Spencer Leung to Marry Barbara Yung in Ghost Wedding?

Barbara Yung’s (翁美玲) fans are outraged after iCable’s paranormal program, The Unbelievable <怪談>, announced that it will set up a ghost wedding for the deceased 1980s star. The station wished to revamp its program content to increase ratings. It will also restructure its channels while awaiting government approval for a free broadcasting license.

The station scrapped the 24-hour Entertainment News Channel and replaced it with HD Supernatural Channel and HD Paranormal Channel. One of the programs shown on the Supernatural Channel will be the long-running popular horror-themed reality show, The Unbelievable, hosted by Spencer and Shum Po Yee (岑寶兒), also known as Ah Mong. Since its debut in 1996, The Unbelievable ventured into haunted houses and cemeteries, while covering witchcraft and paranormal topics.

Weddings for Barbara Yung and Paul Chung

At an iCable promotional event yesterday, The Unbelievable host, Spencer Leung  (梁思浩) revealed that a new segment will be introduced in the program in August. “It is management’s idea to dwell into the topic of ghost weddings. We had looked into arranging a wedding for Paul Chung (鍾保羅) and Ah Mong or Barbara Yung and I. After drawing lots, Ah Mong lost so we shall plan Paul’s wedding at the end of August. We also plan to book a funeral parlor.”

Spencer added that they have also found the location of the two deceased celebrities’ ashes. Though they also played with the idea of arranging weddings for the late singers, Leslie Cheung (張國榮) and Anita Mui (梅艷芳), the idea was eventually put on hold for fear of incurring the wrath of fans.

Spencer further revealed that they will seek the approval of the family members and will not insist on carrying out the weddings if the family members are against the idea. Spencer said, “We have talked to Anita’s mother and she was fine with the idea. However, she listed a few conditions which we could not agree with.”

Sacrifice for Entertainment

In the spirit of helping Paul get married and fulfill his last wish, the single Ah Mong did not mind if she could not find a life partner because of this. She said, “Spencer said that if no one wants me, he will marry me. Actually, it’s worth the sacrifice if I can share the experience with the viewers.” If the response for Paul’s wedding is good, they will go ahead and arrange for Spencer and Barbara’s wedding.

Kent Tong Fumed

When news of the ghost weddings spread, iCable received complaints for lack of respect for the late celebrities. Kent Tong (湯鎮業) who had dated Barbara before her suicide, lashed out, “Not only me, but most people will feel uncomfortable with that idea! [Ghost weddings] are not real and are just superstitious gimmick! What is their [Spencer and Barbara] relationship? They don’t even know each other. What for? Money? In any case, she has passed on so we need to respect her family. They also have many fans. Have you spared a thought for them? This will bring shame to the entertainment industry!”

When asked if he has ever thought of having a ghost wedding with Barbara, the twice-divorced Kent said that he has never thought of the idea.

Michael Miu: “It’s Disrespectful”

Barbara’s former costar, Michael Miu (苗僑偉), appeared at a promotion for A Change of Heart <好心作怪> and commented on Spencer’s ghost wedding plans. Michael said, “Of course it shouldn’t be done! It’s disrespectful to cover a deceased person for the program.”

There is a Bottom Line

In response, The Unbelievable’s producer, George said, “We only want to make the program more diversified by presenting the concept of ghost weddings. We are helping people, like doing charity. Actually Paul has many unfulfilled wishes and we are just helping him fulfill them. We will ask the approval of their family members before we proceed. The station’s senior executive, Tsang Chin Chiong (曾展章) added, “Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world. If it really cannot be done, we will not force it.”

Sources: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Seriously, they are not afraid of being haunted by doing this stupid things??. Very disrespectful. Let them Rest in Peace!.

    1. They do this show partially for the money/job, partially they convince themselve that they are doing good things.

      Looks more like a publicity stunt get more attention an revive the show.

