“Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Cast Attends Dance Party

The cast of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> attended a charity dance event last night. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) deflected recent controversy surrounding the coveted TV Queen race, while Damien Lau (劉松仁) celebrated his 63rd birthday and was kissed by his beautiful wives in the drama.

Tavia Yeung Laughs Off Negative Rumors

With the drama’s October 22 broadcast in Hong Kong, Tavia Yeung is one of the hot contenders for the TV Queen award. Tabloids recently claimed that Tavia persuaded boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), to sign  with TVB management in exchange for the award.

Him Law’s management agency denied that he will sign with TVB, “This is not true. Him Law still has a lengthy contract with Filmko.”

At the charity dance event yesterday, Tavia stated, “I found [the rumors] to be very funny! I have also sold myself to TVB, but I haven’t seen the award given to me.”

Tavia added that she is good friends with TV Queen competitor, Kate Tsui (徐子珊). “I am good friends with Kate; I’ll face the awards with a casual attitude.”

JJ Jia Dances With Sammy Shum

In the midst of breaking up with Sammy Shum (沈震軒) four months ago, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) cried her heart out. Finding new love with Louis Fan (樊少皇), JJ did not have an awkwardness when paired up with Sammy as a dance partner. JJ admitted that she and Sammy were compatible in their dance and that Louis will not be jealous.

JJ and Sammy danced the Waltz against Sire Ma (馬賽) and her former rumored flame, Adrian Chau (周志文). Sire and Adrian ended up as the winners.

At the charity dance event, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) raised $750,000 HKD, which made him very satisfied with the results. Asked regarding his performance as a guest starring role in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Ron replied, “I am the only villain in the drama. I will resort to unscrupulous methods due to my love for Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗).”


Damien Lau Celebrates 63rd Birthday

Damien Lau turned 63 years old on October 14. A belated birthday cake was prepared for Damien last night, in which he was kissed on the cheeks by Tavia and JJ, who portray his fourth and fifth wives respectively in the drama.

Damien wished for good health and did not desire to win any award recognition for his performance in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. “I’m already advanced in age! Let the young ones win the awards!” He supported fellow cast members, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in the TVB Anniversary Awards.

When it was pointed out that his frequent onscreen partner, Michelle Yim (米雪), is also in the TV Queen race, Damien joked, “She’s not in my drama; I don’t care!”

Damien’s good friend, Lau Siu Ming’s (劉兆銘) wife passed away recently. Damien lamented her death and revealed that Mrs. Lau was his teacher at RTV station. Yesterday morning, Damien met with Lau Siu Ming, who was still grieving for his wife.

Damien said, “Lau Sir’s emotions have partially resumed to normal, but sometimes he will be unable to control himself. During Lunar New Year holiday, Mrs. Lau used to prepare a lot of dishes and treat us very well. Many friends visited her at the hospital. Lau Sir is very fortunate and blessed to have such an good and accommodating wife.”

Watch “Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles” Trailer

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Source: On.cc via ihktv.com

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  1. Top picture, 2 guys look great but the one in between is… the… problem…

    1. you really hate her ya… i think she looks ok in that pic although i admit sometimes she looks weird in some photos.

      1. i also think she looked pretty in that picture. Yes in many poictures her nose really look huge and ruin her face, but this one was pretty.

      2. her face spoil the huge cast photo that was attached in the article. Elena Kong and JJ looks so pretty. But Tavia looks weird with her rubber nose.

      3. I also think she looks fine in the above pic. When you dislike someone, everything about her will be problems.

      4. I was talking about her face in the large cast photo. Most actresses look bad in about 50% of the photos they take. But tavia looks bad in 90% of the photos due to her long nose.

      5. I agree with Nicole. Even Oriental news yesterday make fun of Tavia’s nose. She looks bad 90% of the time now whether on TV or in pictures.

      6. Tavia should take another trip to Korea and do another PS so her nose can get back to it normal size.

      1. Are u guys praising her? I don’t think so. Plz use this word ‘compliment’ properly.

      2. maybe u guys should make your sarcasm a little more obvious. if u do not know how to use sarcasm then i advice u not to. -.-

    2. Tavia should gain weight. The weight loss is prominent in her face. When she smiles, you can see how high her cheekbones are. It wasn’t like that before. I believe Myolie also has that, too. On top of that, she’s not aging well.

