Shiga Lin and Priscilla Wong Discussed Destination Weddings

Dating rumors have surrounded 32-year-old Shiga Lin (連詩雅) and 33-year-old Carlos Chan (陳家樂) ever since they were photographed together on many occasions. Though both parties deliberately avoid talking about their relationship status, sharp-eyed netizens can tell they’re seeing each other through their Instagram posts. There are also speculations of wedding bells ringing, as Shiga has covered the topic of destination weddings with her good friend, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如).

Recently, Shiga and Carlos posted individual photos of themselves on a running trail and covered in sweat. Though they only took solo pictures, it was evident that they were at the same place and helped each other take the photos. They were also both wearing pink apparel, inspiring the idea that they wore a matching couple outfit to go running together.

During an event appearance, Carlos addressed questions about their alleged running date. Laughing, he clarified, “First, it’s not a couple’s outfit, we just coincidentally wore the same color. I wore a sleeveless top because I sweat a lot, and that’s the only one I have. As to who I went running with, I will not disclose.”

He then tried to change the topic by sharing that he plays a husband in his upcoming project, but he is not anxious to get married in reality. When asked if Shiga wants to get married, Carlos embarrassedly responded, “I will not answer.”

Attempting to take the heat off of Carlos, Priscilla, who was beside Carlos during the interview, jumped in and said, “You can ask me anything about weddings. I have some knowledge regarding this.” Though dating rumors have only commenced recently, reporters asked Priscilla if Shiga discussed weddings with her, and she responded, “She did because I got married overseas, so she asked about my wedding. Shiga is a good girl, and I hope she will find happiness. She has a good heart.”

Shiga Broke up With Her Ex-Boyfriend Last Year

The sparks between Shiga and Carlos allegedly ignited when they were both shooting TVB’s variety show, 12 Summers <12個夏天>, in Jeju Island, South Korea last year. Sharing a love for sports and similar interests, the two reportedly got along really well during that time. That same year, Shiga broke up with Chinese singer Xu Hao (徐浩), and then she was rumored to be dating Carlos this June after he was photographed visiting Shiga’s home at night.

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