Stephen Wong Plans for August Wedding

After Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂) successfully proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Samantha, the couple wasted no time in planning the details of their wedding. They will be holding their wedding banquet this August.

Accepting an interview for the first time together, the couple was open about sharing tidbits of their relationship and the proposal. Stephen shared, “I remember she said she wanted to see sea sparkle. One night, I invited her to go see it with me. I prepared flowers and the ring beforehand.” When they arrived at the beach, Samantha was busily playing in the water when Stephen quietly took out the ring. When Samantha saw it, she screeched in excitement, put on the ring, and went back to playing in the water. Surprised about her lack of response, Stephen shouted after her, “Hey! Aren’t you going to give me an answer?” To which Samantha replied, “You’re proposing and didn’t even kneel down or prepared flowers!”

Samantha expressed, “I didn’t think he was going to propose. I remember telling him in the past that when someone proposes in front of a group of people, it feels that they are putting on a show. I once fantasized that he would propose to me at home with a ring! He wouldn’t book a dinner reservation and propose to me there!”

Stephen reflected, “I have always been a very logical person. I feel that getting married requires a lot of money, so I’ve been saving this whole time. However, one day, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) very seriously asked me when I planned to get married. Jazz Lam (林子善) added, ‘Yeah! Don’t overthink it! I’ll support you!’ I went home after that to do some calculations, and realized I have enough money saved to make it happen! So I went ahead and did it. I have actually wanted to get married to Samantha for a long time. After one year of dating, I have already asked when she would marry me!”

When asked whether the couple will try for children soon, Samantha said, “We both like children, so we are not against having them. However, many things need to align. We’ll let nature take its course!” Stephen added, “If we have kids, I will definitely be a strict father.”


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