Sheren Tang To Film “War and Beauty 2” in February; Unable to Accept Lesbian Theme

To prepare for filming War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽2> in February, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) was actively following the best skin care routine to display her most beautiful side in the drama. In an earlier sales presentation clip, Sheren and Ada Choi (蔡少芬) shared a lesbian scene in War and Beauty 2. In a radio interview with Eileen Cha (查小欣), Sheren indicated that the series spoke about the loneliness in the imperial palace and the need to find someone to love.

Should the official theme focus on lesbian relationships, Ada Choi indicated that she will not act in War and Beauty.  Sheren agreed with Ada’s position, as actors possessed social responsibility; the world was already confused and there was no need to praise or preach on same-sex relationships. In addition, her religious beliefs [influenced her viewpoint]. However, if one of the [minor story arcs] were to focus on lesbian relationships, then it will not be too surprising.

Continuing to Portray Yu Fei

In War and Beauty 2, Sheren will continue to portray Yu Fei; however, the character’s personality will not be the same. She will attempt to control the royal harem through different means and manner. Although Sheren has not seen the script yet, but believed that the dialogue will be very difficult to memorize. Sheren was grateful towards Producer Jonathan Chik (戚其义) in casting her as a villainous character in the original War and Beauty and seeing a different side of her.

Source: Apple Daily

Jayne: The lesbian relationship between Sheren and Ada will likely remain, although it will not be the main focus of “War and Beauty.” I wonder which additional actresses they will cast as concubines. TVB’s artists seem to be stretched very thin these days, as the popular ones are busy making money by filming in China and the even bigger stars have decided to not renew their contracts.

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  1. Why Ada backtracked when in promo she filmed a kissing scene with Sheren? Mark my words. The so called lesbian theme will end up as nothing much.

    1. Got kissing scene? I watched the sales presentation clip and only saw them sleeping in one bed facing each other. I didn’t see them kiss.

      1. Remember Jayne posted an article about that? Wasn’t there a kissing scene?

      2. @ Funn

        But, I watch the actual sale presentation, that kissing scene is not there. Such a important scene, if it’s there I wouldn’t miss it.

    2. I find it odd too. It wasn’t really a kissing scene but allusions to it. Regardless, both Sheren and Ada should know so it’s odd that they are objecting after filming a promo. And since it was an element of the sales presentation, it should be more than just a side story.

      I don’t care that Ada and Sheren aren’t advocates of homosexuality – or are uncomfortable with it/portraying it, but I agree that it’s backtracking to film a promo first and then protest the theme. Or part of the theme, whatever.

      I never expected the element to remain though, TVB (and many parts of Asia) is too conservative for this.

      However, I still think it could be a good series. Sheren, Ada and now Christine – it’s shaping up to be one of the better cast in any TVB show for a while! My guess is that either Myolie and Tavia (or both) will join. TVB will need to use this opportunity to push some of their own. Both Tavia and Myolie have a “successful” palace drama where they lead, so it would make sense to me, to push them again this time. Unless, the “top dogs” protest or TVB fear they will protest, but I really don’t see it since WAB had Sheren and Maggie vs. Charmaine and Gigi.

      1. No Myolie or Tavia please. Even as a fan of Myolie, they have way too many series next year already! I rather they cast Elaine Yiu, Claire Yiu, Selena, etc.

      2. Even though I like both Myolie and Tavia, I don’t want them to be in it either, and I don’t think they will be anyways. Myolie will be in Mainland and Tavia will still be filming Aristocratic Family.

        I think only Fala and Linda would be free at that time? but I think they’re probably going to use this opportunity to promote some lesser famous upcoming fadans.

      3. I guess all of the fadans and everyone are all leaving or have left TVB so they are running out of artists to feature in their series…. Will TVB’s ship sink soon??

  2. It’s interesting how these 2 actresses give religious belief as the reason for them rejecting the lesbian theme, but, they are ok with filming scenes of killing and murder and play villains in a series.