      They should think of other ways than this. You can’t dwell on 1 show forever.

    2. Agreed. I seriously couldn’t hold back my laughter at this line: “The station’s senior executive, Tsang Chin Chiong (曾展章) added, “Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world. If it really cannot be done, we will not force it.” This cannot sound anymore ridulous. They’re just going to get laughed and pointed-fingers at if they really go through with these ghost weddings. Smh.

  2. “Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world. If it really cannot be done, we will not force it.”

    Seriously? What kind of sorcery is this???

  3. I was like WTF when I read the article. Now let me articulate it better;

    1. who the hell they think they are to arrange for something like this UNLESS her parents, his parents, anyone’s parents agree? It is always parents getting dreams from deceased children asking to be married to someone who is also dead. So who the hell they think they’re?

    2. If I were her parents I will sue them.

    3. There are many people who believe in such stuff. So by them saying this is for entertainment and some BS about diversifying whatever, doesn’t this also mean they’re doing it purely for show only? Which means aren’t they MOCKING those who believe in such stuff? Aren’t they MOCKING the viewers?

    4. Is this some publicity stunt? As in randomly name 1 or 2 famous dead people and say wanna marry them off, some huge outcry and then retract and in the end find some proper family doing such ceremony and film it? If yes, then again this is MOCKING us all!

    At the end of the day, what a mockery!

    And I sure hope he goes through the wedding and lonely Barbara will come up and snatch him away. What an idiotic way to promote, what a mockery, what BS.

    Boycott stupid iCable. I can’t believe.. this is not by TVB? Can you believe, maybe TVB is not original but at least they’re not idiotic.

    ““Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world. If it really cannot be done, we will not force it”

    Of course they can do it, but doesn’t mean they should. Have some respect, have some decency, have some dignity. DO a reality program or something but leave dead people alone.

    1. Agree with you, Funn! They’re just digging up old wounds that, for some, aren’t even (and may never be) healed!

      Everyone should boycott iCable! This is wrong on so many levels! Where can we all file a complaint to make this NOT HAPPEN?

    2. good points funn,i like watch this programm before but now it isnt what it used to be.they are turning more and more fake. its very disrespectful to use the late stars to push up their program ratings,its a shame spencer leung!

    3. @Funn, agree 100% with you. They should at least have the decency to approach the deceased’ parents/loved ones BEFORE announcing their plans to the public just for free publicity.
      I’ve watched this program once or twice and felt they like to add drama just to make it entertaining – therefore I’ve never bothered watching anymore. The episode I watched was the one where they tried to communicate with YingYing (sad case of the little girl murdered in Penang).

    4. Absolutely in agreement with you Funn. What they are doing is just nasty on so many levels. I’d take unoriginal Tvb any day.

    5. If this moron is so incense with ghost wedding why don’t he have a ghost wedding for his grandfather with Cleopatra or Empress Wu.

  4. I dont believe in such stuff but this is really disrespectful, plus they are doin it for ratings..

  5. “Spencer further revealed that they will seek the approval of the family members and will not insist on carrying out the weddings if the family members are against the idea. “

    The order of the plan is wrong. Seeking the approval of love ones should be the first thing they do, not, announcing the plan first, then, seek approval later.

    “We have talked to Anita’s mother and she was fine with the idea. However, she listed a few conditions which we could not agree with.”

    I guess they couldn’t agree on the payment amount.

    1. 問到有否問准他們家人?思浩說:「有嘗試過搵Paul屋企人
      “We have tried looking for paul’s family.”

      I think they should have already asked paul’s family, but perhaps, the final approval about the program rundown was not yet done.
      And the only family they would have to seek approval from would be paul’s, as ah mong was the one who lost.
      I think they are just dragging in barbara’s name to create news,

  6. Hopefully, a free broadcasting license is not issued to iCable before HKTV gets their license.

    Making money off the dead in such disrespectful manner is soooo disgusting.

