Fan Bingbing Suspected of Tax Evasion

Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and her production studio are now being investigated for tax evasion after an anonymous tipper revealed online that her studio has been signing “yin yang” contracts.

A “yin yang” contract is when a party signs multiple contracts for the same job, which is commonly used to avoid paying tax.

On June 3, popular Chinese television host Cui Yongyuan (崔永元) shared screenshots of an artist’s employment contract on social media, revealing that Fan Bingbing was receiving up to 60 million yuan in a four-day movie shoot per one contract, and another 50 million yuan in another.

China’s Legal Daily also reported that Fan Bingbing’s production company is based in Wuxi, and that the company is already being investigated by the Wuxi Taxation Bureau.

Fan Bingbing’s production studio has released a statement accusing Cui of libel. Cui replied by saying that he does not have the duty of protecting secrets in the contract.

The State Administration of Taxation has already opened up a new case of investigating tax evasion in high-earning entertainers.


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  1. The China govt appears unhappy over highly paid celebs so they are now targetting them.

    1. @mangotango
      True that they’re all overpaid but to be fair FBB started her career at such a young age and worked her way up. She played many side characters such as in Dagger Lee, Lion’s Roar, The Twins Effect, Chinese Tall Story, some were even mean roles but people were still happy to see her in them because she did really well in them. Compared to some stars who only made 1 breakthrough and get paid insanely more. And if they had played any side characters before too they were nothing notable of to mention, people who can only play main roles and would not be happy if they cannot snatch a main role. Why do they choose to be unhappy with FBB instead?

      1. @davy
        tax evasion is a crime regardless of who you are or your work ethics. you could work your butt off and not pay tax, you’d still be trouble w/ the tax bureaus or you could be laying on the beach all day making millions as long as you pay your taxes, you’re okay.

  2. Tax evasion is still tax evasion I don’t think it matter if she was a celebrity or not

    1. @mimi8 I am not saying that celebs should be exempted from tax evasion. What I think is that the govt thinks celebs should not be highly paid so they are going after them akin to witch hunting. In a free market, it is all about supply and demand. Producers are free to go for cheaper actors. Or the govt can step in to control actor salaries.

      1. @mangotango Sorry, but that doesn’t even make sense. Governments all over the world are serious about tax evasion. The reason why celebs are “targeted” is the same reason as any other business person or individual, because they are high earners that set off red flags. It’s easier to spot and a lot more worthwhile when it’s a large amount of money. It’s not witch hunting at all.

        Don’t want to get in trouble with the government? Simple, pay your fair share of taxes like everyone else.

  3. At times when I read news like this, I am reminded of a certain someone who insists on saying things like, “bunch of money grubbing, greedy leech suckers who can never be satisfied with what they have…”

    Except, for once, maybe if this person was still here, this comment would actually hold some merit

  4. tax evasion is against the law it wont matter what field you work in rich or poor you have to cough up the dough to the goverment thats how the system runs around the world

    1. @sherla1019 you are so right. It is the law to pay taxes, no matter what country of the world you are in. The only people who get away with being tax cheats are corrupt governments cause they are the top dogs, the big kahunas, they run their countries. What I find crazy is these famous folks think they can get away with cheating on their taxes. They should know they are being closely watched. They are either delusional or arrogant, or both to think they are above the law when it comes to paying tax.

      1. @bubbletea i hear ya…….corrupted governments especially in china and i like how u labeled them as big KAHUNAS rofl…………………

      2. @sherla1019 lol, I learned about the big kahuna phrase from my parents a long time ago. It is true a lot of corrupt governments fit the phrase perfectly. Yes, in China, the kahunas will go after Fan Bingbing for tax evasion while ignoring to pay their own. This corruption is everywhere, globally. Celebrities have gone to jail for tax evasion, so you would think all of them would learn by now that they are monitored.

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