    1. Kidd, I wouldn’t go to that route. I once heard in a I believe book or movie which says talking about religion is rather rude. I do agree. I mean nothing stirs up an argument better or faster than politics or religion. Everyone has their belief. Killing is not for real but the act of kissing nowadays is. Maybe that’s their stand on that. Both are devout christians right?

      1. They clearly state in the article. They are against the lesbian theme, not just the act of kissing.

        I only comment based on what I read in their article.

        Lots of other topics also cannot stir up arguments. All cannot talk?

        I disagree that talking about religion is rude.

      2. Religion kills. Other topics rarely. And the theme is lesbianism and technically christianity is against homosexuality. AT LEAST they’re consistent.

      3. They are only consistent in this one issue, but, pretty lenient in others.

      4. I wonder if they are against the lesbianism theme due to their religion?? We all know that they are both devout christians(especially Ada since she seems to base every aspect of her life on it).

      5. There is only one reason why anyone would be against homosexuality and it is from the religious aspect. Personal views often is born out of religious beliefs.

      6. Funn,

        U underestimate people’s reasons. Another reason is hate and then using religion as a shield. Like those nasty white supremists.

      7. nasty white supremacist cites religion as their source, so all leads back to religion. And when I say religion I do mean a personal interpretation, not religion generally.

      8. Some men also rejects homosexuality on the grounds of it offending their masculinity 😛

      9. it is indeed a sensitive and personal subject; one we try to avoid whenever we have gatherings. just to share, during one of the american idols seasons (forgot which) my friends were all for adam lambert. but when they read that he’s gay, my friends switched camp.

      10. yeah~ it’s so crazy how people would die and kill for their religion. it just blows me away, but i’ll just displace my disgust towards it by viewing religion as a way to maintain population. Christianity, or any religion against homosexuality, is just maintaining reproduction rate

    2. I also think it’s interesting that she is against playing a character in which a lesbian relationship is the main theme, but ok w/ the character if it is only a small theme… if her reason is religion, then she should be against it either way… kinda contradictory.

      1. Well, murder and murderers don’t really stir up controversy persay, since I believe everyone pretty much agrees killing someone is immoral and series don’t go about advocating the act of killing. But gay and lesbian themes are widely debated topics and can be argued as immoral or moral and then religion can come in to play. There is no drama, I believe, that goes out saying killing is ok but there are that will come out and advocate lesbian themes.

    3. Kidd, I think they may be ok with filming it as a side plot, but not if it’s promoted as the main theme, meaning the main love story in series, shouldn’t be promoting gay relationships. For example, I think they will be ok if it’s a side plot about how bored they are in the palace, and they only have each other for company. But for it to develop into real love, with opposing sides, and turning it to a homosexual romeo and juliet, I think that’s what they do not wish to do.

      And about filming killing/murder series, if you think about it, most TVB plots, the villains get their just deserves, with jail, death or something. To the actresses who are christian, they may think that it’s a teaching process. However, with homosexuality as the subject matter, the modern voice says that there’s nothing wrong. However, many religions, and some countries still bans homosexuality. It’s hard for the producers/scriptwriters to come up with something that pleases everyone. Not that they should do that, but do you think it will be able to bypass censorship in Malaysia or China in that case? It’s not easy to do so, if it’s the main theme, but if it’s a side plot, they will probably cut it out.

  3. Well, I kind of knew the lesbian relationship wouldn’t be the focus, considering that the whole theme of the sequel seems to be more on the concubines’ lives collectively than on a single romantic arc. But honestly, it would be interesting if they would keep the relationship, because it’s about time for TVB to do something different and less fluffy.

  4. I doubt they’re going to add any other big female stars to the cast, and I don’t really think they need to since I think the combo of Sheren and Ada is good enough actually. I’m wondering if they’re going to add any big male stars to be with Moses though.

    I’m really excited about Christine Ng being added since I think she’s an underrated actress.

    1. Heheh! I agree. Christine Ng is really a good actress and need to be in more challenging roles.

  5. From the trailer, I already thought it was strange that these 2 born-again Christians would be willing to do that.

  6. “In War and Beauty 2, Sheren will continue to portray Yu Fei; however, the character’s personality will not be the same.”