      1. Please don’t group Nose Goddess and Myolie. Myolie looks healthy, fresh and has better acting than old looking gaunt Goddess.

    3. Are you blind? Damien Lau looks his age and the two next to him are the problems.

    4. Every time I think I’m getting used to Tavia’s nose, a picture like this one appears. Agh!

  2. Tavia looks pretty in the above photo! as well as the two handsome mens:)

  3. Haha, I love Damian’s response to if Michelle should win. Like Damian, I doubt she really cares about winning.

    1. I like Damien and Michelle as a pair. Would be nice to see them win together. 🙂

      1. Omg, I agree so much! The first show I ever saw them paired up in was Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre and I cared so much more about their love story than their son’ million love lines!

      2. You must be really young because they paired up quite a few times back in the days…

    2. Aww, those two are one of the classic pairings~

      I remember watching a TVB programme about 10 years ago on Michelle’s secrets on staying young. There was a segment on her doing tai-chi/volunteering, and it was nice of her to drag Damian along. Apparently he has a bit of a fiery temper so the activities helped soothe him out a bit.

  4. Good that Tavia is partnered with someone older, if not I always feel the guys paired to her seemed to look younger.

  5. WOW, seems a lot of ppl dislike Tavia Yeung. I always thought shes actually pretty good looking. fake or real nose hahaaa…. i am just surprised she is kind of mature but picked a younger dude like HL to be a b/f humm…haha

      1. post. She was pretty before, especially in ancient series. Don’t know why she will wreck it.

      2. I thought she looked better before too but she does look more mature than her actual age.

    1. I find her cute and good to look at b4 she inject stuff in her Nose.

  6. go ronnie he still brings alot of value for tvb which means tvb might still love u ronnie so try and stay away from trouble

    1. Hahaha you are funny. I see Tavia looking old next to Daminence 🙂 he is 63. Can not believe. Ma ming is 39. Tavia is 34.
      Jessica Hsuan is 42 but they dont pair her up with Danience. Only act as his daughter. Jessica is aging well at 42 she looks young next to Joe Ma who is only 2 year her senior

  7. FYI: Lau Siu Ming (Ming Sir)’s wife passed away, last Friday. He was “half” retired from showbiz just to care for his wife who was diagnose with cancer back in 2007.

    Thats why we see him less on him in the tv screen and movies.

    1. Thanks for the info and my deepest sympathies to Sir Lau…

  8. Really looking forward to this series. Any1 know if Damian married? just curious lolz

    1. Yes, Damien is married but to someone outside the industry. I heard that she was a flight attendant and I think they met during one of his flights.

      1. You are welcome Hannahh!

        Not sure if he has kids or not since I have not ever heard about it. However, it does not mean that he doesn’t… But I think based on what I know, he probably doesn’t.. I can be wrong though…

  9. Goddess of money & beauty playing in chinese opera, haha. Seriously her nose is so disturbing now and her face looks so skinny and dry.

    Looks like the modern version of BTROC or perhaps schemes of beauties?

    Give my condolences to Ming Sir. Always enjoyed his acting and hope to see more of him.

    1. LOL, can’t believe you actually watched the trailer. I didn’t watch it because I didn’t want to be scared by her nose in “action”. Already can’t stand it in THC. lol

      1. If not I can’t justify my criticism. She looks even worst than in TOT, maybe it’s just me being more aware of her nose, haha.

  10. I think Elena looks beautiful in the picture. She fits the retro glam well.

  11. Rebecca Zhu’s hairstyle is so 老土. Not flattering at all.

  12. The hairstyle makes Tavia look older. Plus,they put too much highlight on her face so it doesn’t seem natural. Oh and her nose stands out way too much.

  13. “I found [the rumors] to be very funny! I have also sold myself to TVB, but I haven’t seen the award given to me.”

    Tavia, you are funnier. Did you forget how many awards you received from TVB?

