Sharon Chan Shares Bedroom Secrets to Promote “Come with Me”

Although the upcoming TVB sex comedy, Come with Me (性在有情), received a lot of attention initially, the hype over the daring television subject subsided after filming commenced in early 2015. However, the series is again stepping into the limelight and will be airing exclusively on TVB’s Internet outlet source, myTV SUPER soon. Leading actors Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), Elena Kong (江美儀), Louis Cheung (阮兆祥), Sammy Sum (沈震軒), Grace Wong (王君馨), and Gloria Chan (陳華鑫) attended an event to promote the drama. 

The cast attended the occasion in daring outfits. Sharon and Grace were the two most daring actresses, who stepped onto the stage in sexy lingerie. Due to the subject of the series, a large king-sized bed was one of the main props at the event. Portraying a married couple, Sharon and Eddie boldly posed for photos on the bed.

Sharon, who portrays a sex therapist in the drama, candidly admitted that she has learned a lot about sex, including new positions. When teased whether she has put her newfound education to real-life practice yet, Sharon unabashedly said, “Of course! I’ve tried many moves!” Already 37 years old, Sharon confessed that she is ready to have children and will publicly share the good news when time comes.


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  1. Sigh Sharon Chan. Why her?

    And this series will continue the tradition of Sharon Chan- always a mention of her long legs and a close up of her bottom. Never had a series without those two.

  2. Sharon looks great as look like she gain bavk some weight. Was looking mighty skinny before. Think Elena will be excellent in this drama as she oooze sex appeal imo!

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