    Does that mean it’s an alternate universe Yu Fei?

    I posted this observation in spcnet before and I’ll post it again here. The most interesting aspect of the sale presentation for me is not the lesbian allusion but the fact that WAB1 is just a story told by Moses’s character to Astrid Chan’s character for amusement. The sales presentation clip starts with WAB1 scenes and Moses’s voice narrating in the background. Then, the scene shift to Moses and Astrid. Astrid addresses Moses as ‘Suen dai yan’, which is Bowie’s character in WAB1 iirc. Astrid comments about the story and Moses says it’s just a story he made up.

    From my understanding of the sales presentation, WAB1 is a story Moses made up, starring occupants of the palace such as Sheren, who is still a ‘kwan yan’.

    1. @Kidd,

      Do you mean WAB2 is actually a story that tells how Sheren was still a kwan yan and rose to the top??

      1. I don’t know whether she will rose to the top or not. The sales presentation didn’t show. It just show Moses address Sheren as ‘Yu kwan yan’. From what I get of the sales presentation, WAB1 didn’t happen. It’s just a story Moses’s character made up.

  7. Does tvb really need to resort in Lesbian into gaining viewing or publish of this series??? To me, the idea of lesbian for WAB is already disgusting enough.

    1. I don’t really see how it’s disgusting imo. I reckon it’s a fresh idea but it shouldn’t be the main plot, a side story should do.

      Also, I don’t think TVB is resorting to homosexuality to gain views. Knowing how the HK viewers complain about almost anything, this would only hinder the ratings, I believe? Like with WHB and how cannibalism (which wasn’t even focused on much) was used.

      1. TVB is jumping out of its comfort zone due to the lack of ideas and creativity. Plus, times are different now… In the past, TVB probably would even dare to have anything lesbian or gay related…

      2. @ HTS

        This is untrue. Although TVB has never made a whole series focus on gay or lesbian, homosexual relationship has been featured in series before. In fact, in the series ‘Thread of Love’ (a series that consist of several short stories about love) has one story that is about homosexual love. The series was aired in year 2000 which was 11 years ago. The story was memorable to me because it’s very well done. It didn’t succumb to stereotype or made fun of gays. The story is actually about acceptance and breaking of traditional thinking. The story not only talk about the father’s journey to the acceptance of his son’s sexuality, but, also the changing of the thinking a daughter belongs to her husband’s family.

      3. @Kidd,
        Oh really?? Thanks for the info since as you know, I am not really into modern series very much. I am more of a big ancient series fan and have been since the 80s. I did not know that TVB did a series based on homosexual love before. I guess Thread of Love was a modern series so they are trying this theme out in ancient series.

      4. Actually, the series’ English title is “the threat of love”- aka “loving you” starring Lawrence ng, Sheren, and Nancy sit.

        I’m not sure if Sheren had become Christian yet at the time of this series.

      5. @ josie

        Ok, very sorry that I forgot to add in the ‘the’ in the title.

      6. Kidd,

        Haha… it’s threat- like u get a death threat. Not thread- like thread a needle.

      7. @ Josie

        Actually, I didn’t mispell. I always thought it’s ‘Thread’. So, it’s actually misremember ot misread. :p

        When read the title, I thought of the thread that binds the lovers. It’s a compilation of heart-warming feel good love stories. How can it be ‘treat’? :p

      8. @Josie,
        Thanks for the correct title and from what I know, Sharen was already Christian. She was Christian ever since young if I remember correctly. I once read that she said that she was a Christian for over 36 years(that was years ago when she around that age so maybe her family were already Christians and she was born as a Christian already. I heard her dad was a paster if I remember correctly) when she attended Kitty Lai’s baptism thing(as we all know she converted later on in life). She was saying how she knew Kitty a long time ago but was not friends with her at all, but ever since she converted to Christianity they became good friends. I actually find that a bit sad because it is like she is saying that she is only friends with Kitty just because she converted. What if she did not convert?? would they just be old acquaintances???