    1. Tavia must be having alzheimer. She has won a few awards already from TVB including pork awards.

      -Most Improved 2003
      -Best Supporting 2008
      -Best Performance 2009 (Pork award)

      1. wow didn’t notice how many awards she had already won in the past.

    2. I think she meant she hasn’t got Best Actress award yet. So those pork awards that she’s got in the past don’t mean anything to her LOL.

      1. Lol, and she thinks winning Best Actress will mean something?

      2. More money Peggy, bigger chance to get a career in mainland;)

  14. Interesting drama plus great casts! Most ravishing is Elena! All eyes be on u Tavia!

    1. Nope. Ron is one of the main cast. He is the main villain. The translation must be wrong.

      1. I think they made him a ‘guest star’ because he’s supporting after damien and kenneth. To help him save face, he becomes “guest star”.

      2. Villian is easier to act, so it is better for Ron. He just cant carry other roles…sigh…

      1. That depends how the story or even the appearance on screen setup. It seems he got demoted to save his assets…

  15. i think tavia looks pretty in that photo…cannot wait to watch this series

  16. I think she looks pretty in the pic except that her face is too long only. maybe gaining some weight won’t make face too long?

    1. Your standards must be low. I don’t think she’s pretty. She looks too long faced and look like 40 something year olds.

      1. Can’t judge someone by standard when they are “ok” with TY LOL.. I also like Myolie so can ppl say I’ve low standards too for liking MYolie?

        I like Myo, TY, Linda & kate. so my standard for liking the above are low? hehe.

      2. @nicole,

        yes i agree with you TY isn’t so photogenic in photos but she looks quite decent onscreen. Well, I m just “ok” with her appearance only and I dislike her offscreen attitude who seems like someone who think she’s the better than others and etc. I guess I wont consider myself a fan of TY.. I m just “ok” watching her on screen, not an eye sore. But ppl tends to get upset easily when I said Ty looks “ok”..lol

      3. What I’m trying to say here is “its ok if you think TY or maybe Myolie or maybe Linda is ugly” its your preference and right to voice your disliking but I dont think its nice to say a merely commentor here having low standards when they r “ok” with someone whether onscreen or not LOL. hehe.. Low standard isn’t something serious so its ok.. I was just saying only. Period.

      4. Veejay, actually I can’t stand her more in series. Maybe because photos are static, and series she’s moving? Like i think her nose is like a huge beacon that everytime she moves her head, it attracts your attention because it’s so big and awkward. Nonono, the only time I can’t stand it was when you told me that Tavia looked her age 😛 Because I really honestly think she looks much older than Elena, and Elena is definitely 41 years old, but of course Elena looks younger (30+), but still, she doesn’t look that young (20+)

      5. i also can’t stand tavia’s acting and looks in series. if pictures are bad, series is worse. even in on call, she always give the bored feeling.

      6. haha Nicole, maybe you have this strong disliking feelings toward TY hence you think she looks ugly in any form. To me, TY is ok, but I think Linda is prettier than her and Myolie too is prettier than TY. I like Kate who has S shape body. While TY used have decent pretty face but since her injection on the nose, it just grow longer and longer until I couldn’t stand her sometimes in that Doctor series with KM. I even point on the TV when I saw TY’s nose looking strange and weird like pinochio to my family and we laughed about it but overall TY is a good actress who I “think” she can carry her role good. so maybe that’s why I can still accept TY. Those ppl who I can’t really accept are Aimee and Toby LOL.. can’t stand their fakeness.

      7. Veejay,
        Hi-5! THC was the series I really can’t stand her nose in. Can’t even bother finish watching for Kenneth and Mandy. Her nose was just so HUGE. I think that it was even bigger than in YSSS or TOT, that it became distracting. I think acting wise, tavia is good, but boring, which means that while I find her acceptable, I really don’t feel that I’m missing anything if I don’t watch her act, especially with her nose like that. Ya, acting wise, I can’t stand Toby and Aimee too. But personality wise, I can’t stand the Goddess. Haha

    2. We have different perception of beauty. It doesn’t mean we have low standards. I also think she looks great but really need to gain some weight. Too skinny!

