Spoilers for “The Last Steep Ascent” Revealed

Producer Lee Tim Shing’s (李添勝) TVB drama, The Last Steep Ascent <天梯> is quickly approaching its finale, to be broadcast on October 20. The story becomes even more thrilling and riveting as the villains turn more desperate.

Following the footsteps of his father (played by Cheung Yik 張翼), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) will become the arch-villain of the show. In one of the scenes, Edwin manages to contact the scoundrel who raped Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) earlier in the series to blackmail her into setting Maggie Cheung (張可頤) up for a fall.

Another scene reveals Edwin burning the herbal medicine warehouse down. Edwin is counting on eliminating the inventory, causing Maggie to run out of herbs to sell, thereby ruining her business. However, a clever Maggie already figures out Edwin’s intentions, and swaps the inventory before the fire happens. Ultimately, whatever Edwin burns down is worth nothing, and he is even arrested afterward. When Cheung Yik discovers that his son is going to prison, he suffers another stroke and becomes paralyzed.

TVB scriptwriters appear to like casting their villains as arsonists. Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) resorted to the same tactics in Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>, and now Edwin Siu does the same in this series.

While on the subject of the sordid father and son team,Cheung Yick’s acting was highly praised. Apparently TVB did not appreciate the actor; after The Last Steep Ascent was completed, Cheung moved on to Ricky Wong’s (王維基) CTI station. Even producer Lee Tim Shing believes that it is a pity Cheung left right after the shooting of the drama. Tim Gor said he asked TVB to look into Cheung’s contract, only to find out that he had already signed with CTI already.

Source: Sudden Weekly #898 via ihktv.com

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  1. Now that I read the spoilers like other bloggers, probably do not need to watch those episodes. Wonder if the ratings will suffer…

  2. TVB has no respect for their veteran actors…shame on them!!!

    1. Bc TVB don’t care abt acting skills and quality in their productions anymore. All they care abt is much money the artists can make for them by attending “dinners” with businessmen etc.

  3. LOL Moses is forgotten in this series although Aimee and other supporting actors stand out

    1. He is not forgotten, just not outstanding. I shall repeat again, Raymond Wong has been robbed.

      1. oh yeah, i thought i saw him in the theme song beginning? is he even out yet? i totally forgot about him ahhaha…so hes like an extra in this series then if he does come out???? how sad …haha

      2. he’s going to be the grown up version of maggie’s oldest child ‘see hun’ 😀

      3. You’re right Sherrie, Raymond is grown up version of Maggie’s eldest son

        【#天梯#結局篇】顧新月的三個孩子跟隨新月與苗天在深山居住,大兒子思行長大成人后,敘述媽媽與牛屎叔叔的愛情故事,扮演思行的正是@Raymond黃浩然 ,浩然今次爲了添哥,做特別客串。李添勝表示,儘管浩然只有半集演出,但希望能讓觀眾感到驚喜。http://t.cn/zlYFNhb 提供@chocong_choco

  4. Yeah did you see CTI’s roster? The majority of them are very very very talented supporting actors that we grew up with throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

  5. Anyway I sorta suspected this ending. The villains are just so dumb. But what of Taukeh Lai? Now that is the one I want to know and thank you for no spoilers on that!!

  6. Edwin’s acting is good in this drama. I look forward to seeng him again!

  7. Edwin performance villain very well, he made me hate him so much in the series lolz.

  8. i was kinda looking forward to watch this ‘era’ stories. but .. i wonder if anyone noticed … maggie has been wearing the same BLUE cheongsam throughout most of the episodes. lolz.

    1. Agree. Family very poor or she is so busy no time to change

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