      9. @ HTS

        “I actually find that a bit sad because it is like she is saying that she is only friends with Kitty just because she converted. What if she did not convert?? would they just be old acquaintances???”

        I don’t think she just friend Kitty becuase she converted. Maybe after Kitty converted to Christianity, they have more opportunity to get to know each other due to working together in Christian activities.

        I think Sheren is a born again Christian. She did some very un-Christian thing when she’s young like shooting a topless photo (breat covered strategically with well positioned legs and arms). Maybe she was only Christian by name at that time, but, later in life, get reacquinted with the Christian teachings and become a staunch Christian.

      10. @Kidd,
        Not sure but from what I heard, Sharen also mentioned that when they were filming Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre, she, Kitty and I think Maggie shared the same apartment(but she and Maggie are best friends in real life) but were only acquaintances. Therefore, they had plenty of opportunities to know each other since the worked and lived together. But then again, we all don’t know the details but from the way that Sharen was saying it, it seemed like she is only good friends with Kitty just because she converted. I find that sad that some people seem to lack friends and only convert or join Christianity just to have friends… Why can’t people be good friends just for the sake of being friends???

  8. Looking forward to it even more now since Christine Ng is in it. 😀
    I hope artists like Elaine, Selena, Nancy, etc are in it as well. They need to shine more and be in more grand productions, to be honest. I reckon Kate would be good as a seductive and cunning concubine – similar to Nancy’s character in CORH.

  9. I have a feeling that this sequal will not be that good. What more is there to talk about? I personally was not even crazy part part 1 and felt that it was way overrated..

    1. I was not crazy about WAB1 too and didn’t understand it’s popularity. Maybe because palace scheming between concubines is not my cup of tea. I find the backstabbing and scheming back and forth tiresome. I feel the same for Beauty Scheme (the china series starring Ruby and Sammul).

      1. I agree and get really sick of those palace scheming series. Beyond the Realm of Conscious was one of the worse series that I have ever seen… WAB was a bit better but still really redundant and draggy… Beauty Scheme is also way overrated and falls under the same category…

      2. Actually I liked WAB. It was entertaining although the whole palace scheming thing actually isn’t much since the emperor actually knows what was going on but prefer to stay out of it. Beauty Scheme is less scheming and more on the rule by Ruby although of course scheming is the main plot to attract attention.

      3. I feel all the concubines and the Empress have a very sad life. All scheming for the affection of an Emperor who get turned off by one single white hair. Sad.

        The Emperor is hardly a good catch (personality and physical wise), but, they have no choice. There’s only one man for them.

      4. The emperor is a good catch back then. He is emperor. That itself makes him the most eligible man. But yes it is sad. However the same goes for any rich powerful families back then where the man has more than 1 wife. Every woman who can’t get to be the 1st wife will then aspire to be the most loved.

  10. lol. oh religion.
    always starting conflicts of many levels.

    anyway if its indeed disrespectful to discuss religion then those christians are being very rude when they are out in the streets trying to shove their religion into random people’s faces?

    haha ok anyway back to the important point.
    war & beauty’s currently showing again in Singapore and im quite excited for part 2.
    hope it turns out good!

    1. @Cherie,
      I totally agree with you which is why I don’t believe in religion as much I used to anymore. My mom, aunt and many others in my family are devout Buddhists and even though I consider myself Buddhist, I get annoyed when they over do it and force their beliefs on me…
      I get really annoyed with Christians as well and they are really cult like… I find it sad that many would only be your close friend if you convert.. Otherwise they treat you like an outsider… Can’t someone just be your friend just because they like you for who you are and not just because you convert to their religion???
      I wonder why Sharen is allowing religion to affect her work?? Sorry but work is what will bring home the bacon NOT religion… Religion can actually make you lose more…

      1. Sheren is merely saying her personal beliefs on a much debated subject. It is her choice whether she takes on a role or not based on her personal beliefs and I don’t think we should berate her for that.