      1. If you look at the large cast photo, tavia does look bad, even compared to the supporting actresses, due to her nose. Her nose looks too big and weird on her face. I’m not even comparing her to beauties like JJ, Elena or Rebecca, as they are too far ahead of her in standard now. Look at the supporting actress auntie standing behind tavia. At least her face looks pleasant and normal in proportions, compared to the long-nosed, long-faced goddess.

      2. JJ, Elena and Rebecca looks like natural born princesses next too gaunt looking Tavia. How can they be compared?

      3. Tavia looks pretty in that group picture. Yes, the nose is a bit large. But, overall, still look pretty because the other features like eyes and mouth are pretty.

      4. not only has to gain weight but she also need to improve her acting. she has been deproving since Beyond.

      5. No, I feel that the features don’t go together, so overall it’s ugly. You can have the prettiest eyes (eg. I think Tang Wei has beautiful eyes) and the prettiest nose (Julia Roberts?), and the prettiest lips (People like Angelina Jolie’s lips?), but if you just meshed them together? Overall will be ugly, even if the eyes and lips and nose are pretty. The eyes and nose and lips should be proportional and suitable for your face, and that will look pretty.

      6. Like Linda’s nose is kinda big, but it’s suitable for her face, unlike Tavia whose nose is like a big long carrot on her long thin face.

      7. Indeed Nicole! It’s all about having proportionate features. Angelina Jolie has big lips but it suits her well.

    3. Actually I don’t really understand why people still want to watch her dramas if she is so distracting. Maybe just skip her part and peers like you all won’t have to torture yourself…haha..Sigh!!

      1. Actually I hardly watch her series anymore. I did not go watch THC because her nose was distracting, and I even said I liked 3k because Tavia and her nose was hardly in it. Haha 😛

      2. I do not watch series for the cast and I think a number of viewers who are not die hard fans of anyone do as well.

      3. I agree HTS. I watch the drama if the script is good, also if I find it interesting. So even if I love or find the casts bad, then I still watch or skip the series if it is good/bad.

      4. Glad that you do not just go for the cast only Linnh! I hope that people understand that there is way more to a series than just the cast.

  17. Wahh, Damien Lau always get to have young ladies to kiss him in tvb drama! I always felt gross when there was a kissing scene between him and Flora Chan in Hard Fate. Now is Tavia and JJ, wonder who’s next..I mean is there a need to have any kissing scene for him?

    1. Tavia doesn’t look young so Damian is a good partner for her. JJ on the other hand looks like his daughter more than lover.

      1. I thought JJ is not so much younger than TY by age right?

        I read somewhere that JJ is 30 and TY is 33. If that’s true, not a big gap then. But of course, JJ is prettier than TY in term of feature.

      2. JJ is 30 this year. She was born in 1982. But she looks young and pretty although her face isn’t really the type of young looking.

      3. Yeah, JJ is actually the unknown daughter after a fling, haha.

        As always you are an expert allocating flattering pics of the Goddess of money & beauty 🙂

      4. The Goddess really appreciate your help and has sent her loyal followers to present you a special gift, haha…

  18. Damian supported Tavia for the BA award but the only reason is because Tavia is in same series with him. Damian said that he doesn’t care about Michelle Yim because Michelle isn’t same series with him. lol. Damian is unprofessional here to vote people who’s in same series with him. I’m disappointed Damian.

    1. Damian was joking. -_- He’s supporting the younger artists because he’s not competing, and he believes neither is Michelle. Damian has achieved a lot at this point in his career. Awards or not, it’s no big deal to him.

      1. Also, MANY artists support their costars. So, are all of them unprofessional? It’s just showing support for your costar and drama.

      2. If he wans to support younger generation he could’ve picked Kate and Raymond who are the leading now with HAL popularity and new characters. Or Bosco and Linda from WI. But he picked Tavia and Kenneth who are botj in SSSS. Isn’t it obvious he was just promoting SSSS and that’s why he picked Tavia? 😛

      3. Haha If Damian doesn’t even support his own series, then how can he expect the audience to? Besides, why would he pick Raymond and Kate, or Bosco and Linda when he didn’t even work with them? Perhaps, he hasn’t seen those two series. Had he supported them instead, then wouldn’t that be “blindly” supporting them just like some fans who support their idols no matter what? 😛 At least he worked side by side with Kenneth and Tavia.

