Slowdown in Chinese Television Market Amid Tighter Oversight

Even top actress Dilireba felt the impact of a quieter market.

Entering a slow season and affected by last year’s tax fraud scandal among Chinese celebrities, Mainland media platform Tianyancha has reported that as many as 1884 filming companies closed in 2019, having gone into liquidation or had their business terminated. According to the opinion of senior brokers, the downturn in the Chinese television industry can be attributed to falling satellite TV viewership, and the increasing move of drama releases from traditional channels to online platforms.

Three video platforms Youku, iQiyi and Tencent have also been bleeding losses, and have joined hands to impose ceilings on actors’ salaries and production costs. With movies and dramas facing stricter control, and rumors of worsening clampdown on period productions, some dramas have had their airing schedules changed or cancelled altogether.

In mid-July, the main film-making company in China released an industry-wide sales report for the first half of 2019. Huayi Brothers, Beijing Culture and six other renowned companies took in negative earnings for the first time, with Huayi Brothers experiencing the heaviest losses among them.

Earlier, even China’s top actress Dilraba Dilmurat (also known as Dilireba 迪麗熱巴) admitted in a variety program that she has had no filming work for seven to eight months and had to recommend herself to big name directors to ask for work.


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  1. Too many crap are produces and aired, the clampdown is timely…..
    I am glad for the industry for the long run.

  2. Her fee is too high. She’s kinda stuck in a bad position atm. So apart from all that going on, she isn’t famous like YM and AY and guaranteed sell like them. But she isn’t unknown like say Bai Lu, and other new girls who I’m pretty sure accept lower fee

  3. I’m sure she still have lots of moneys. At least she gets a break from acting she can do whatever she wants.

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