        Truthfully I have met Christians who are eager to spread their religion BUT those who actually grew up as Christians, especially Catholics are the ones who can take any joke of Jesus and Virgin Mary and stuff. I discover those who actively recruit members so to speak are those born again Christians, most often than not. But why not? Just listen to whatever they have to say and then just ignore if you wish. Or maybe you might be enlightened. I remember I was in a Bible study group, dragged by a good friend to be there during a time when being in a bible study group was an in thing. I was deeply offended when the lady told me all christians go to heaven and so I asked my mom is a buddhist so she goes to hell and she said yes. Never returned to that group again. Next thing I saw an ad on papers and took a free bible study course since it was free. I remember writing to the anonymous pastor about that question of mom going to hell and I was very impressed when the pastor returned my mail not with a whole preachy thing but photostated chapter on heaven and hell by CS Lewis. He didn;t judge, he didn’t comment, he let me decide. There are plenty of good Christians around. DOn’t be swayed by those few irritating self righteous types.

      2. I agree with your opinions. To me, I see each religion as a belief that liberates rather than something that obstructs your way of thinking.

      3. @Purpletinted,
        I agree that religion can liberate your thinking, BUT at the same time, it can also make you blind and influence your thinking in a bad way. I have seen it before,however, religion can be good for some people so I guess it is more of the person than religion itself…

      4. @Funn,
        Well some think that Catholics are not really Christians while some think they are the same. Some of my close friends are Catholic and they do NOT want to be classified as Christians since they are annoyed by Christians. I agree that the Catholics generally are a lot better and don’t talk about religion all the time. Well that isn’t until they force you to convert if you want to marry into their family which I don’t like at all…
        I do agree that not all Christians are like and I was not trying to say that they are all like that… One of my good friends is a devoted Christian, but luckily she does not annoy me about Christianity since she knows that I don’t like it…I hate it when people say that you will go to hell just because you don’t believe in what they do. That is just wrong..

      5. @ HTS

        “I hate it when people say that you will go to hell just because you don’t believe in what they do. That is just wrong..”

        Well, that’s what they truly believe. They are just speaking the truth (the truth they believe in).

      6. @Funn:

        So did u decide for yourself if mom is going to hell or not? Haha… j/k. 🙂

        Since you’re mom is Buddhist, she won’t care b/c “hell” is just an afterworld. Nothing to fear.

      7. i guess if she really goes for a full lesbian plot.
        she will have a lot to answer to.. to her pastor..her church etc.
        those people will really give you hell.

      8. I find it sad that people allow religion to control their life in some aspects and even interfers with their work. I guess if religion is a good impact and prevents you from doing wrong, then I can understand. However, in this case, I don’t think filming this series with a lesbian theme is that bad.. What about the killing and being an evil person?? Aren’t those things a lot more serious???

    2. They didn’t shove lar! They were spreading religion. Rude is when someone uses religion to object or agree an argument.

      1. @Funn Lim

        “There are plenty of good Christians around. DOn’t be swayed by those few irritating self righteous types.”

        to be completely honest. based on what ive seen and experienced in my country alone (to be fair)
        i’ve by far.. met. 5 christians (not catholics they are different)
        who did not shove their religion up my face.

        lol. the christians in my country. are very narrow minded, sterotypical and just. i dont know. not the sort of loving accepting christians God would probably want them to be.

        its quite sad really.
        like what a few of the commentors have said. they will exclude you if they have failed to convert you.

    3. lol regarding this hell topic if you read the bible literally there’s alot of things that they say are also sinful and will make you go to hell yet people still do it! Yet they take what’s said in the bible literally about gay people and use that as excuse. So hypocritical, the bible is what you interpret it to be. If was written ages ago by men. It also says men should have many wives in the bible. I don’t see all these straight women raising their hands agreeing with it and taking it literally!

      Those who use religion to justify their discrimination against LGBT are just using it as excuse!
      A clerk can due to her religion she can serve this les couple who wanted to take wedding photos and the case was taken to court. I forgot what the result was but if religion obstructs to serve certain people then you shouldn’t even be working in that job then!