  7. I was absolutely outraged when I read this article!  I don’t care who they are planning to do this for, it is totally disrespectful and stupid, no matter which way they try to slice it!  I used to like Spencer, but after this incident I’ve lost any respect I had for him….sure, it was the producer’s idea, but he could have chosen not to go along with it!

    OK, so let me get this straight….HKTV is actually filming series and trying to do some good for the HK television industry, yet many people still don’t think they should get their license because they hate Ricky Wong…..meanwhile, we’ve got idiotic I-cable not doing anything for the TV industry except stir up controversy with their moronic programs, yet people are fine with them getting a license.  Hmmm…something is definitely wrong with people’s mentality…

    1. Is it possible that the free broadcasting licenses can be used/tied up by TVB-sister companies (like iCable, NowTV, etc.) so that the “real” competitors (like HKTV) cannot get their licenses?

      1. @MW: Of course it’s possible — and if it ends up that HKTV doesn’t get their license (when they’ve already fulfilled all the requirements and then some) but the other 2 companies do, then that proves how ‘corrupted’ the government is.

    2. Do you have an idea why these ppl hate Ricky? The guy is a self-made man and is doing viewers/HK television industry a big favour so we should actually thank him.

      I blv that these ppl are outliers i.e doesn’t represent the majority. I mean any rational person can see that there just upside and no downside (HKers are not stupid)

      Perhaps these ppl are sent by TVB trying to affect the public opinion or it’s just the side-effect of long-term brainwashing i.e TVB is no. 1 and always doing their best, haha…

      1. You could ask ATV since Ricky was in charge in a brief time, and made some enemies there.

      2. @exoidus: Most of the ill-will toward Ricky is because of his personality…alot of people feel that he is arrogant, pompous, obnoxious, and has a ‘bad mouth’ (meaning that he likes to shoot off his mouth and say ‘inappropriate’ things — and yes, that’s primarily what got him ‘fired’ from ATV). Honestly though, alot of people in HK (and in the world) are like that — some are even bigger ‘jerks’ than he is — so I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

        Of course, some people could also be jealous of his riches while others are just die-hard TVB fans who can’t stand his criticism of TVB. Also, some dislike him for ‘poaching’ majority of TVB’s talent (though these same people then turn around and call those people he poached “traitors”, “rejects”, “leftovers”, and whatever other derogatory name you can come up with). Now whether these people represent majority or not is kind of subjective — depends on who you talk to…

        In any case — the way I see it is this: people can ‘hate’ Ricky Wong all they want (he DOES come off as obnoxious and arrogant with the way he carries himself and therefore I can see why he’d rub people the wrong way), but that hatred shouldn’t extend to HKTV or the artists / behind-the scenes people who work for him. To me, hatred of Ricky Wong and HKTV getting their license is 2 different things. Basically, to me, the ‘dislike / hatred’ should be channeled appropriately — criticize Ricky for who he is, but don’t drag the people who work for him into it or ‘hate’ everyone / everything associated with him…

      3. Yes Larry i’m sure ATV is willing to share Ricky’s dirty secrets, LOL

        @IIwy12, alot of ppl are like that i.e hate ppl richer than us and dispise those poorer.

        I’ve listened to a few of his interviews/speeches and don’t share their criticism whatsoever. The guy is interesting to listen to as he uses analogies, makes fun of himself and yet provides insightful advice e.g:


        Agree with you 100% (two independent issues), I wouldn’t dream of stopping and/or reasoning with ppl from hating Ricky bc it provides the meaning of life for them 😀

  8. Let the dead rest in peace! There is no need to be disrespectful to the deceased or the living members of the family for the sake of publicity stunt. Tasteless at its best!

  9. This is a very late April Fools joke, Right?

    1. Those heartless idiots are too stupid to realize that April Fool’s jokes are for April 1st.

  10. I find this director or producer is very daring, adventurous and has a fiction mind….in them and dare to do thing out of ordinary not many viewers can accept…them.

