Sonija Kwok Thinks Life is Better after Becoming a Mother

Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) is currently busy filming Dearest Anita, <朝花夕拾‧芳華絕代> a film about a fan’s encounter with late singer, Anita Mui (梅艳芳).  Since leaving TVB in 2015, Sonija has been focusing on family and taking care of her daughter, so she hasn’t been onscreen for some time. But, with Kylie turning six this year, Sonija is able to take on more filming projects.

For Sonija, acting isn’t her priority anymore, as she thinks it is important that she spends more time with Kylie to enjoy her childhood. Sonija smiled, “My daughter is my buddy. There was one time when I injured my leg, and she helped put medicinal oil on it. When I tell her I’m tired, she would tell me to lie on the bed and she would massage me and pour me warm water to drink. But usually, every night I would massage her until she falls asleep.”

Believing that a parent’s actions would immensely influence a child’s development, Sonija further shares that she is fair with rewards and punishments. She used to be stern while teaching her daughter how to do homework, but she soon realized that her daughter will follow what she does, so Sonija constantly reminded herself to not be so mean and give her some love.

Sonija thinks the biggest change after becoming a mother is that she is happier. “I feel happier than before. In the past, I wouldn’t know what I was living for, so why work so hard? What’s the point of earning money? But now that I have a family and daughter; I have a reason now.”

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