      It’s like the black vs white segregation many years ago. White people justified their discrimination and racism with so many different excuses and the law didn’t protect black people. But slowly equality was achieved!

  11. The best statement I’ve read/heard to date,

    “…the world was already confused and there was no need to praise or preach on same-sex relationships…”

    1. I don’t understand how that it is one of the best statement by far you’ve read/heard? its okay for others to preach on equality and other religious form of act, but when it comes to something more controversial, its considered a subject that should even be talked about? such as same sex relationships, there are lesbians and gay people in this world, i dont find anything wrong with portraying something that is real.

  12. its 2012 and people are still worried about stupid stuff that doesn’t matter? serious guys. there are tons of gay ppl in the world, get over it. everyone in life will have a chance to have family members or kids that are going to be gay, you cant discriminate family or stop the “gayness”

    1. If being gay means you can have kids, then go ahead, but the question here isn’t about having kids but rather as nature intended, so if you being gay allows you to have kids as nature intended, yup, go ahead…

      1. geez not everyone wants to have kids! Many straight couples choose to not marry. And if they do get married not everyone wants to have kids!

        For two people to love each and be together is already enough, having children is a total different issue. One can have adoption. artificial insemination. And they’ve already found a way to use stell cells and turn them into eggs and sperm. This will not only benefit straight couples who have problem having children but also gay and les couples to have biological children!

        Of not every couple want to have children. Look at Liza and Law Ka Ying they were together for many years and didn’t get married until a few years ago and never had children.

      2. there are so many ways for homosexual people to have kids, i find it really rude to discriminate them, just because its consider “unnatural” for some ignorant people, you is “natural” in this world? nothing is. please go educate yourself, its funny how easily people can hate or dislike on another without even know them personally.

  13. TVB has made happy ending for Lesbian couple before example Net Deception, Myolie’s mom and the “aunt” who’s really her mom’s other half. Also in Placebo Cure Cherie Kong and Eileen Yeow played a les couple where Cherie used Kevin as a cover up but then Kevin found out revealed it to her mom and caused conflict. But in the end the mom accepted and it was happy ending. Toward the end of the series Cherie and Eileen even exchanged Christmas gift and kissed in front of other friends. Very sweet. =)

    1. The couple in ‘Beauty Knows No Pain’ also has a happy ending.

      1. True but they only made that so Joe Ma could have love line with Maggie the female lead. If it was one of the leads who was les or gay the outcome would be so different I bet!

    2. Both are not the main story line. Net Deception is mainly about Wong Hei, but Sheren and Ada will be the lead actresses of WAB.

  14. Shouldn’t an actor / actress when puting on the facade of that character designated to be played by he/she, the actor/actress should absolve all her moral beliefs for the sake of being “Professional” Whether it is morally right or wrong from the point of view of an actor should be judge by the viewers and NOT the actor/actress itself! If an actor/actress begins to think of what is morally right or morally wrong, then by all means and by his/her standard, there will not be any villain or bad guys. CSI should be banned for that matter. So does Prison Break.

    1. An actor/actress can have his/her moral values and still play the villian. They usually look at the film project as a whole. If the film overall seems to be promoting something that he or she is against (such as the gratuitious use of violence vs. the negative consequences of violence), they would avoid doing it.

  15. Although I disagree with Sheren’s and Ada’s stand, I’m perfectly ok with them exercising their rights to choose their projects according to their principle. Just like I’m ok with Fala refusing to kiss or actors/actresses refusing to strip for in front of camera.

    The nature of the job for the actor is such that they can choose their project. They are not like doctors or counter clerk where they have to see the patient/serve the customer. They can choose which project the want to be in. So, if the story make them uncomfortable and against their principle, by all means, reject it.

    My comment earlier is just about the selective adherence to the teachings of a religion by their followers. They are very gungho on some points but very lenient/completely ignore some other points. It’s just an observation.

    1. Ok so I guess all of the gay and lesbian supporters are all either no religion or are not devout Christians…

    2. isnt the whole purpose of being an “actor” to to evoke or portray a character, when did actors even have much say in what they want to play or not, its not there vision, its the producers and directors, plus i find it perfectly empress if such actor can portray different types of people in this world.

