Sharon Chan Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) attended the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 event. Recent tabloids claimed that Sharon was one of the TVB fadans who underwent plastic surgery.  Sharon denied the rumors but admitted that her features were markedly different than ten years ago.

Sharon said, “When look at the photos, I also felt that I had plastic surgery. My features changed due to make-up, facials, and beauty routines. I am very diligent and will spend over $10,000 HKD on facials each month.”

Insisting that she was afraid of pain and side effects, Sharon will not change her features [via plastic surgery]. Sharon added that if her muscles were to sag in old age, then she may consider the procedures.


Jayne: Sharon used to have a more marked jawline, which has diminished in severity in the last few years.

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      1. Joey Meng possesses 42-inch legs while Sharon Chan’s is 43 inches long. However, I still prefer Joey Meng’s beauty. She does not seem to have undergone any surgery and until now she has not aged even a little bit.

      2. “She does not seem to have undergone any surgery and until now she has not aged even a little bit.”

        This isn’t true. Just watch MDWAV1 and MDWAV3 back to back and you can see the difference. Her age shows in ‘Men of Justice’. But, I agree that she does not seem to have gone under the knife.

      3. Joey Meng is like 10 years older than Sharon, yet she still looks young. This is due to Joey rounder face structure. Sharon face is very long, this type of thin long face will age more visibily.

      4. @LeilaFan,
        Totally agree with you! Rounder faces don’t age as fast as bony structured and more slender faces. However, more slender faces look more attractive when you are younger but age a lot faster as you get older.

      5. I’ve always admired Joey Meng’s legs (Esp in MY date with a vampire).

  1. Tavia denies having plastic surgery, Raymond Lum denies it too…and Sharon denies it now…DOESN’T surprised me at all.. I already expected Sharon will deny. No surprise really.

    1. I dont get the point in denying… we are going to know sooner or later. and so what if they had plastic surgery… seems like everyone is doing it these days…

      1. No one likes their “secrets” to be exposed especially when you’re a natural beauty to begin with. Many would like be labelled and addressed as Natural Beauty Like rosamund kwan, cherry chung, lin ching har etc. I guess it’s pressure, competitors, money etc that leads these artists to undergone plastic surgery. Ray Lam is a different story lol.

      2. Sorry i meant to say when you’re NOT a natural beauty to begin with.

      3. Wow, your one offensive person… Well outer beauty isn’t all that matters. What matters in inner beauty; which YOU don’t have.
        I agree with you by the part which no one likes their secrets exposed. But let me remind you, these are ‘celebrities’ we are talking about. Some are trailed by paparazzi 24/7. Theres not many possible ways they can keep a personal secrets.

      4. @Stephanie,
        Of course inner beauty is more important, however, for celebs outer beauty is important as well since the audience does NOT know any of them personally. Therefore, looks are one of the central factors that people will judge them by. That is also how it is with people we know personally when we first meet them. Sadly, it is a shallow world that we live in. People can be nice, talented and have everything else, however, IF they don’t look at least decent physically, they are not going to go that far sadly…

        I don’t blame celebs for getting plastic surgery since it is their choice. BUT I really hate it when they have to lie through their teeth even when it is so obvious. If they are so ashamed of getting plastic surgery or any injections, then why do it in the first place??

        There are some artists that don’t get plastic surgery but are still successful and well liked regardless. But I know that there aren’t many of those artists…

      5. The “YOU” were refering to those artis who denied they had plastic surgery. It was not meant for you. Of course, those artists will deny that they had any niptuck job done on their bodies because they are no natural beauty to begin with..

      6. @stephanie,

        yes you can keep the plastis surgery secret good even they are trailed by papparazi 24/7. One can apply long leave and just stay at home until the wound heals. Papparazi won’t knock on their doors and ask for pic taking

    2. It is also doesn’t surprise me at all.. I am not sure if it is considered a secret anymore since most of us can see it. But in some cases, if it is something minor then it is hard to tell.

      1. EXACTLY! Whats the point in lying when is so obvious! Tho, there are cases where a celebrity goes through underground training to get a complete re-makeover.

    1. @Larry,

      For saying having “injection” definitely sounds better than “yes, I had surgery on my boobs, nose, jaw etc” right? I believe that’s the new way for artist to deny and “tai chi” the reporters when they were asked for having plastic surgery.

      1. Not sure if its cellulite lol since Sharon is quite thin in person. Doubt any part of her has any. I’m guessing she prolly had her jaw or nose fixed. xD

    1. Kidd,
      If Sharon had any plastic or cosmetic procedure on her face, I would guess on her jaw. Her jaw used to be quite squarish similar to Bernice Liu. Maybe botox injections to relax the jaw muscles?