        As I said earlier, artists tend to support their own costars. I’m not surprised here.

      4. Why pick on Damien’s comment? Because the one he supports is someone you don’t agree with?

        As any actors. He/she will pick someone from his/her own movie.

      5. You know what, Kidd. I wonder to. And, to call him “unprofessional?” SMH

        He is biased in his picks, but MANY freaking artists are. Jeesh!

      6. Cause I think Damia has worked with Tavia so he might knows her acting better others aka Kate and Linda.

      7. He worked with Kate in LOO but not too many scenes together. Anyways everyone votes for their co stars in their latest series. Surprised he didn’t mentioned Ron since they had worked together before and now.

      8. Maybe Damien was only saying that because TY bites his lip during some intiamte scene? lol.

    2. I have the same feeling with Hannah. When I read his reply, I find it funny. Definitely, he’s joking.

    3. lol he’s clearly joking, they’ve known each other for almost 30 years and are probably BFFs (there’s a clip of them working out together). Michelle probably feels the same way and besides, the value of this award has become so degraded in the past decade that it’s more of a paperweight/promotional tool than anything.

      1. The veterans all know how insignificant the award is. For someone like Ha Yu it’s still a big deal because his acting wasn’t as recognised. But for people like Damian and Michelle who are very respected, it’s completely insignificant. They are long past the need for the recognition that comes with the award.

    4. How do you know he picked Tavia only because she’s in his show? Maybe he picked her because he actually thinks she gives a good performance and worked hard, and unlike the audience, Damian actually knows what he’s talking about since he’s seen her performance?!!

      And so what if artistes are not “professional” in their voting? Everyone supports their friends and whatnot. As if the award was up to them anyway. As if Damian wasn’t very much aware of exactly what the selection criteria is and how insignificant any type of voting, except between the executives, is. RME

  19. tavia scared me there. i feel bad for ma ming and damian who has to put up with her a lot.

  20. Poor Tavia, she’s got a lot of negative comments, well because her nose is a bit longer (she might tell lie sometimes but it doesn’t harm anyone yet, like Pinnochio) and the car accident (even they did have you-know-what in the car but they are together and she did not cheat on anyone or flirt with anyone’s guy), why should ppl hate her?

    1. When one is popular, there is bound to have positive and negative feedback. Although seem like everyone is very bother with her pinnochio nose. It does look distracting but if she can live with it well, then let it be. We are not fairies descending from heaven so who are we to judge anyone 🙁

      1. momo, we aren’t fairies from heaven, but we weren’t asking her to become one too. Tavia was pretty. We all know that. No one called her ugly or her nose ugly before. But WHYYYYYY on earth she has to do that to her face? I have a chinese phrase for her.

        No wonder exoidus calls her Anubis. LOL

      2. We do not need to be fairies descending from heaven in order to judge anyone…

    2. There are always reasons for everything. These minor things are just the update jokes, not really the reasons. I only can tell you this, if you want to know more you have to find it yourself.

      1. I feel she’s craving for the award this year as well just like Myolie last year.

      2. They are all thirsty for the award and none of them deserves it but every year, someone needs to win.

      3. Personally, I don’t see Myolie’s crave for the award is hypocrite as well as Myolie dun say something like “ppl should like me more” when talking about Fala – the one is said to be her main rival last year. She, on the other hand, said good things about Fala.

      4. Who said Myolie craving for the award is hypocrite? Just because she coveted the award before she won, that doesn’t make her a hypocrite now. Obviously, she doesn’t need it as much now that she just won last year and cemented her status as leading fa dan.

        But we all know how much Myolie coveted the award considering she got “depressed” over losing it for Fei Tin. I’d say Myolie was extremely thirsty, she just got better at hiding it. Or, she was very confident because Miss Lok had assured her she would win.

      5. @ Hannah

        OMG, totally forgot about that! So true. And her speech of course

      6. I blv some said that Myolie is hypocrite for saying that she dun want the award this year.

  21. I only like Idy Chan. I will watch this film because of her.

  22. Damien Lau birthday is OCT 14 ^O^ omg, finally I meet a celebrity who I like to have the same birthday as mine 🙂 SHENGLE KUAI LE Damien!!!