  16. She is against same sex relationships! She’s a gay hater and a religious freak!

  17. I’m Catholic and (true) Catholics are NOT gay haters OR religious freaks. We don’t tolerate homosexual acts but we don’t hate homosexuals and we’re taught to show compassion to all people. We don’t force people to join the Church. It’s actually frowned upon for Catholics to go around trying to convert people.

    It’s unfair to judge them like that and call them gay haters and religious freaks.

  18. This is such a controversial subject. However, obviously if Ada and Sheren are Christians and are truly practicing it it’s only quite natural that they are objecting to this theme of homosexuality if it is to be the main focus of WAB. I suppose they agreed to portray this for the sake of promoting the series and as they may have been assured that it was not going to be the main focus.

  19. I don’t think Sheren & Ada mean that they hate gay/lesbian relationships, but just don’t want to be the face that helps promote it as a trend.I am a Christian and a heterosexual but I certainly don’t hate homosexuals or lesbians.

    People have this misconception about Christianity that we force people into going to church and converting people, but we don’t. We are not saints and we commit mistakes. We have certain guidelines about our lifestyle that we try to adhere to, but we do not force our views upon others. We just say our opinion, if the people accepts, then welcome to the Church; if not, then okay but we don’t hate them. Don’t judge us all by the minority of extremists.

  20. After reading those comments from Sheren and Ada I’m not sure if I still want to be their fans anymore. It’s their prerogative to not advocate homosexuality but to outright say I’m against it, … I don’t like how she’s labeling homosexuals as confused and alluding to homosexuality as being wrong. I’m sorry but I don’t see how loving someone can be wrong. Then again I’m not shackled to a man made myth called Christianity. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, do as you like. That is my religion. I’m not against Christianity or any other religion, I just wish everyone would respect each other and not criticize or judge.

    1. It is a sensitive issue, and for some, a religious issue. Homosexuality existed since forever, but it is still a taboo since for some, religious or not, it is against the natural order of things. I do see their point of view, and I see the religious aspect. After all a couple’s main duty is to go forth and multiply, which obviously homosexual couples can’t, biology is against them. I also understand your point of view; love is love, whatever nature, gender, etc. But again love can be selfish in whatever gender, so any love must hurt someone else, parents who can’t accept for one, etc. At some point you must decide your own path, however lonely, however miserable you may become. You must be thinking acceptance but your can’t expect immediate acceptance. There is no right or wrong in this very delicate issue. Just because someone can’t accept, doesn’t mean they’re disrespectful. The same argument goes both way. A gay person who is angry at others who can’t accept his relationship with his partner is just as disrespectful of other’s opinion as the ones who can’t accept his relationship.

      Take away your prejudice and look from their point of view. Hopefully they too will see things from a renewed point of view. At least they’re consistent, for that I applaud them and make their opinion clear rather than be hypocrites, clap and say no comment when deep down they’re dead against a particular idea.

  21. I… I don’t know. I’m quite disappointed by these statements. Not least because I thought a lesbian storyline would have been groundbreaking for TVB, but then I was sceptical in the first place that TVB would really have the guts to go through with it despite the sales presentation trailer. It also sounds like they don’t have a solid script for WAB2 yet, so I wonder if storylines could possibly still change before filming commences.

    I do wish more people understood that depiction does not mean endorsement. If a show or movie portrays a gay character and/or gay relationship it doesn’t necessarily mean that the show is making a moral stance on it; it does not mean that show is “promoting” homosexual relationships. (In fact, depending on how it’s written, the storyline could inadvertently end up having homophobic implications, which is my fear with TVB.)

    But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheren and Ada change their tunes again when the show finally makes it to air and it’s time to promote it and the storylines it contains. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they change their positions again after the show has finished airing.

    All that said, I remain rather sceptical about WAB2, because sequels/remakes rarely live up to the original, half the original cast isn’t returning, and it sounds like they still don’t have a solid script at this point.

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