Simu Liu Nominated for People’s “Sexiest Marvel Hottie”

It is the time of year for US entertainment magazine People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive contest. In a change from previous years, 20 different titles including Sexiest First Time Dad, Sexiest Olympian, and Sexiest Marvel Star were created. Star of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Canadian Chinese actor Simu Liu (劉思慕), is one of the stars nominated for the Sexiest Marvel Hottie category.

Simu started working as an extra and stuntman in 2012 before landing his first major roles in Canadian series, Blood and Water, and Kim’s Convenience. Shang-Chi was a breakthrough role for Simu which helped him attain international recognition.

Despite his tall and masculine aura, many netizens in Asia had criticized Simu for his plain looks, stating that any random male actor in Asia would have been better looking in their initial response to his casting as Shang-Chi.  The harsh comments seemed to troubled Simu as he posted on Twitter asking, “Siri, am I ugly?” Many fans left messages in an attempt to comfort him.

However, People’s nomination comes at a time to showcase the differences in standard of male beauty among different cultures. To celebrate diversity, People broadened the nomination categories and included nominees from various backgrounds to be more inclusive.

Aside from Simu, other nominees in the Marvel category include Tom Holland and Chris Evans for their roles as Spider Man and Captain America respectively.

Popular Korean boyband BTS’s song “Butter” is nominated for Sexiest Summer Song and British Olympic gold diver Tom Daley is nominated for Sexiest Olympian. Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians and Scarlett Johansson’s husband Colin Jost are nominated for Sexiest First Time Dad.

Another interesting category this year is the Sexiest Vaccination Selfie. Hugh Jackman, Prince William, and Dwayne Johnson are part of the nominees.

People’s website is accepting votes for the various categories until October 7.


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“Shang-Chi” Star Simu Liu Gracefully Responds to Criticism On Being “Too Ugly”

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    1. True. I couldn’t believe Robert Pattinson was named “Most Handsome Man in the World” in 2008. It was Stephen Meyer’s creation, not RP himself lol

    1. Lol haha…
      Body – TBD
      Face – Not my type EITHER
      Personality – Did see 1 or 2 interview of his, can be OK FUNNY

    2. Body – Fit
      Face – Definitely not ugly, but not my type either
      Personality – humorous (saw a few interviews and first impression from Kim’s Convenience)

  1. Chris Hemsworth is dead to you now? He should be sexiest lol. Otherwise, captain America? Ironman is sexy in a different way. Either way, this dude is no way sexiest lol

  2. it’s hard to beat Captain America when it comes to the body. I’m pretty sure Simu looks better than the average Asian dude. His charisma definitely makes more of an impact than his face though.

  3. Oh wow, definitely difference in beauty standard. There are plenty of Asian-American Actors that I think look better than him. Having said that, I think his looks are a good choice for a “representation” of Asian-Americans since hot guys aren’t exactly a common occurrence. People forget that most of the population look “average” lol. He does have a lot of charisma which is much more important for a main character, though I do think his acting in emotional scenes can be improved.

  4. I really can’t take this list seriously when Tom Holland is one of the nominees. Tom Holland looks like a kid. Not sexy at all.

  5. He has the body and I don’t think he s ugly. I like him but can’t beat Thor and Cap hehehe

  6. Good body. Average face. Personality is down to earth which is why people find him charming, and especially Asians, because he is relatable. But he also seems a bit immature and insecure to be tweeting that question to Siri, no? I mean it could be tongue in cheek, sure. But you are in Hollywood and in a profession where people will judge you based on looks. I’m sure he knows how he looks and that he isn’t the hottest person out there but it would be more attractive to embrace his average looks than to question it. Just makes him seem insecure that’s all. And insecurity is ugly. Hopefully it’s not the case and I’m just over reading it a bit.

    1. Since I don’t follow the movie or his news, can’t make a good guess of his motive of doing that. Maybe he’s insecure/ trying to be funny/ believes he looks good/ trying to gain attention.
      While it is harsh to say he is ugly, he is below average in terms of looks in my view. There are men who aren’t good looking by society standard but they are so charismatic that others see them as attractive.

      1. So if he is so affected by others’ views, maybe he should put in more efforts to be charming in other ways.

      2. During the promotion blitz for ShangChi, Simu handled media interviews very well and charmed the audience and hosts.
        He doesn’t look any worse than a lot of award-winning white Hollywood actors who are not judged by their face. No one would call Matt Damon handsome, but he remains an A-list actor.
        So glad Simu didn’t do double eyelid surgery or reshape his face for a pretty boy look to placate those calling him ugly.

  7. Lol. He’s not my type either maybe if his eyes are little bit bigger? I’m shocked about his age I thought he’s in his 40’s but it’s actually not.

    1. Right? I hear interviews they call him young man not young young probably but was wondering his real age and goggled says 32 only. He looks to be in his 40’s for sure. lol

  8. These awards are more about who is flavour of the month than who is actually hot. I mean, people are not blind.

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