  11. Yes! Very disrespectful for the dead!!!
    Btw who is Paul Chung?

      1. I’m sorry, Kidd. But the link does not have his pic. Any other link that shows his face?

    1. Paul Chung was a former DJ turned host…those of us who were around in the 80s know him quite well, as he was a very charismatic host for TVB. Back then, it was widely viewed that he would be the successor to ‘golden MC’ Ivan Ho (he was the perfect choice actually — loved watching him host). Unfortunately though, he had a bad gambling habit, which brought on alot of financial debts…that’s the reason why he committed suicide (truly a shame because he was so young and very very talented — not to mention he was good-looking too).

  12. Oh dear. Oh no.

    What a dirty way to gain attention.

  13. “Our programming colleagues have used psychic powers to communicate with the spiritual world.”


  14. That’s a horrible thing to do to anyone, especially Barbara. You cannot use a dead person to fuel your ratings, that is so wrong!

    If it was a supernatural marriage for a couple who died before they could get married, then it is OK. But what relationship has this Spencer got to do with Barbara? Zilch. And what pick on Paul Chung as well? Was not enough pain caused when Barbara and Paul killed themselves? Do they need to be disrespected in this way? I think this show to be axed.

    If Spencer and Ah Mong want to get married so desperately, then they can get hitched to each other instead of disturbing the dead , their family and their fans.

    1. Yeah, it’s really low of iCable dragging dead ppl name in this matter just to gain attention/viewership.

      Problem is that no one cares abt them getting married i.e no financial gains, LOL

  15. LEAVE BARBARA YUNG out of this!!
    She would definitely hate this and it would NOT be her wish at her! OMG! what the fark is wrong with these people!

  16. What. The. Eff? Some people would do anything for a buck or two. Well iCable, here’s your 15 minutes of fame.

  17. Totally ridiculous! Can’t believe they would even come up with such a disturbing idea…this is so wrong.

  18. I read rumours that Barbara was actually murdered not committed suicide.

    1. Well this is the dark sides of the entertainment industry during the old days ….not easy to survive what a pity…rumours..that Linda Sum is the one controling everything..even her own husband..

      1. LOL…some of the comments on this site are really laughable.

        Well,the way I see it, pretty much whenever any celebrity or well-known public figure dies, there is rumor and speculation galore. Unfortunately, that’s just the way things work and it’s really up to the recipient of the information what they choose to believe (personally, I take everything I read with a grain of salt and if it makes absolutely no sense to me, then I dismiss it as hearsay). Case in point – I’ve actually heard the ‘murder’ theory before, for both Barbara and Paul as well as Anita and Leslie (and just about any other celebrity whose death had even an ounce of controversy attached to it) – but whether I choose to believe those ‘outlandish’ theories is another story…

        It’s just like here in the U.S., whenever any mass shooting occurs, there will always be a group of ‘crazies’ who claim that the shooting was ‘set up’ by the U.S. government to get buy-in from citizens for gun control laws….to me, these kinds of crazy theories are a desperate attempt by people who hate government to try and rally support for their cause……same with murder theories for celebrities — maybe it’s a coping mechanism for those who can’t accept the fact that someone would just to take their own life…(but of course, that’s just my opinion….everyone believe what you want to believe….)

  19. The part I found funny was I-cable claiming that Anita’s mom agreed to this shenanigan. Of course, given the type of person Ms. Tam (Anita’s mom) is, I’m not surprised at all (she probably quoted an exorbitant fee too)…it’s just ironic though that she constantly makes a big fuss about Anita’s friends and fans trying to ‘make money off a dead person’ and how shameful that is and how they will all surely ‘rot in hell’ — yet here, she turns around and does it herself. What a hypocrite! That woman never fails to tick me off!

