Shirley Yeung Tells Sire Ma to Be Strong

Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) and Sire Ma (馬賽) appeared as special guests at a fashion show. Although Shirley is not close friends with Sire, Shirley complimented Sire’s positive attitude. Shirley offered encouraging words to Sire, whose explicit lingerie video was leaked on the Internet in July.

“I was told that Sire would be attending the show today, and I just saw her backstage. I think she is very pretty today, and she looks very well. A lot of people have been paying attention to this issue lately; everyone should give her some space. I hope she can be happy and be strong,” Shirley said.

Shirley was previously the target of negative publicity when she broke up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) after becoming pregnant with diver Andy Ng’s (吳帥) daughter. Now raising her two-year-old daughter Krystal as a single mother, Shirley faces financial and media pressure. Shirley hopes that everyone will leave Sire alone and not intrude on her personal matters.

Since leaving TVB in May after 13 years of employment, Shirley is no longer actively filming television series and needs to look for other sources of income. Media reports speculate that Shirley needs $100, 000 HKD to be able to financially support Krystal. Surprised at the estimation, Shirley exclaimed, “Wow, you guys helped me calculate already, even I don’t know how to do that. Actually, now that I’ve parted ways with TVB, I’ve been offered a lot of different jobs and I’m very happy and thankful that clients want to hire me. I have to see if I can handle the work, look at my schedule and see how busy I am before accepting these jobs.”

Besides working in Hong Kong, Shirley has been spending a lot of time in Mainland China where she is accompanied by one female assistant to help her with daily activities. Krystal is under the care of Shirley’s mother while the 36-year-old actress is traveling for work.


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  1. I see things differently. Shirley Yeung only lied to her boyfriends, but not to the public while Sire Ma lied to the public and the media. Lying to boyfriends is a personal matter. I am sure a lot of people do it. However, lying to the public with obvious evidence (video clips) is dishonesty to me.

    1. The public would not need to be lied to if the public would just mind their own bloody business. Regardless of whether it is cheating/breaking up with boyfriends or making sex videos, both are personal matter. If the public and the media will just stop intruding in actors’ and actresses’ personal life, then there will not be any need to lie or hide or tell half truths. The sad reality is that the public and media judge these people according to how they live their lives, NOT by their talents or lack thereof. If this is what the public and media want to do, then get ready for lies and dishonesty and consider themselves lucky that they’re getting anything at all.

      1. Full agree with you. At the end of the day who gain the most the media at the expense of someone pain.

      2. Mt.,
        Well said and I totally agree! I don’t know why the public is offended that celebrities lie. Celebrities light not to hurt anyone but only to protect themselves. It is the public that is too nosy and judgmental.

      3. By the way, to reply to someone else’s comment somewhere in this thread, I think it is morally wrong to lie to a boyfriend but not necessarily morally wrong to lie to the public. If you can lie to those that are closest to you and that love you, what kind of moral character do you have? But lying to the public is a given and totally acceptable as a celebrity, and my opinion.

      4. Lying to a boyfriend is a personal matter between the two of them. We in the public should not get involved. It is up to her boyfriend to forgive her or not. It is entirely personal. You and I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    2. Actually, Shirley did lied to the public. She actually went on exclusive TV interview and cried pitifully that she is not pregnant nor cheating on her then boyfriend.

      1. Really? May be I did not follow the news that closely at that time.

        Thanks for letting me know.

  2. well…that is a very good thing to tell her that to be strong and i know that doing these bad things like Sire Ma did is not the right thing to do!!!

  3. Sire M. is kind of girl that i categorized that mean girl…
    girl with a lot of personality to please people…

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