  23. I agreed with all those who left a more positive feedback or comment regarding Tavia. She is just an artist who is doing what she likes most: acting. It’s unfortunate that artist has no control over whether one is a fan of his/her, but ppl dont have to give such mean and negative comments, whether it’s about her nose, or not looking “pretty” in the above photo, I think having a more positive comment is good, but if you dont have a positive comment, you dont have to make mean comments, as does making those comment make one feel better? I think she is a great actress and can choose how she would like to present herself, I dont find anything wrong with her, as well as those major exaggerations of her looking well over 40, not aging well, etc.

    1. this is an entertainment site thats for TALKING about hk entertainment, regardless of whether you like it or not. There are good and bad comments about all actresses and actors from all parts of the world on all entertainment and news sites, whether it’s jaynestars, asianfanatics, dailymail or perezhilton. Want to know why there are many negative comments about tavia? maybe more people dislike her than they like her? if you want to hear only positive comments? run back to your fans forum then.

      1. And if everyone can only make good comments about everything. Wow, you must be a modern day lau sam ho. People can’t express their own personal opinion on anything? So all movie critics must Make positive comments about ALL MOVIES. OKAY… they can’t trash any movies, because those movie makers are just doing their jobs, and to trash them, you guys are JUST SO MEAN!!! ALL of movie making crew are just doing their jobs, and “having a more positive comment is good, but if you don’t have a positive comment, you dont have to make mean comments, as does making those comment make one feel better? Movie critics! You are SO MEANNNNNNN for writing such comments about a movie that people work so hard on, and they are just doing their job.

        Why don’t I see you write such stuff to people who criticise movies? or other things?

      2. In Tavia Yeung’s forum, they are being negative and bashing Kate Tsui because Kate is hot fav over Tavia. It’s entertainment. If you can criticize other idols, others can criticize yours too.

      3. I agree with Nicole because, it does not only apply to artists but to people in general. Who can be liked by everyone?? No one… I feel it is ok to make negative comments as long as they are constructive and not too over the top. If we just blindly praise everyone then aren’t we being a little too fake???

      4. When fans of this idol bashed other fans of another idol, i find them silly.

      5. The cult strikes again. I thought they’re boycotting Jaynestars but they keep coming back.

      6. It’s no surprise to hear this cult criticized other artistes but complain when their Goddess is criticized.

    2. Totally agree with you. We should not keep focusing on her shortcoming. And will it make us feel better if we leave a negative comment on someone.

      1. Yah know, a lot of ppl here enjoy bashing Tavia and her nose, just like bashing other artist, it’s just for fun and for fun only.

    3. Checking if you have ever comment something negative about others first, then request no negative to anyone. If you yourself cant do such thing, dont try to request others to do it because it is very hypocrite.

    4. I think we have the right to criticize an artist’s performance in a series but not their personal liife or physical features, that’s just being biased. I see a majority of ppl here hating on Tavia based on her scandal and physical features which is actually none of our business. We can only judge an artist based on their performance as an actor but not anything else besides the award is only based on their acting abilities not physical features.

      I’m not really a Tavia fan but neither do I hate her, I think she’s a decent actress but between her and Kate I prefer Kate mainly because she portrayed a more wide variety of roles than Tavia which shows off her acting range where as for Tavia we’ve been seeing same roles for the past 2 yrs, nothing too special maybe SSSS will change that but based on her character info we’ve already seen that side of her. Where as for Kate it’s different and refreshing.

      Every artists work hard no matter how many series they have or how much they sacrificed if they can’t pull off the role then they don’t deserve the award.

      1. I think everyone have thier right to criticize everything including personal life and even physical looks of an Artist. As you know being artist that means the world is watching at you and they should know about it very well. But critising other commentors’ of their low EQ, calling them names etc are just so wrong imo..