      1. I am guessing that it is botox too. But doesn’t botox also become visible as well since it makes your facial muscles all stiff…

  2. Hmm yea I agree with some of your guys. Why are people denying about having platic surgery? I can understand why but I want to hear from their opions. I agree with Jayne that if Sharon did do surgery she probably would have done it on her jaws. But she was pretty in the past also xD

    1. Sorry for the typos… My iPhone keyboard is so small compared to the normal key boards of my laptop. Hehe

  3. These days it’s quite difficult to find a person without modification I mean real beauty without plastic surgery.

    1. It is hard in the circle and also in real life as well, but more possible in real life. I know some of my friends whom are naturally pretty(if you don’t count make up that is),however, it is rare…

      1. I see many natural beauty in real life when I was in college, MANY. Especially with Vietnamese girls living oversea. They are petite and cute, and they natural beauty. You can tell they natural beauty, Vietnamese people have wider nose but it goes well with their face, many of them are cute.

      2. @LeilaFan,
        Don’t think that all Vietnamese have a wide or big nose since I know many that don’t. A number of my Vietnamese friends have a very high nose. When you said natural, did you mean without make up or with make up?? If it is with make up, then I am not sure if you can call that natural beauty completely. My friends have good features and all, but they wear lots of make up as well…

      3. Majority Vietnamese have wider nose. That is the characteristic of Southeast Asia facial features, even research say that. Just like in China, Northern part like Beijing woman are more like “Zhang ziyi” features, thin, taller nose. While in the Southern China like Guangdong, girls have rounder face, double eyelids and wider nose. This say for majority. I’m from Xian, which is Northern, but I have wider nose than most girls in Xian, LOL!
        I see beautiful Vietnamese girl with and without makeup. And how do you define “make up”? I don’t wear facial powder, I don’t wear eyeshadow or eyeliner, but I plug my eyebrown so it stay in shape, does that consider make up? LOL!
        And trust me, wearing facial powder eats your skin, even with the expensive brands. I maintain my skin looks young because I never put powder on my skin. SO advice for girls, if you naturally have good skin, don’t put powder on it, your skin can’t breath and it damage your skin in the long run.

      4. A beautiful girl with make up on will still be beautiful. An ugly girl with make up on might turn out presentable. You can tell the real beauties from the posers if you have a discriminate eye. Most people cannot however. Especially if those people are men.

        Oh, since we’re talking about Vietnamese girls..when I was in Ho Chi Minh City a couple of years back…the girls there are very beautiful!

      5. And if someone never been under the knife, never have injections, or botox.
        If their face stay as what nature give them, and they never alter their face or inject botox or knife, then I still consider them a “natural beauty”. Make up just enhance the feature of your face.

      6. @LeilaFan,
        What you are talking about reminds me of what one of my former classmates used to tell me. She is from TianJin. She said that the people from the northern region of China have lighter skin, are taller, have higher noses,etc… While the ones from southern China are shorter, have darker skin, wider noses,etc… Not sure how true that is though. Just like people said that the girls in North Vietnam are prettier than in South Vietnam. I don’t think that is 100% true.

        Make up is of course wearing foundation, powder, eye shadow,concealer,lipstick. One of my friends wears everything except for the eye stuff(like eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner), while my other friend wears everything… I agree with you that make up is bad for your skin and eats it up. I don’t wear any form of make up at all since my parents never allowed me to. They always told me stories about how make up messes up your looks and all… One of my friends would argue with me that make up doesn’t if you use the good brands, but make up is make up… Of course, she would defend make up since she wears it every single day.

        What is “plug your eyebrown”?? Do you mean “pluck your eye brow”?? If so, no that is not considered make up. I don’t do that either but luckily my eye brows naturally have a decent shape. I am afraid of the pain…ouch.

        Of course a girl that is already beautiful will look even better with make up. You have seen the celebs and even normal people with and without make up right?? Don’t some of them look like 2 different people?? There are some people that can’t tell from a distance, but close up you can see it all… The best way to tell is to touch the person’s face and scrub a bit then you know for sure. BUt who would allow another person that they don’t know(or even if it is someone you know) to do that?? I actually had that done to me before since people did not believe that I had no make up on…LOL…

        I am not sure how the girls in Vietnam look since I have not been there. However, I met some that were overseas students and the ones that I met did not look that great… But then again, I only met some so I don’t know sure…

  4. She might not go under the knife but she might have taken some needles 😛 ROFL

  5. This should be a picture of hers taken way back in year 2002. She has a sticker with the words 情事緝私檔案 (The Trust Of A Life Time) on her shirt. Thisis a series aired in year 2002.

    Not much change actually. Maybe the jaw like Jayne said.

    Btw, I do not think Kate has anything fix. I check her old photos. I think it’s just losing baby fat.

    1. The link doesn’t seem to work? But here’s another one in case people want to know her change in appearance over the years.

      from this

      to this

      It’s hard to change the jaw itself even with weight loss and there were rumors that Sharon and Tavia both got injections of some kind (and this type of massage that relocates the bones on one’s face to make it smaller). Obviously there’s no definite proof that this is true but it’s surely suspicious how her jaw has softened dramatically.

