Sire Ma Using Ron Ng for Shameless Self-Promotion?

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Rumored with countless co-stars such as Ella Koon Yan Na, Elanne Kwong Yeuk Lam, Toby Leung Ching Kei, Kate Tsui Chi Kei, Wong Ying, and Charmaine Sheh Si Man in the past, TVB heart-throb Ron Ng Cheuk Hei may have moved on to a new love interest. The 31-year-old Ron may have fallen for OL Supreme <女王辦公室> co-star, 22-year-old Sire Ma Choi.

In OL Supreme, Ron and Sire play a couple and shared frequent scenes together. Due to her sweet features and 32C figure, Sire has gained new popularity recently. Despite keeping their distance publicly, Ron allegedly fell for Sire shortly after OL Supreme started filming in July 2009. According to inside sources, Ron often drove Sire home and gave her small gifts. Allegedly, Sire bought a house in Tseung Kwan O to be closer to Ron’s home as well.

Many celebrities maintain their own blogs online. Earlier, Sire uploaded photos of Ron and herself, while using a morphing software to produce a photo of what their “daughter” would look like. Sire said that she spent one hour awaiting the morphed results of the baby photo.

When Face Magazine contacted Ron, he denied dating Sire Ma.

F= Face Magazine

R= Ron Ng

F: Have you been driving Sire Ma home lately?

R: Absolutely not! Otherwise, there would be photos published already! I swear that she never got in my car!

F: But Sire is your neighbor and lives in the same housing complex as you!

R: From reading the newspaper, I learned that she lives in Tseung Kwan O. But I have moved to Tsim Sha Tsui  for one year already!

F: There are many intimate photos of you and Sire together in her blog. There is also a morphed photo of what your “future” baby would look like!

R: Prior to posting our photos on her blog, Sire asked me. However, I truly did not know about that baby photo in advance!

Excerpt from Face Magazine # 161

Jayne: From the article, it does not appear that Ron and Sire Ma are truly dating. There is not enough evidence.

Why did Sire post that morphed photo of what their “daughter” would look like? Does she harbors a crush against Ron? Or did Sire use Ron shamelessly to self-promote herself? Given the obvious consequences of posting the baby photo,  I thought it was a gesture in poor taste.

5 comments to Sire Ma Using Ron Ng for Shameless Self-Promotion?

  1. Kidd says:

    Base on the report (especially the morph baby photo), I think Sire Ma does have a crush on Ron. Not sure about Ron’s side.

    I think it’s a harmless gesture. Maybe she’s still new to the entertainment industry, so, not as cautious.

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    I also think Sire does have a crush on Ron, but not sure if Ron likes her back or not. I wonder about that baby photo though… Hm… Maybe she is just having some fun or is just curious about something??? OR, maybe she is using Ron to promote herself??? We all don’t know and can just speculate and guess…The truth will come out with time. Time will tell all…

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  3. Susan says:

    I think Sire is still young, maybe she just posting that out of fun, since they are screen couple.

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  4. QuackieChau says:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s actively trying to promote herself. I think she just posted the baby pic for fun and maybe to tease the fans. They are an onscreen couple. I think it’d be too conspicuous and maybe even in poor taste to post a potential baby pic if they were actually dating. Isn’t that something that would kind of scare a guy off? So I also doubt she has a crush on him. Posting a pic of your future baby with a guy on your public blog is pretty high up on the creeper scale if there was any sort of romantic interest at all.

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  5. codliver says:

    i think somebody wants to plant a seed into our thoughts with such a picture. you get to fame faster with rumors. ron is a good opportunity for her to do so.

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