      2. However, an artiste’s performance and physical features are closely interlinked. When you are watching them act, are you looking at their face? Criticising Tavia’s nose is like criticising Charmaine’s chicken voice which she worked hard to improve. They negatively affect their performance, because it’s distracting and annoying. Of course, we aren’t saying that all actresses need to look gorgeous, but they should at least look pleasant and normal, like Wayne Lai is not a hunk, but his look is normal. At this point, Tavia’s nose looks very awkward and distracting on her face, that it negatively affects her performance in a series. Thus we do have the right to criticise.

      3. I don’t think her looks should affect her chances of awards though I mean she can’t help the way she looks but then again her character in SSSS doesn’t look too promising since she may be out shadowed by her other cast members

      4. ” though I mean she can’t help the way she looks”
        That’s where you are wrong. She’s the one who made her nose like that. Her “before” nose wasn’t anywhere near that size.

      5. Really? I didn’t hear any news about her fixing it though. Either way I’m just saying personal matters should be separate from her career especially that car scandal I don’t see what’s the big deal about that anyway.

      6. haha Nicole, just ask Teeece to watch the tHC and she will notice the differences between the old TY’s nose and that in THC..LOL.

      7. Hmm too bad she didn’t actually admit it though or just in denial. I watched THC but I guess I don’t really pay attention to her face lol I do follow HK entertainment news just not really hers

      8. “I see a majority of ppl here hating on Tavia based on her scandal and physical features which is actually none of our business”

        You mean when we watch an actress, we should cover her face/body to not to be distracted by her physical features?

  24. Poor Tavia Yeung! Her rubber nose spoilt
    her outlook! It’s really make her uglier.
    Doubt she will win the TVB Queen! There is no improvement in her acting skill.

    1. Don’t worry bc her competition aka the snake goddess is even worse. She only have 2 facial expressions i.e pouting lips and confused, hehe

      TVB award has nothing to do with acting skills but nepotism.

  25. I’m just curious does the HKG media gave so much coverage to Tavia’s nose?

    1. hi Grace,

      I think the HK media didnt intend to publish bad side of TY but TY’s nose is just too noticeable until even w/o the Media Coverage and publicity, audiences can still tell that she had changes done on the nose.

  26. BTW does anyone know who “snake queen” is cause I’ve been hearing ppl keep talking about her and Tavia for the award, I thought it was Kate but it doesn’t seem like the case or maybe cause I don’t know how that term refers to her lol

    1. Someone here has given Kate Tsui the nickname ‘Medusa’ due to her having a Medusa like hair at one time.

      1. Ohhh 14 blades right? Haven’t seen that film but heard about it.


      2. It doesn’t really look snake ish lol the first thing I thought of was 14 blades though where her character is Medusa I think. I heard she did well in there

    2. Oh, so Kate is a snake queen but I found her acting is quite good in 14 Blades.

    3. so snake queen = kate?

      i always thought it meant charmaine even though it doesn’t make sense that she’s in the race

  27. Everyone is so judgement. Tavia is pretty. Love her no matter what others say about her. It’s alright I support you Tavia

    1. I don’t see how you see Tavia and Kenneth at centre. It is 2 male leads, Damian and Kenneth but Kenneth more front, each surrounded by female leads, with Tavia leading since her image is bigger than the rest. As for Ron is he by the side, considered 2nd male lead so to speak. Obviously Damian is the veteran who carries the first half of the show or something like that with kenneth being the young male lead. I just hope Damian doesn’t die and then leave the show in a lurch which tends to be the case. Kenneth looks handsome and I am convinced he must play a chaebol modern guy in a modern day series.

      1. “I see vincent wong in the centre!!!”

        Haha, that’s right. Vincent Wong is at the most center. 😀

      2. since Vincent Wong is in the centre, I think that must imply something for the TVB anniversary report card award ceremony rightttt? I mean those who are in the centre must be VERY IMPORTANT. I think TVB is trying to tell me something. Excuse me now while I go look into a crystal ball. 😛

      3. but Funn, I hate it when Kenneth is to pair with Rebecca.. cuz there is something I dislike about her lol

      4. @Veejay: I hate it too! Why Rebecca has to pair up with MM :P?

      5. Am I the only one who never found Kenneth handsome? Ron might be a horny cheating dumb dude with sub par acting but he is one I can call handsome although he’s fat now.

