Son Ye Jin’s Dad Looks Like Boyfriend Hyun Bin?

On New Year’s Day, Dispatch exposed that South Korean actress Son Ye Jin and actor Hyun Bin have been dating for the past eight months, as part of the tabloid magazine’s annual couple reveal. The well-loved couple, who turned from friends to lovers after starring in hit rom-com Crash Landing On You, admitted to their romance and caused an uproar. It sent fans into a state of excitement and frenzy as they bolted to rewatch the stars’ interactions and dig up more information. Amidst this commotion, they uncovered Ye Jin’s family photo. Amongst praises for the family’s attractive looks, it also came to netizens’ attention that her father’s younger self bears a strong resemblance to Hyun Bin.

SBS’s Midnight TV Entertainment show previously revealed the family photo in 2012. At that time, she appeared as a guest on the show to share how she manages her skin. The production team consequently displayed how Ye Jin inherited clear skin from her parents. In the photo, her family’s attractive features stood out despite not wearing makeup. Ye Jin’s father looks slim and has tan skin, her mother has deep double eyelids, and her sister has smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Netizens highly praised their good-looking family genes and specifically pointed out that her father looks extremely like Hyun Bin, while others also found him resembling actor Gong Yoo. They also mentioned that 6-year-old Ye Jin looks very beautiful with her cute dimples and eye-smile.

Source: EtToday

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  1. @jayne
    why so many Korean ET articles? Can there be more hk based ones instead? I have yet to see one Japanese ET article in recent.

    1. @m0m0
      With Asian dramas becoming more widely available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Viki, international viewers now have a wider choice in what they can watch. For example, we can sample Thai dramas with English subtitles where finding them years ago (legally) may have been difficult.

      A lot of viewers who exclusively watched HK dramas have switched to other Asian productions because of easier accessibility and more diverse tastes. Our website reflects viewers’ changing tastes to cover Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean entertainment topics for extra diversity. Since Korean dramas are very popular, they may come up more often. If there are interesting news in Japanese entertainment, we can certainly cover them from time to time.

      However, the majority of our articles are still about HK entertainment. Since there are only two or three dramas airing or being filmed at a time in HK, constant coverage of the same dramas can become repetitious especially if there are no new developments. That’s why a lot of the HK entertainment articles on our site tend to be artiste interviews instead.

    1. 1) Fine, Dad does look a little like Hyun-bin.

      That, is the only thing that is agreeable.

      Attractive kids do NOT have to come from attractive parents but can be combinations of the best features of parents which make them more attractive than the parents.

      Inversely, some attractive parents have kids who can be deemed ‘unattractive’ because unfortunately the worst features of both parents were thrown into the combination.

      2) This is so far fetched ridiculous = > ” Ye Jin’s father looks slim and has tan skin, her mother has deep double eyelids, and her sister has smooth and healthy-looking skin.”
      – her mom isn’t too attractive. I guess they can only comment on the “deep double eyelids”.
      – and her sister is a KID! Hullo WHICH KID does not have “smooth or healthy looking skin?!!” Only in puberty

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