi talents, lol.

  12. Just finished watching esp 20 in Australia… it say esp 20 is the last esp but the ending is a bit of a fizz! >_< I was going what the?! It definitely need another sequel to continue on coz I had no idea what happened!

    1. can someone explain to me the ending? how can she forgive him that easily? Vincent turning up at the end was a surprise!

      1. i really hope they can make a sequel and vincent reprise his role! id choose vincent over michael!! he seems like a great guy lol

  13. oh man, I like Niki and really want to watch this but I can’t stand Michael Tse

    1. he just looks like a cocky arse and i dislike people like that…i mean i guess he can’t help how he looks but his facial expressions make me want to punch him.

      1. He is actually nice in person. Friendly and smile a lot.

      2. I like Niki too.
        She is so charismatic.
        Ya, Mike has that distinctive cocky look and that’s why he is laughing Gor,lol.
        His character will change for the better in eps 18 and the couple bickering will come to a halt.

      3. Hahaha, give him one from me as well. Would’ve given this series a try if it wasn’t for him.

      4. TVB always dwell on the same storylines like undercover, main lead in coma, hit by a dashing car, illegitimate children, power struggle in wealthy families,etc.
        I think we can anticipate their scripts after watching the same stuff, lol.

  14. I love Sergeant Tabloid. Its pretty funny! Niki&Michael is such a funny bickering couple than Fala & Michael. I like N&M’s on-screen chemistry.

    1. Although Mike looks a little too old and haggard to pair up Niki, he is good in his role.
      Niki certainly has come a long way and shows improvement. Very touched with the scene when she was in tears and struggle to lock up her boyfriend.
      She looks alot more matured and less “Niki” now.

      1. Michael was hitting 30+ hours straight for consecutive days rushing this series before he had to report for his mainland drama, and there was a period of time he had to fly to and from hengdian filming both at the same time — the tiredness definitely showed in some of his scenes. But I thought they made a very great pair, both visually and in terms of chemistry.

      2. I see…
        Hope he will be fresh in the sequel.
        Can’t wait to see part2.
        Hopefully Vincent will put up a good fight with Mike over Niki.

      3. I like Vincent too.
        I was exasperated when he was captured by Niki. Such a good-looking guy and seems very much in love with her.
        Hopefully he will be given a meaty role in the upcoming sequel.

  15. I think Michael Tse successfully remove the Laughing Gor persona from his character in this series. Michael Tse, the actor, is back.

    1. Michael Tse the actor has never been gone, really… Whenever the script allows it, he’s always been there.

    1. On the contrary, I find it very fast-paced and engaging.
      Felt that some parts can be more fine tuned and not being lost on the way.

  16. I will say its a ok series… too short. Last 5 episodes was exciting.

    Yep Michael Tse… no Laughing Gor gimmicks.

    I will give a chance for TVB to do this a sequel.

  17. Mike (Yat Yat) likes a nurse Charlie who he worships like a Goddess.
    She is actually Raymond Lam real sister.

    1. Wait! Which one?


      The nurse he almost married? I am a it confused. I can only remember one nurse that has such thick make up and too much lip gloss that she just looks weird.

    2. Raymond’s real sister is not a actress. Raymond’s cousin is indeed in TVB, but, she’s not the one who played the nurse. The actress who played the nurse is Becky Lee.

      1. If Raymond and Lin Xia Wei (his real life cousin) were paired up as a couple, and the script required them to kiss, you’d weckon they’ll do it? hehe just curious.

    3. Nope, she isn’t Lin Xia Wei aka LF’s cousin (his sister isn’t an actress). Xia Wei’s only Txb series up to this moment is 結·分@謊情式 aka Til love do us lie

  18. Niki and Michael got very exhilarating chemistry indeed!
    But very little lovey dovey…sigh
    Niki loos so awesome in her uniform
    Well done!

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