Source Who Tipped Off About Fan Bingbing’s Tax Evasion Did It for Revenge

It’s been over 100 days since Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), China’s highest-paying actress who is the subject of a tax evasion scandal, was last seen. Just as media from around the world are reporting about Fan Bingbing’s mysterious disappearance, netizens in China are divided in their opinions about the scandal.

On the one hand, those who believe celebrities are being paid too much are supportive of the investigation and Cui Yongyan (崔永元), the man who tipped authorities about Fan Bingbing’s yin yang contracts. On the other hand, Cui compromised his own safety with his actions, as many Fan Bingbing fans had sent him death threats. Cui had to call the police over ten times in the last four months because his safety was threatened.

Yet, Cui is not afraid of danger. “What is there to be afraid of? I’ve submitted to my own fate!”

Cui told netizens that the reason why he revealed the yin yang contracts was not because he wanted to be an “anti-corruption hero,” but because he wanted vengeance.

According to Cui, his targets of revenge were director Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚), screenwriter Liu Zhenyun (刘震云), Fan Bingbing, and the studio Huayi Brothers, the forces behind the 2003 film Cell Phone <手机>. Reportedly, the film was based on Cui’s own private life. Cui never approved the film. However, it wasn’t until earlier this year when Cell Phone 2 was confirmed when Cui decided to share the yin yang contracts online. According to the leak, Fan Bingbing earned over 60 million yuan in four days while filing her taxes with another contract.

Cui’s leak has allegedly led to a large nation-wide tax evasion probe on celebrities and other members of the entertainment industry in China. Cui later denied this in an interview with Hong Kong’s Mingpao., saying. “It’s true that I wasn’t expecting the scandal to get to this scale, but the probe didn’t happen because of me. My own company was investigated too, and I didn’t know until much later that the firecrackers were already prepared. I just lit it.”

Unafraid of the death threats that has been put on him, Cui said he has already prepared more evidence and documents about the tax evasion. If harm does come to his way, the evidence will be revealed to the public. He stressed, “I will never commit suicide.”


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  1. Most movies and dramas have this disclaimer at the end saying that they are not real stories or events.

  2. No value in compromising his life to exact a bit of revenge. This has caused a whole scale corruption investigation of major companies within the industry. Many will want him dead….

  3. He is stepping on too many legs. The movie industry are severely affected by him. He might have put his life in serious danger.

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