Shiga Lin’s Agency and Carlos Chan Address the Dating Rumors

Yesterday, dating rumors between rising stars Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Shiga Lin (連詩雅) spread like wildfire after they were spotted on a secret shopping date at a remote outlet in Ap Lei Chau. In response, Shiga’s agency immediately shot down the speculations to protect their artiste and asserted that there is no need to clarify the relationship between two friends hanging out.

Assuring fans, Shiga’s agency expressed, “We are aware of their outing and we have full trust of our artiste. Shiga works hard in all her projects and fully immerses in them. It’s okay for her to hang out with friends and relax when she doesn’t have work scheduled.”

When reporters asked if Carlos and Shiga are indeed dating since they share common interests and look compatible, the agency stated, “There is no need to clarify if they are dating or not. They didn’t even hold hands. We hope everyone can give them some space.”

While Carlos did not directly respond to the dating reports, he expressed that it was not a planned shopping trip. He said, “I don’t normally visit [Ap Lei Chau], but I wanted to buy some stuff since I happened to pass through there. I actually had work that night as well, so I didn’t stay for long. Thank you for the concern.”


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  1. Oh please. What decade are we in? 1980s? 90s? Where artists feel the need to hide their relationship and go underground for fear of ruining their image and fanbase?? Who cares if they are dating? And if fans stop liking you for it or hating the other person, they need to get a life and catch up with the times because it’s not a big deal anymore. I love how Kenneth and Roxanne handled their relationship so openly. Maybe CC and SL are in the beginning stages so they are not open to admitting anything. But still, no need to have their management company come out to clarify anything. Making something out of nothing.

    1. @gnomageddon
      Exactly but I think fans of HK, Taiwan, Singaporean and China celebrities are better than Kpop fans. Oh my gosh, Kpop fans are beyond crazy…. I like it when people are more open as what is the point of hiding? Once the truth comes out, they will have a lot of explaining to do.

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