  20. WTH!? Finally, someone more incompetent, idiotic and immoral than TVB management. Shocking. I hope people will not watch this, in fact will boycott iCable so that they get the message loud and clear that this is wrong.

    My jaw is still dropping… Head is still shaking… Tsk tsk tsk

    An aside, wow the story about Paul Chung is so sad

  21. Oh my God! This Spencer Leung and I-Cable management team really got pig brain. The idea is very shocking, disturbing, immoral and very disrespectful for the dead. What will it be for the next idea program of I-Cable? Marry Alien or God?

    1. @Dave: Well, based on the promo clips on Weibo, sounds like this will only be the first in a series of episodes on the same topic (“ghost marriages”)…so who knows — maybe in future episodes, if they run out of ideas, they may decide to marry an alien (with E.T. being the most famous one, he will probably be the ‘chosen one’…LOL).

      Hmmm…unless they scrap this stupid program, sounds like any dead celebrity will pretty much be ‘fair game’….great — that means we’ll have to hear about this absurdity again in a couple weeks! Argh…

  22. I don’t know of one Chinese person who committed suicide so only from HK celebrity news were we introduced to the notion that somoene would voluntarily end their own life. Anyway, it is really suspicious the circumstances and rumors surrounding those two suicides especially Yung Mei Ling’s. There was simply no reason for her to do that and THEN someone circulated the rumor that she had been gangraped by triad members for being disrespectful – that may not be true in her case – but apparently, it’s accepted as something that triad members actually do – not just Japanese invaders.

    Seriously? Why aren’t triad members eradicated if this menace persists in the same plane of reality as our daughters?

    1. I am shocked that you don’t know about the Chinese celebs that have ended their lives. Honestly, no one knows for sure if Barbara did or not, even Rob who dated her for years is not 100% sure. Therefore, how are we who do not know her at all know if she did for sure or not? Everything we think or say are just theories. I have never heard of the gang rape rumour. I heard Rob say that Barbara had a history of suicides in England, so honestly, her suicide rumour is more believable than any murder ones. Rob said that Barbara did not like to be pressured and was depressed and would take the suicide route rather than face any situation. However, even he said that he was not 100% sure. Anyways, Barbara has left for many years so I hope that everyone can let her rest in peace. The next thing you know, she is already reincarnated for all we know and is living a completely new life.

  23. OMG, this is sooo stupid and sick!! I cannot believe that some are so desperate for either money or attention that they would do such a thing. I heard that some old villages in China still do this. I wonder if any of you remember the 80s series “The Vixen Tale” starring Roger, Yammie and Sharen Tang?? IN that series, Yammie’s character died and became a ghost. She was engaged to Roger’s character, but since she died, they had a ghost wedding for them. I can’t believe some would use that idea to make money. How shameful!!!

  24. I really wonder what Rob(Barbara’s ex in England back then)thinks?? I am sure he would be really upset as well.

  25. I am shocked and stunned by hearing this news of arranging the wedding of our beloved Barbara Yung. In fact, I was watching Barbara’s series last night until 2am in the morning and I just adore her. She is so sweet. And imagine me waking up in the morning to read about her ghost wedding. It just frightened me. Well, I miss her because I watched her series when I was a 6 year old kid. I was too little then to undestand the series so I wanted to rewatch each and every series of hers. I think, we should remember her always and not disturb her. Please spare her and let her rest in peace.

  26. I can’t believe somebody actually came up with this! Has anyone heard of the phrase ‘Rest in Peace’? I would say more about this but it would involve a lot of swearing!!!!!

  27. Ghost wedding has been done for centuries.. it can be done but should we do it? Do it for two unknown to each other.. When she died shes a already unhappy.. She will be pissed for dragging her up here to marry her off to someone she doesn’t even know..

    You know what I like to see? I would like to see she get pissed, mad & get even with the manager & Quaidan prodcution crew
    for dragging her up here & doing this to her 🙂

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