      1. Whoa, I thought it was Kelly Chen for a second there in the first picture!

      2. WOW, can injections actually relocate the bones on your face?? That sounds really dangerous and unhealthy. I heard that getting too many shots messes up your bone tissue.

      3. @Lily @HeTieShou,
        Botox injections can be used to relax the jaw muscles and make the jaw appear smaller. I think this is the most common technique used to slim the jaw outside of surgery.

      4. @Jayne,
        Thanks for the info!I heard that someone died once when they tried to have plastic surgery to change the shape of their jaw… scary at times that people would go through so much just to look a bit better for a period of time.

    2. I also think it’s very difficult to change the jaw line but not impossible. I had a very round face as a child. Round like the moon or a tomato, if you will. As a teenager, it was square. Not excessively so, but the jaw line was square. As an’s somewhere in between LOL but looks much longer and slimmer than before. I inherited the shape of my face from my father…he and all 5 of siblings went through the same phases. They did not grow into their adult faces until they were 29-30 years…and I’m almost there hahaha

      But I must also mention, that I’m much slimmer as an adult than I ever was as a child or teenager. So, I’d guess my face changed according to puberty and weight loss. Sharon has always been relatively slim and we’ve witness her changes as an adult…so unless she can prove that her family possesses the same trait..then I’m hedging my bets on “man made improvements.” :T

      1. Oh, I must clarify, my jaw did not change, just the shape of the face in frontal viewing. I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thinks not that I’ve seen the pics.

      2. Possible to change jaw line. If they can change Michael Jackson from black to white, they can change jaw line, LOL!

  6. Her big face is so disproportion to her skinny body. Her acting and face sucks. I can only give her credit for her long legs. Joey Meng looks great for her age. Sharon looks older than her age.

  7. I don’t really think she looks different. Well, I take that back. I think she looks much skinnier now than her..Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion days. I hope I got that series right, she was paired with Bosco or something.

    I always thought her face used to be sort of chubby in those days, not excessively, just not small. It’s much slimmer now, but I’ve just begun to notice how skinny she is now overall. I must confess though, I didn’t pay attention to her figure before until Ghetto Justice haha.

    I think Sharon’s gorgeous. But she’s just so scarily skinny..even though they like that in Asia.

  8. I feel so sad that I don’t look nice with make-up on. I always envy those girls that have big eyes because it’s already an advantage having big eyes. It easily enhance how they look when they have eye liner & eye shadow on. So, my looks are always the same day & night even if I have dinner to attend because I don’t put make-up. Agree that some girls who know how to use make-up to enhance their looks really stand out nicer but those who don’t seem to all caked-up. I know there are some girls that think that you’ve to put lots of make-up to make you look nice. And yes, agree that usually girls from the northern part are usually fairer (pretty I won’t comment much). Significance can be seen in China, India, Vietnam for example.

    1. LOL, that is why some men jokes and say that once their wife/gf take off her powder and make up, they can’t recognize their wife, LOL!!!!

    2. Maybe you did not put it on the right way. I personally got scared when I saw myself with make up on. I thought that I looked better without it. I don’t think having big eyes is all that great. Some people have such big eyes that it looks “bug eyed”. I think having eyes that are average is best since having eyes that are too small is not that attractive either. My looks are the same day and night as well since I don’t want to look significantly different with/without make up. Putting on make up each day takes a lot of work too. I am too lazy for that as well. Make up is also expensive as well…

      Not sure if everyone in the North looks better than the South in some countries. It may be true for China, but not sure about India and Vietnam. For Vietnam, I have noticed that a lot of the girls from the South are pretty as well.

      1. ” I personally got scared when I saw myself with make up on. I thought that I looked better without it. ”

        “I don’t want to look significantly different with/without make up. Putting on make up each day takes a lot of work too. ”

        Maybe you need to learn the different techniques to apply make up on. Make up is suppose to enhance our looks and that’s why it’s so expensive. Make up is a skill you need to learn over time and not just slap it on your face to have the desired effects.

        Lol, I’ve seen people who doesn’t look good with make up on because they have acne skin, but I’m pretty sure, they still look better with make up than without it.

        It requires some patience and lots of practice when using make up. Search for some helpful tutorials on YouTube on how to apply make up.

  9. I don’t have big eyes, but I consider myself look OK. I like what God give me.
    Not all big eyes look good, if your eyes is big and pop out like those goldfish then No no! LOL!

    1. Funny how you mention that since one of my classmates(she is white though) had such big eyes that others made fun of her and called her “bug eyed”. I thought that it was mean of them but now that I think of it, her eyes were a bit too big…

      1. I think everything average is good. Not too big eyes and not too small like Korean population eyes. Same with nose, not too tall nose like those Middle eastern and not too flat nose. When you born, your face structure is well balance out as what God give you the way it is. Some people alter change their nose shape and it turns out to not balance with their face structure, so not always plastic surgery will make you beautiful. Some succeed, some failures.
        HeTieShou, I notice you mentioned your classmate alot in your post, so I guess you in school? Just curious, you don’t have to answer.

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