      6. @lol: No you are not the only one :D, I swear. I found MM was kinda cute in the past before he overused his puppy face but I have never found he was handsome. The one that suits the word handsome the most among S4 is Ron.

      7. But now Ron is NOT HANDSOME after he become fat, oily and perverted. 🙁
        I don’t think Kenneth looks handsome in the poster though.. His eyebrows are like V Usually he looks more handsome.
        I think Sammul is the most handsome among S4. HEHE

      8. @Fox: I found MM was kinda cute in the past before he overused his puppy face but I have never found he was handsome. The one that suits the word handsome the most among S4 is Ron.

        I too never find MM handsome. Before, he has this rather put-on, ingratiating puppy face look, and now I find him fake. But he has a nice built. Among the S4 for me Ron used to the most handsome but now his good looks is fading fast.

      9. Lol I still find Ron handsome despite on him getting fat haha…

      10. Ron’s features on face is still good, now he needs to lose some weight and has a healthy life.

      11. I don’t find Kenneth handsome, either. He looks handsome in that poster, thanks to photoshop!

      12. ROLF =)).With some flowers on the hair and MM’s hairdo will become a siu jie’s. But his face isn’t siu jie’s so it’s like man disguise as woman. Kenny’s outfit reminds me of Yang Quo crossovers Zhuge Liang. The cutest one is Raymond Wong’s.

      13. Kenneth, Raymond Wong and Kenny Wong look like men trying to be women. Gross but Raymond Wong is quite cute. Is this a comedy?

      14. @Anon

        What is the tentative title of the series/sales presentation?

        I hope it’s a wuxia series.

      15. They all look GROSSSSSS.
        Kenneth looks like a big oily pervert.
        Raymond looks like wilma flintstone.
        Kenny looks like a some er mei disciple.

      16. Oh no that KM, RW and KW new sales series! My eyes! Why them all look creepy and sissy?

      1. meatier better than skinny like a scarecrow! I think the trend now is for a little meat like Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam all have a little meat on them. I think it’s cute.

      2. That explains why Eliza and Christine are called Goddess while the stick thin TY and Myolie don’t LOL

    2. They should’ve put the fat wolf behind bars…in the balcony…

      1. Nah, only Myolie can carry the cutesy of 囧. MM’s expression reminds me of the forever in WC Edward Sullen more (if wanna noe who is Edward Sullen, you should watch Vampire sucks)

      2. @ Fox

        Yeah no. Myolie cannot carry the gwing expression. I wanted to smack her face every time I saw it in Tai Chi.

      3. Haha! I still recall the big screencap of Myolie’s Tai Chi gwing look juxtaposition with a big gwing image. Their similarity is for all to see.

      4. LOL I remember that gwing look was actually some kind of stone god

      5. @Vivien: That’s the one. Haha! So very apt! My hat’s off to whoever came up with that comparison.

      6. Linda dun look Gwing in Gwing series :P. She did it sometimes but her face isn’t Gwing.

        Lolz, advo, do you really think I’m serious?

    3. *peers at the house in the centre*

      Are we finally getting a TVB pre-modern drama that doesn’t use that yellow house?

      1. Because SSSS is a big budget drama half filmed in Shanghai to promote TY and KM and Rebecca.

    4. The house is at the absolute centre! It is being heavily promoted, might even surpass Heng Dian world studios as the number 1 choice of casting choice, and may be cheaper too!

      1. No. The house shouldn’t fight with Vincent Wong for Best Supporting Actor. The house can be best actress.

  28. rebecca seems pretty at times but in those photos above she looks weird.

    1. Rebecca is also meatier than normal TVB fadans, along with the meaty Eliza and Christine too.

    2. It’s the hairstyle that makes her look unattractive. She normally looks better.

  29. Oshoo! This year I am sure TVB will give TV queen to Tavia is like times up…Tavia this your TV queen award even though if she doesn’t hit the highest vote I guess !. so as Aimee she might gets best supporting actress look like TVB wants to promote her as well.

  30. When is this series airing? This is like my 2nd last ‘hot’ series to catch before the awards happen.

  31. Tavia is a good actress. Can’t wait to watch this series and I support Tavia. (I’m now going to hide from all the nasty hate Tavia comments, gulp)

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